The Cadillac Of Golf Carts!

If you decide to give up your human golf caddy, why not replace them with this amazing Caddy? From (where else?) Texas, Lubbock to be exact, comes this amazing electric 1/3 scale 1959 Cadillac in running, driving form. This unique creation began life as an amusement park Turnpike car that was later electrified with a 48-volt golf cart powertrain. Like any high-rolling Cadillac, this one was stretched (three inches) for additional comfort. An opening bid of $12,000 or more here on eBay will get the action started. Or send your competition into the rough by simply clicking Buy It Now for $19,000. Special touches like genuine cut-down ’59 Caddy hub caps assure you’ll have the sickest golf-cart-like vehicle around.

The custom interior is almost too pretty to touch. Little remains to suggest this sweet ride began life as a built-to-be-abused amusement park ride. Modifications include opening doors and functional horn, backup-lights, headlights, turn signals, and taillights. Consider it the ultimate companion and car-show accessory for your classic full-sized Cadillac. Cadillac fans will go crazy spotting all the vintage details on this sweet mini ’59. Did I mention the Bluetooth stereo with power antennae?

Performance capabilities are not mentioned in the listing, but having worked for a company that makes 2 HP DC golf cart motors, I can attest to their ability to literally burn rubber when un-governed. The coil-over suspension promises Formula-1 handling. Is that rack-and-pinion steering?

“Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?” How about a Schlitz? Here we see the scale of this immaculate ride. There’s plenty of room for driver and passenger, or a driver and a cooler full of fun.

After checking out all the details on this ride, it becomes clear that calling it a “golf cart” insults its craftsmanship. It would have been easy to electrify the retired fun park ride and call it a day, but this shows off great vision and skill from stem to stern. With few comparable items, this one’s market value sits squarely at whatever one person will pay to own it when the auction ends. Is this the ultimate golf Caddy?


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  1. 19sixty5 Member

    All you need is to have the trim parts chromed, and this would be freaking awesome! No idea of what to do with it, but it is cool!

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  2. Will Fox

    Rear quarters need another 1′ or so at least to be truly proportionate. Too stubby. And no guages or speedometer, just empty orifices? For $12K? Uh, no. Rework/complete it, and you have a great item to sell. As is? Sorry.

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    • Little_Cars

      Not a fan of the holes in the center of the dash either. WTH? And I think the cut down full size wheelcovers are one of the worst aspects of this creation externally. Looks like they skimped on parts of the underside that could use powder coating or at least paint, like battery hold downs and trays.

  3. redwagon

    1/3 scale and probably still larger than my VW Golf!

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    WOW,that’s cool! – But not $19,000 cool.

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  5. 370zpp

    I can think of a certain leader of North Korea that would look absolutely appropriate driving this in one of his big parades..

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    • Stan Marks

      Great post, 370. Made me LOL!!!

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  6. CJinSD

    Where do you put the golf clubs?

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    • ken tilly UK Member

      That was going to be my second question CJ. The first is why would anybody put down $19,000 on this toy when in the previous post they could buy a gold,1964 Buick Riviera with all the bells and whistles, for $12.500 ? As a miniature car it looks great, apart from the oversize steering wheel, but as a golf cart? No thanks.

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      • Stan Marks

        True. But you can’t drive a Riv on the links.

  7. Freddy Bartholomew

    Missing a top, windscreen, golf club rack, … but other than that … interesting but I was out when it passed $5,000.

  8. Bill McCoskey

    Needs a windshield, and please stick the clock back into the round opening above the on/off switch.

    I doubt this is a former kiddie ride vehicle, it’s too detailed and has stuff that kiddie ride cars NEVER had, like opening doors. That said, it appears to be a well built and properly “sized” miniature automobile. Steering and suspension is too well designed for a 1959 amusement park ride.

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  9. Joe Haska

    I have to agree with most of you, it is very cool and I would love to have it, because I live in a golf community and I don’t play golf. Driving this around would certainly make a statement, but not at that price point.

  10. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    If they do a remake of “Caddyshack” this would be a perfect fit!! Finding another Rodney Dangerfield in this day and age would be the biggest challenge IMO.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I’ve seen several 57 Chevy golf carts, but this is the first Cadillac version. I’ve even seen RR versions, but none of them had a suspension to match this one, most use Club Carts rebodied. This is very unusual, but completely out of sight price wise.
    God bless America

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    This has The Villages in Florida written all over it.

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  13. Mark

    Golf cart? Maybe if you remove the deck lid which would ruin the look. And you had better stock up on the sunscreen.
    I say put it on a trailer, get your gal, haul it to a scenic paved bike path and go for a nice Sunday cruise.

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  14. canadainmarkseh Member

    My first question is why would you want it. Second what would you do with it. You can’t really drive it on the street and it would make a poor gulf cart to hard to get in and out of 50 times on a gulf course. This would have a poor range and those gulf cart motors are geared for much smaller wheels so it would be a strain to get this moving with 2 fat guys in it. It’s cool looking but completely useless, if I were to own it which I won’t I’d up in a motor cycle engine something like a Honda 400 twin but unless it could be plated even that would be a waist of time, and $19k is out of the question, a more realistic number would be $1500.00.JMHO.

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  15. Pete Kaczmarski

    I will take my ’63 King Midget which can be driven on the road. And its alot cheaper than this overpriced golf cart.

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  16. Lou Rugani
  17. Bob McK Member

    I recently bought a real one that has been restored for $20K. Maybe this one is a little too expensive, plus it is missing the horn ring, a $1500 part.

  18. john nagel

    How much?

  19. Wilburn C Shook

    Interesting to me, that with all the modifications, making an opening trunk would have been fairly easy. One could have fixed a collapsible bag holder, but then some weak golfer wouldn’t be able to clear the bumper to get it in. If I played golf I would be that weak golfer. I agree with other posters, rather pricey.

  20. chrlsful

    great! I’d wanna sit a lill lower in it tho (more ‘inside’, it’s kinds like a paddle board now).

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