Texas Gold! 1969 Dodge Coronet 500

Compared to “GTX,” “R/T,” and “Super Bee,” Dodge’s “Coronet” model name rarely evokes immediate salivation among novice muscle car fans. However, the Coronet shared nearly identical engine choices and available options with its siblings. Mopar fans would never overlook a properly-optioned example of Dodge’s mainstream offering. This 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 in Lufkin, Texas spent 40 years with one owner, and seeks a new one here on eBay where more than two dozen bids have raised its market value above $28,000.

While it can’t be confirmed, receipts and documentation dating back to the original window sticker suggest the car has traveled no more than the odometer’s 86,770 miles. The top-level 500 trim adds character, and the C16 Console w/Woodgrain Panel is denoted on the fender tag. Thanks to rkmotors.com and mopar1.us for some details.

The numbers-matching original 318 cid (5.2L) V8 wears a newer intake and carburetor, but the original parts come with the sale. Though tame compared to hotter engine choices, the 318 is reliable and cheap to maintain, and its fuel consumption encourages longer drives; enjoy it! My grandparents bought the sedan version of this car, a gold 1969 Coronet (440 trim) with 318 V8 and immediately drove it over 2000 miles pulling a travel trailer on an epic trip “Out West.”

Personally  I don’t mind the upgraded wheels and tires which compliment the sporty body and 500 trim. The body-color steel wheels and blackwall tires you see on restored cars were often replaced with something flashier within days of purchase.

Boy this recalls some memories. The trunk floor and other parts have been replaced and this car is ready to drive. I remember drilling holes in a trunk floor and welding dots just like this to simulate spot-welds. The end-result can be nearly indistinguishable from stock by anyone but the sharpest eye. Where do you think bidding will end for this honest, sharp-looking Dodge?

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Don’t know about bidding but this is one sharp looking car!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Bob. That 318/Auto works good for me on this. Looks like a lot of life left in this rig. That new owner will be smiling! Confused on the $28,000 bid shown here. Ebays bid is $15,000 now?

  2. Moparman Member

    Only twwo items I would change on this beauty: wheels (I prefer Magnums) and a set of factory exhaust tips. Good luck to seller & Buyer!! :-)

  3. FordGuy1972

    This is one very sharp car. I like the chrome reverse wheels with the baby moons, they’re a different look than the more common Magnums. The black vinyl top compliments the body color nicely, too. While it will probably go for good money, it’s a turn-key car that you can enjoy right away. I certainly wouldn’t clone it into a Super Bee or an R/T; I’ve seen enough of them. It’s a Coronet and I hope it stays what it is.

    A bidder who retracted their bid is probably the reason this beauty is down to $15k from $28k. I would bet that bidding will be strong at auctions end.

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Not a big Chrysler person (though I’ve had a few), I like this one. Very good looking.

  5. rpol35

    Never a shortage of bidders for Mopars, even a more pedestrian model like this one. I guess the rising tide for R/T’s, GTX’s, Roadrunners, Cudas et al raises all boats.

    Very nice car nevertheless.

  6. Jim D

    My mom had the exact car except in green when I turned 16. I loved driving it!!

  7. Keith

    (#Chris M.) Now I’m a douchebag….Wow!

  8. Poncho

    I don’t think we need to resort to direct personal attacks. Second time I’ve seen this. Freedom of speech is one thing but…

  9. Chris M.

    Yeah wow! Well not just now, I suspect you’ve always been that way. Lol

  10. moosie moosie Member

    Really nice car, I hope the seller gets his price, although I’d like at least a 383 4 barrel I would keep this exactly as is. The seller mentions front passenger side floor work due to a leaking heater core and apparently the heater core wasn’t repaired yet by the looks of the heater hose making a loop from one nipple to the other & nothing to the firewall.

  11. moosie moosie Member

    @ Chris M.& Keith,,,,,,,,,,Cant we all be ADULTS and just try to get along and ignore the shortcomings of others.

  12. Chebby Staff

    The 69 front end is so much sharper-looking than the 68. This is a beauty.

    I lusted after a neighbor girl’s grandma’s four-door in that awesome dark turquoise color. Someone eventually got it for $500 but it wasn’t me!

  13. 71Boss351

    Bidder must have retracted bid thinking it was a big block. A 318 in this size car does nothing for me!

    Good luck to the bidders!

  14. Lynelle Nowlin

    I really like this one although I would have chosen the “383” if I had had my choice.My conservative dad gave me a 1968 Coronet with the straight six.Looked good but I hated it because of the engine.(But what could I say besides a non enthusiastic thanks?Because I didn’t know anything about engines at the time,I actually didn’t know the difference between a six and eight cylinder engine.First thing I did was to replace the stock muffler for one of those”rumblers”..Forgot the real name of them.Did not sound good at all and of course it did not seem to have the same power I saw in the movies with an actor driving a “Super Bee” or “R/T”.That’s when I learned the belated difference between a 6 and an 8. Believe it or not I had never popped the hood before I had that muffler installed.Crazy crazy!!Somehow and since that awful awakening I’ve instinctively leaned toward the bigger more powerful engines.Was shocked and dismayed when in the late 70’s through the 80’s when the government and the manufactures conspired to limit vehicles to 85 MPH.If I had the money I would not buy this car just because of the the 318 sitting under the hood but I would say to the new owner that he or she would be buying a very nice piece of machinery.

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Boy, for such a nice car I cannot beilve all the comments that were deleted. Relax.

    • moosie moosie Member

      one of my comments was deleted , all it said was for a certain two people to behave ???? WOW

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I missed them, so now I’m interested in knowing what they said. Was our friend Keith involved?

  16. Derek

    Love the 318 reliable engine and much better on gas than the big blocks I don’t get the obsession with power I’d drive this like the antique it is. The back end of these was one of the prettiest MOPARS ever had.

    • don

      In 1982 I bought a tired ,high mileage 68 Belvedere 4 door with a 318 2bbl for $5.00 (yes ,5 bucks! ) I was going to derby it, but after a tune up it ran too good and ended up driving it for two years before selling it – That old 318 would smoke the rear tires off ! The 68 and 69s had higher horsepower than the later ones, and I can only imagine a 4 barrel would really make this car scoot

  17. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m waiting for that sad-sack who always complains about Mopars to chime in with his negative comment. Or maybe he did and it was deleted, which I don’t agree with. Let a guy speak his onions!

    I like this Coronet, and after buying this ’67 Newport (and owning several ’63-66 Darts), I’ve become a Mopar enthusiast. Viva Mopar!

    • Moparman Member

      Beautiful Newport, and the whitewalls really make the chrome reverse wheels pop on this car! :-)

  18. Troy s

    I say it a lot here, the styling on these older cars is key…never matched since. It takes very little to make this Coronet look, for lack of a better word…Bad!!! Heck, the 318 looks ready all decked out like that even if it won’t pull like a 440. Great cruiser.

  19. Derek

    The 318 has plenty of power for this car. If you want to drive like a maniac get some modern plastic bubble and wrap that around a tree not what Kevin Hart just did to a classic Cuda lol

  20. Del

    This is pretty nice.

    The 318 is fine but price getting pretty steep for this one.

  21. charles Flowers

    Finally a car in MY hometown! Never thought i’d see that happen.

    It a nice ride.

    Unfortunately, not one that I am interested in…

    Best of luck to seller and buyer.

  22. Keith

    For the record I do not “single out” people and insult them personally but so far I’ve seen at lease three to four derogatory names sent my way yesterday which resulted in several posts being deleted by the staff. Today there are more names directed at me which is against BF posting rules. Let it be known that the names don’t bother me, actually I get a laugh reading them but the rules are the rules. With that said everything I say about Mopars is just my opinion, no different than anyone else’s opinion . BFs does a great job posting a variety of cars for us car people to comment on, it’s a forum designed for all of us and our variety of opinions.

    • moosie moosie Member

      For what its worth Keith I think you show great restraint in dealing with the derogatory comments directed towards you & your opinions. Thank You .

  23. Derek

    I just people that like to run things down or leave negative comments would just look and move on. All cars of all makes have good and bad.

  24. Bill W

    The only thing “wrong” on this car is the steering wheel pad with the Plymouth emblem. A Coronet should have Dodge’s fratzog.

    • bone

      Wow , good eye ! I missed that one ! You’re are right, thats the only thing wrong IMHO

  25. TimM

    Really nice car, great color for those mile long body panels!! I couldn’t imagine putting all that work into such a big car and choosing a 318 power plant!! Well it works for him and it is matching numbers!!!

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