Custom Six-Wheeled Van: 1977 Dodge B300

This 1977 Dodge B300 is a custom conversion van, with a tandem rear axle and stretched body. The seller claims to have purchased it from the original owner who bought the van new as a standard B300 and then arranged for the tandem axle conversion. Featuring all sorts of period enhancements straight out of any aftermarket parts catalog, this B300 is available here on craigslist for $9,000 in Long Beach, CA. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco B. for the find. 

Seeing the rear-most wheel pushed out to the extreme edge of the body is a bit jarring, but if you were looking for more space inside your conversion van, this is certainly one way to do it. Despite being a custom conversion, the work looks tidy enough (from here) to potentially mistake a rig like this for something you might have seen on a dealer lot in the late 70s. Check out the custom rear fender flares.

While I realize dealers wouldn’t actually sell a rig that wasn’t authorized by the factory, there was enough interest in “van life” in the 70s that I’m sure some franchises considered putting a truck like this in the showroom to drive some additional foot traffic. The interior features extensive carpeting and cabinetry, along with what looks like some custom furnishings and blinds on all the windows.

The seller notes it runs well with a new water pump and alternator. The belts are new as well and the carburetor has been rebuilt. Other custom touches include window louvers, a rear spoiler, and front air dam. The description also mentions swivel seats and two sunroofs, so this was quite the conversion when it was built. The seller is open to partial cash plus trades, or best offers on the $9K ask.


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  1. Classic Steel

    I am guessing six mpg downhill 🤪

    Imagine if that labor of love was put on a classic car🤔

    Each person has their own tastes but me personally.. I dislike all vans extra large and mini 🤔

    I remember the family astro van conversion and as soon as the kids were older it was traded in on a real vehicle .

    Like 1
    • Dave

      When I worked for Westinghouse they flew me to Atlanta to drive an 86 Astro van back to Pittsburgh. It had the 4.3 and when you stepped on it hard you knew big things were happening next to your right foot!
      It had 64,000 miles on it when we got it, 190,000 when we turned it in. It got good mileage and never broke down.

      Like 7
  2. Mike

    If this van is a’rockin’, better check the suspension. All those bushings dry up over time and crack.

    Like 10
  3. Chebby Staff

    Oh hell no. Could that ad copy any more clearly say “I just bought this for $2500… figure out what it needs.”

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  4. KEEB

    Liberal use of endangered Sasquatch hides on door cards and elsewhere

    Like 5
  5. Dean

    Waterbeds are heavy!!

    Like 2
  6. Poptheclutch

    Looks like the door panels need a hair cut. That would be the first thing to go!

    Like 3
  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Looks to be as long as a factory 15 passenger version, with a tag-axle stuck under what would normally be an ungainly looking rear overhang…so as to create an awkward looking rear overhang.

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    • canadainmarkseh Member

      Good point that’s why the wheels are so close to the rear bumper.

    • boxdin

      True, it has not been stretched, added to, cut up or anything like that. Its a maxi van w a tag axle.

  8. Billieg

    “While I realize dealers wouldn’t actually sell a rig that wasn’t authorized by the factory, ”

    Well, I was GM of a custom shop in PA where we customized vans, cars and pickups. We had many dealers bring us brand new units to customize and they would mark them up and sell them on the showroom floor. We also made up a price list for adding sun roofs, side windows and velour inside panels that buyers could get installed before they delivered it along with an array of paint jobs.

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  9. Lance

    The B team

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    • rod444

      C- team at best.


      Actually Im a big fan of quirky and unique vehicles and this one definitely checks that “you wont see another one at the car show” box.

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  10. Keith

    I’d give it a blacklight scan before rolling around in this van.

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  11. pwtiger

    I worked in a shop in Huntington beach that did a lot of these conversion, I might of had a hand in it. The owner of the shop and a couple of friends did the race around the country in one. About 20 years ago an old hotrodder buddy (Dode Martin) had a 3 axle Toronado car hauler, He got a ticket one day for not having a CDL. So he drove the Olds to the DMV and took his road test, I’m sure they squawked, he said if they could give him a citation in it then he should be able to test in it…

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  12. John Member

    I had one of these in a 1/2 ton B-100, had it pretty nicely done. but had it 3 days and it was hit on the left front, they repainted it nicer then original. Any way the doors never fit, was a 1/2″ gap top and bottom. Was broken into as no problemo to get it open W/coathanger. OK van, ran well. Also had a Safari GMC van
    nice van but didn’t like the surcharge for the hard to get to engine.

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  13. RH

    Worst tandem conversion ever. Rear ends way too far back making it look goofy.

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