Tarp-Dweller 1969 Corvette With Original 427!

Sometime in recent history, countless spores were rudely disturbed and released into the atmosphere when someone rolled back a tarp to expose what used to be a Corvette. Before you dismiss this moldy 1969 Stingray, read on, because this discarded Dallas, Texas classic retains its original 427 cid (7.0L) V8! A handful of bids here on eBay has eclipsed $5500. Sure; mock the optimist, but if this car was in my neighborhood, I’d grab an N95 disposable respirator and take a look. I’ve never owned a Corvette, and this looks like the perfect project for a novice (I am joking of course).

A five-minute wash job could improve this Chevy’s curb appeal ten-fold, but not everyone has five minutes to spare. Scaring off most buyers means fewer phone calls and inquiries… Brilliant!

Need a hobby? Finding factory-correct exhaust manifolds, hose clamps, and other doo-dads could easily occupy hundreds of hours that might otherwise be wasted on things like watching TV and spending time with your family. Traces of the original LeMans Blue offer suggestions of the car’s former glory. The least potent 427 made 390 HP in 1969 according to wikipedia.org, and things only got crazier from there. Despite the perceived rarity of 427 Corvettes, over half of ’69 Stingrays boasted a 7-liter powerplant.

The all-blue theme continues inside, and (to most eyes) that’s much better than, say, all green or all gold. The transmission is described as “missing” but if it was originally a four-speed that would certainly make this find more interesting. What would you give for this entry-level big-block ‘Vette?


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    I’d give nothing for this big block hunk of crap. For $10k over this current bid you could have two pristine corvettes posted earlier. No they don’t have a big block engine in either but that kind of thing is for guys with a small “ member “ if you know what I mean. What this lazy seller should be doing is pulling the engine and selling just that and scrapping the rest.

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    • Robert White

      Rat motors sound better & have more displacement.

      There is no replacement for displacement.

      The Vette is junk and the 427 is factory.

      P.S. What should the seller put in the ad for the motor?

      427cid perfect for small ‘member’ buyers with ‘member envy’?


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  2. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Before anyone starts working on this they’ll need a waiver from the CDC-and a P100 instead of an N95, since the N95 is not resistant to oil-based particulates..
    Afterwards the sterilization it’ll need some serious fiberglass work especially on the rear end; judging by the gap there, the lawnmower had little to no protection from bad weather while parked!
    As you implied, Todd, this is no job for a novice or the faint-hearted. Is this a worthy project to a determined expert or group of professionals? I think so, but IMHO this would have to be stripped clear to the waterline to make it right again.
    Lotta car but lotta work..

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  3. Bud

    19 dollars down , 20 dollars a month ! You push it away . You pull it away . You tow it away . I’ll give ya a 1000 dollars cash back . This one was driven by a little old lady from Pasadina .

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  4. glen

    good thing we’re told it’s used, never would have guessed that!

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  5. gbvette62

    As ads go, this is another bad one. Poor photos, and very little information, not even if it was a 4 speed or auto. Also, I never understand sellers who claim matching numbers, and then don’t include a picture of the stamp pad, to prove their claims. By including a list of block casting numbers, I’m guessing the seller is saying it has a “512” block, but that doesn’t mean anything. There were thousands of 512 blocks, so only the info on the stamp pad, can identify it as the original engine.

    The body on that car is probably in even worse shape, then it appears. Leaving an unpainted Corvette out in the weather, will cause as much damage to the fiberglass, as leaving an unpainted steel car out in the weather, does to a steel body.

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    • Robert White

      And don’t forget to mention that the nice man selling the big block 427cid was kind enough to remove all the spark plugs for the new buyer, about 20 years ago it appears. Count on the pistons being welded in there with rust, and that it will not turn no matter what breaker bar is used to see if it budges an inch.


  6. Classic Steel

    I would love to see some frame shots to decide further. This and validate engine and vin etc. The mold doesn’t detour me at all. I good mask system and power wash on low to Kill the mold and mildew. Mix 1 quart of household bleach with 4 quarts of warm water in a plastic bucket. spray the mixture onto the mold and mildew, thoroughly coating the fiberglass. Let it set for 15-20 minutes. Use a broom 🧹 to move around and loosen mold (why broom .. because its distance between you and car mold) and set another five.

    Power wash on lower pressure outside again. Check outside of body to repeat or stop.

    Now get on the latex Gloves snd mask with long sleeves and attack door jams and inside with mixture and under hood and wheels etc. Lastly spay under car and wheel wells.

    Now find a four speed and check block for cracks and get rebuilt for the right price and start the interior rebuild with carpet and body work.


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    • Kurt

      Pull up the carpeting to look for rust too.

  7. JOHN Member

    This is the definition of “roached”. Can you imagine the moisture that has been trapped under that tarp for how many years? Parts car at best.

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Yea classic steel if the body looks this bad its a sure bet the frame is crackers. And as Canada said, you could get a pristine car for a fraction of what you would spend on this POS. Not sure how these folks manage to get these cars to look so terrible. 5500?? caveat friggin’ Emptor.

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    • Angrymike

      It really doesn’t matter that the 427 is a 390 hp, I put a L-68 400hp 427 in my Chevelle. That engine is an excellent base, I put aluminum heads with a L-71 cam and that engine really ran tight with plenty of hp. The frame is probably toast after sitting under that tarp, let alone the birdcage. If it was $1000 buck you could sell off any good parts and probably have a free 427 !

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  9. Stangalang

    Maybe a cousin to the guy with the crapped out POS charger ( earlier listing)

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  10. Cam W

    I hunt and restore “barn find” Corvettes. Typically do 1 or 2 a year. I did a ’71 big block 4 spd about 4 years ago that looked just liked this. Animals were living in it. I paid $3,500 for it. Did a thorough job with hot pressure-wash and chemical cleaner. Painted back to original Ontario Orange, looked great. Was so nice, I hardly drove it, and traded it for a basket-case 1957. BTW, I am now doing a 1965 roadster. Found it in an old factory in July. Rats and junk everywhere. It was way worse than most in Barn Finds. Almost ready for paint now.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      You’re a STUD, Cam W., and very much appreciated in my book to turn cars like this around. And I’ll bet too that your scrapbook of car “rescues” is amazing.
      Good on you, Cam W. Thank you.

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  11. Tempo Matador Ray

    Good job Cam. It’s nice to hear that there are still a few folks out here that take on the challenge, “just because.” I too have brought back to life, old trucks, cars, scooters and bicycles from the crypt. Especially in a throw away society, getting these old relics back on the road is worth the long and grueling effort…

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    • JOHN Member

      I’m all about saving things, and restoration, but… this car will have you totally upside down in hours. Every electrical component will been rebuilding or replaced. Sure, it COULD be repaired, but why? Unless you like challenges or you have unlimited cubic money and a particular connection to this car, it makes no sense at all. I’ve saved quite a few cars that people have written off, but this is IMO a total waste of time and money. It’s up to $6150. I doubt you can part this car out and recover the purchase price, but I’m not a Corvette guy so I don’t know.

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  12. Mike

    The aluminum intake is consistent with the 435 horse minus the carb which should be a Holley

    • JOHN Member

      I *thought* all the 427/435 HP cars were all fitted with the three two barrel carb configuration???

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  13. Tom Bell

    I’d consider it if the lawn mower were included. Seriously though, good to hear from guys like Cam and Tempo who have the enthusiasm to tackle a project of this scope. I do the same with unloved Brit. motorcycles. I hope this one can live on.

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  14. Forest

    Corvettes are like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get

  15. Mike

    35 to 40 K…. will still get you a very nice…shark nose vett… there is no way you could do this car for that kind of money….its a parts car… IF THAT

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  16. benjy58

    Yeow a lung infection on wheels. Looks like what ain’t moldy is rusted, I think this something the EPA would drool over.

  17. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep been fer sale for awhile here locally – kinda surprised the Jeep guys aren’t trying to buy and flip it.

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  18. TimM

    Tarps are great when water gets on the ground under them then the sun starts beating on the tarp creating a green house effect!!! The bottom of this car probably looks worse than the top side if that’s possible!!!

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  19. PatrickM

    The only “entry” I see for this is the entry into the crusher. I am so negatively amazed at how so many people can keep such wonderful cars for so long and just let them grow into the ground and rot away. It staggers the imagination.

  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $7450.

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