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Telephone Truck: 1967 Ford Econoline


This nice old 1967 Ford Econoline panel van is for sale on in craigslist in Austin, Texas with an asking price of $5,300. As you can see from two of the photos provided, this truck was originally owned by the San Marcos (TX) Telephone Company, which provided telephone service to the city of San Marcos, starting in March, 1899 (with 61 subscribers). The company must have done well, as the building it erected in 1928 is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and that it was able to stay in business and independent at least through 1967 is pretty cool.


Anyway, back to the truck. This seller seems to be a collector of sorts, specializing in Econolines, judging from the other trucks seen in the photos here.


This one is said to be in very good shape, with lots of new parts installed. Among the new parts are the windshield, brakes, a rebuilt master cylinder, oil pump, fuel pump, carburetor, water pump, alternator, clutch, radiator, front shocks and he has new rubber for all the doors and windows.


This truck has a six cylinder engine and a stick shift. I can’t tell whether the engine is original or not. Do any of our readers know?


The body has lots of dents and dings, some surface rust, not too bad really, plus that great old telephone company logo on the doors.


As the seller says succinctly, this truck “tuns, drives, stops.”  Someone redid the seats at some point. They look a lot better than the originals.


Among the work remaining, the seller lists the following:  the rubber for the doors needs to be installed, along with new window felt for the front (which is part of the deal), it needs two universal joints installed (they’re included too). The seller advises that the truck will need a new set of tires.


He is selling this truck in order to buy a different project, leaving unsaid why he is not going to finish this one first. While I think this is a nice old truck and appreciate its general lack of body rust, worn but sanitary interior, and all the mechanical work that has been done to it already, I still think the asking price is a bit on the high side, given the amount of work it still needs to be a driver. The seller seems to be motivated so maybe there is a deal to be made for someone. These are cool trucks that can still be used for work or just for fun, and there are not that many rust free examples around anymore. Any takers here?


  1. JW

    I had a 63 Econoline that would run forever as long as you kept oil in the crankcase. Noisy when empty as the sheet metal rattled a lot but when you were 19 who cared when you could haul 5 guys and a cold keg to the drive-in movies. Those were the days.

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  2. Chebby

    How’s does it have “all new rubber all the way around” and still need tires? If he’s referring to the window rubber, it’s not even installed yet.

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    • David Wilk Member

      Sorry I was not clearer in my write up, but the ad took some decoding. I am guessing seller meant new (window) rubber comes with the truck, but is not installed. He did say clearly that it needs new tires.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      You answered your own question…..

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  3. Leo

    Lol on the rubber question… Do you think the 300 six could pull a 3800 lb 7×12 cargo trailer ? No load inside… Just the trailer?

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      I wouldn’t hesitate to pull a 3k + lb. trailer, “loaded” with my 300 Big Six with a frame hitch, and have done so on numerous occasions. My trailer is a dual axle dump trailer. My 84 F150 4×4 I6 has stepped up to the plate without fail. The 300 I6 is a torque monster (well known) surpassing the 302 and 351 Windsor family V8’s of the time.

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      • T

        Not really based on this

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      • z1rider

        No doubt the 300 six will pull it, the important question is will the manual drum brakes stop it.


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      • Leo

        Will the trans handle it?

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      • Ed P

        The 300 was built for work. I’ve driven these in the E-300 vans of the early 70’s and F-350 bucket trucks. All were loaded to the gills, if not more. They were a welcome addition after using 240’s for the same purpose. So, yes, a 300 should be able to pull a 3800 lb trailer with the proper hitch.

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      • T

        The previous post was about the torque of 300 vs 302 vs 351 than its towing capacity sorry for lack of clarity.

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    • z1rider

      Note at what rpm peak torque is made. Much lower with the six.

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  4. MountainMan

    Nice old van but pretty pricey in my opinion. The logos are cool and the seller seems to know the van well but not worth more than a few grand is it? I’ve had a couple of the Dodge A100 vans of this era and like the old Ford too … Just think I would hope to pay about $2,500- $3,500 at the most.

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  5. Len

    If it was the 144 engine…………….more blow by that power!

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  6. Paul R

    They were everywhere years ago used by Coke, Pepsi and beer distributors as service vans.
    I bought 10 of them at auction all running and driving for 1500 bucks once. Added cheap wild color paint jobs, chrome slot mags from Sears Roebuck and letter bias ply tires.
    The inside got a full shag carpet treatment stapled and glued over junk paneling. I sold them faster than I could get them together. A popular option was to reupholster old school bus seats for additional seating in the back. Some got a single bed mattress!
    Put a 302 V8 in one with side pipe exhaust. Didn’t bring the money for the trouble, but it was cool.

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  7. Blyndgesser

    That engine is most likely the “step up” 240, essentially a short-stroke version of the 300. As others have said, the problem isn’t the engine (nor the 3.03 three speed manual)–it’s the Falcon brakes.

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  8. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    From the photos it looks as though the seller has two more just like it. ???

    Buyers beware … San Marcos was under water about a year ago in terrible floods. I don’t see any major visible rust through tho.

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  9. Leo

    Ive been in touch with the seller and he seems like a very up front, honest, and knowlagable seller. He has done a LOT of mechanical work to it!

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  10. Rick Borstein

    I love these trucks and have the pickup model from 1962. I can tell you the 144ci in the 1962 will not get you anywhere fast. By 67, I think they had a 200ci six which is supposedly a lot nicer. Three on the tree. I am restomodding my truck and it just got back from media blast to the shop. I can tell you that nice, rust-free pickups that are straight (that’s the key) are 10K or more. They made a lot more vans, but it is rare to see really straight ones.

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