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The Final S3: 1965 Bentley S3


How often do you see higher end cars in Barn Find condition? This Bentley has a great patina, but we are sure that patina is not a desirable feature on a Bentley. Something that does make this Bentley desirable is the fact that this is the very last S3 ever built, and its left hand drive. Quite a rare Bentley indeed. Priced at $26,500, we are sure someone out there wants this one. Find it here on Gullwing Motor Cars out of Astoria, New York.


The 6.2L V8 is present and complete though the current condition is unknown. From looking at the patina on this one, we would assume it has sat for some time. Mild dirt and grime cover the engine and bay. The center portion of the hood has some mild rust developing, and there appears to be some rusty paint chip areas on the firewall as well. The engine and its components suffer little from oxidation.


Inside you will still find the regal and luxurious interior, but in need of some help. The leather is in very nice shape with no evidence of heavy cracking or splitting. Though there is some mild wear on the upper seat bolster area where the blue dye has begun to fade slightly. There is also mold present in the interior of this Bentley, and a great deal of it is on the leather. The mold is easy enough to clean off, and while someone was at it, a vacuum job would do wonders as well. The carpet still looks springy and plush though covered in dirt and debris. The center portion of the dash where the gauges are located, is starting to have finish issues on the wood. Overall the dash and the interior wood looks very nice and trouble free.


Still commanding attention even in its current state, this Bentley is in good shape. Panel fitment looks great, and there appears to be no major damage to the exterior. There is some rust present, but it is confined to small areas where it is likely surface rust. The driver side is in much better shape than the passenger side, telling a bit of the story on how this Bentley was stored. The passenger side is still in good shape, but the paint has failed and even “alligatored” a bit. We suspect the passenger side got some sun in this Bentley’s hiatus.


Most certainly an interesting and worthwhile automobile, this Bentley S3 is a rare opportunity for a Bentley fan. We wonder what an accurate value would be for this Particular Bentley being the very last produced S3. What do you think this Bentley is worth?


  1. MikeG

    Hopefully it wasn’t left outside! They are truly regal looking beasts.

  2. Coventrycat

    These look gorgeous even in poor shape. I don’t think the “last S3 made” is a big deal, though.

  3. Dave Wright

    I like this car a lot…….Brakeservo…Help.

    • brakeservo

      I’m glad you like it alot – I wouldn’t touch it for myself with a ten foot pole! But I’m glad not everyone always agrees with me – it truly is the end of the line for the classic body on frame Bentley so I hope someone with far more money than they know what to do with buys this and restores it! I will applaud them mightily. Being the “last one” – if you wanted a driver, Rolls/Bentley typically adopted improvements all along during production from what they’d previously learned – so this would be the final culmination thus should have all the little improvements and corrections developed over time. And there’s only one first, and only one last of anything.

      • Dave Wright

        So, what is the scoop on the V8 drive train?

  4. jmacc

    Price seems a tad ambitious.

  5. Mark S

    Clean it up fix any mechanical needs and paint it.

  6. Philip

    Isn’t that the same model as John Lennon had in the ’60s in London, painted Psychedelic Paisley and Tie Die? maybe it was a Rolls.. If so that is the perfect candidate car for it since the exterior needs work and the interior is fairly OK. Call me crazy but that’s the only reason I could find to own one of these..not that they are not nice cars, and the asking price for s stiff, then again it is GullWing Motors…

    • macvaugh

      Lennon’s car as you described is a Rolls Royce Phantom V limousine. Other than the
      manufactuer, not much is the same on this car.

      • john C

        I remember many years ago when John’s Rolls was for sale…price then was 50k. I don’t know where it is now, however it sure was colorful !!

    • Rhett Burger

      No he had the beautiful coachbuilt Phantom Limousine.

  7. nessy

    I would not even buy a used tire from this dealer. Enough said about this guy….

    • Dave Wright

      I bought a car from him 20 OD years ago……there were no problems, he has his finger on lots of fun cars in the New York area…..he gets his price but that is simply a function of knowing your market. He brings a lot of cars to the market that few people would see in the national market otherwise. He makes a living with old cars, how many of us can say that?

      • nessy

        I speak from business experience in the past with them Dave, more than once too. Enough said. I’m not the only one..

    • brakeservo

      I’ve dealt with Peter Kumar – a rarity in this automotive world with integrity. He’ll tell you if a car is a piece of junk – and when he does, you can believe it, just as you can if he tells you it’s a good one! Now the boys at Beverly Hills Hair Club or the auctioneers at Rustle & Steal – well, there’s another story there!

      • Dave Wright

        That has been my experiance too.

  8. angliagt

    This what I think was the best body style –
    impressive & regal.

  9. JimmyinTEXAS

    SOLD…. Somebody bought it.

  10. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Even though it sold…….

    Way too much money, far better examples for less out there.

  11. Gary Merly

    LS, Mobsteel wheels!! :)

  12. JimmyinTEXAS

    It is listed on Hemmings for $18,900..

  13. Bruce Best

    The people that I know that had the S-3’s tended to have many more engine problems than with the S-1 and S-2 models. Nothing too serious but where the straight six was almost bullet proof these tended to have small problems on a frequent basis. Also much harder to work on. The clearances for repairs are not nearly as open.

    But do save it. The are truly pieces of art when done properly.

  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I was in the vintage Rolls-Royce repair & restoration business for 20+ years. Problem with this car is the interior. Once mold & mildew gets into the leather and the all wool carpeting, it cannot be removed. Especially mildew, it has deep roots that extend into the leather, and while you can clean the surface, the roots are almost impossible to eradicate. It will come back as soon as it’s allowed to become moist again.

    Now about that wood: It’s in need of total stripping of the lacquer surfaces, and respraying with multiple coats of urethane, each coat wet sanded & polished. Done right it’s gonna cost several thousand, and that assumes there is no need for veneer repairs. To re-do this entire interior correctly will often cost in excess of $20k.

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