Texas Cruiser! 1963 Oldsmobile Fiesta Wagon

Call me an amateur but I couldn’t identify this car from the side or rear. Beyond 50 feet I’d have to see the front clip to recognize it as an Oldsmobile, and that rarity leads to great conversations in parking lots and cruise-ins. Thanks to reader Harlan B. for spotting this fine-looking 1963 Oldsmobile Fiesta Station Wagon. Located in Amarillo, Texas, it’s listed here on craigslist in “ready to cruise” form for $22,500.

Described as a garage-kept survivor with a “believed to be” original 70,000 miles, this car’s paint is either re-sprayed or avoided virtually all contact with humans, machines, or the elements for decades. Either way, it’s fabulous!

The seller reports that this well-equipped wagon features new brakes, exhaust, and tires, a six-way power seat, electric rear window, and an aftermarket gauge cluster for oil pressure, temperature, and voltage. Normally “air shocks” is code for “Springs are shot,” but in this case, they may have been added to adjust ride height while towing.

The mostly stock 350 cid V8 wears a Vintage Air compressor that the seller says will “freeze you out,” a key factor for Texas buyers who actually drive their classics. The underside substantiates the survivor claim, showing a mixture of wear and shiny metal with normal seepage of fluids.

Unlike nearly any $22,500 SUV you can buy, this one’s likely to hold its value while you enjoy it, and might even increase over time. The trailer hitch (with electric brakes) likely dates to the days when piling the family into one of these commodious haulers and toting a travel trailer across the nation was considered mandatory for anyone who didn’t want to be labeled a Communist. Where would you go for the weekend if this beauty ended up in your driveway?

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  1. Michael

    Very nice car. I would sleep in it when I wasn’t driving it!

  2. Frank M

    Back on 1970 we did sleep in it. Our aunt and uncle and 5 cousins lived with us for about a month in a 10×55 mobile home. There was 6 in our family. The adults and 5 girls slept inside the mobile home and us 4 boys slept in the Olds. We ate meals in shifts. LOL And we ALL played outside! Those were the days.

    • dweezilaz

      Free range kids.

      Same here.

      CPS fodder these days.

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice looking car.

    The 350/TH400 would have been a good swap. As much as I like the old 394 Rocket, the later engine/trans combo would be a better setup for something used on a regular basis. With A/C, this wagon would be the perfect cross-country cruiser.

  4. Don Diego

    I’m not easily impressed. After reading the description and looking at the photos, I’m easily impressed.

  5. jw454

    This one brings back great memories for me. My dad had one just like it and in the same colors. It was a great car for our family. Dad bought it from a police officer. A few hours after we got home he showed up to collect a hand gun from under the front seat we hadn’t found yet. I don’t know if it was his service weapon or just a second one he carried but, he was very glad to get it back.

  6. Nick

    Nice car, but what happened to the original engine and transmission? That doesn’t look like the original AC compressor, either. I’m big on original.

    • dweezilaz

      Article says it’s got a Vintage Air compressor and a 350 V8.

  7. Mark

    Memories. Went to Expo 67 in one (my great uncle’s car) and stayed at Rouses Point in NY. Such a wonderful cruiser. Was replaced with a 68 Pontiac Catalina wagon.
    Good times

  8. normadesmond

    Never saw that “wood” trim inside a ’63.

    • Ron Schweitzer Member

      Pretty sure there never was.

  9. Chunk

    That 350 may be ‘mostly stock’ but it isn’t original at all – this car would have come with a 394 Rocket making 330 hp and 440 lb⋅ft.

    Sure is pretty, though…

  10. ACZ

    I am crazy in love!!

  11. Maestro1 Member

    My memory may not be too good these days Todd, but one of the reasons you had trouble recognizing the car is that the letters Oldsmobile are missing on the front hood panel. These wagon bodies were made by someone else on contract, I don’t remember who, and they are absolutely solid. It’s a great car. I have no room otherwise I’d buy it right now. Don’t wait, Jump on it.

    • Ed P

      I think ’63 or ’64 was the last year for the contract wagon builders. After that they were true factory cars.

    • Snunker

      The missing hood letters make me wonder…

  12. Duaney Member

    Would be a very difficult conversion to do since the 394 is a front engine mount with 2 side mounts on the transmission, and the 350-400 the opposite. I would want to inspect the conversion to see the quality of the work.

  13. Snunker

    That’s not a Chevy 350 with that waterpump bypass hose. Anybody want to venter what it actually is?

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