The Manliest Micro: 1958 Lloyd LP 600

1958 Lloyd LP 600

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Any car that has had sayings made up about it or in reference to it is in our opinion a car worth learning about. Not many cars can say they received a manlier or more terrifying saying than the Lloyd micro car did. The old German verse went something like, “He who is not afraid of death, drives a Lloyd”. That was a real German saying in reference to the Lloyd brand and anyone who drove one. The German post war economy wasn’t the best, so cheap and efficient transportation became a necessity, but we’ll delve into that bit of history after the break. First have a look at this 1958 Lloyd LP 600 here on Craigslist for $2,500. Don’t worry by the time this one was built they weren’t the death traps they had once been. Special thanks to Steven S for this tip!

lloyd lp 600
Inspiration of what an LP 600 can look like! Source: WikiMedia

In the early days of Lloyd production, the German economy was still in shambles from the war. Building cheap transportation had the potential to be a lucrative industry, but only if costs could be kept extremely low. To make this possible, Lloyd built their car bodies out of wood and fabric. While it proved to be a very cheap way to build a car, it also meant even the smallest of accident could be a serious one. On the upside, if the body was damaged you could repair it yourself with a little plaster! By the early 1950’s, the German economy had improved and Lloyd had grown large enough to begin building steel bodied cars, which proved to be much safer. This particular car was powered by their 569 cc four stroke 2 cylinder motor and had an all metal body. It has rust issues, but the seller claims it runs. We aren’t sure we would want to take it on, but if it doesn’t have too much cancer, it might be a fun little project. It certainly would be an interesting conversation piece, especially if you mention the old German saying about the kind of person that drives a Lloyd! Can you think of any other sayings that came about as a result of a car?

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  1. Mark E

    If this was a Lloyd Alexander, I’d actually be tempted to go drag it halfway across the country and restore it but then all my friends know I’ve been a big fan of the Chronicles of Prydain!! ^_^

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  2. Brian

    “Ain’t that a Duesy?” – with respects to Hazel!

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  3. DT

    “The engine is similar to a Volkswagen motor”…SURE….except its a 2 cylinder,except its a slant motor,except its a dry sump,except its overhead cam,except its a flow through head,but yeah its just like a Volkswagen

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  4. DT

    It is a Lloyd Alexander,but not an author

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  5. Philip Millward

    My Dad had a Lloyd back in 1969 while in stationed in Germany with the RAF it broke down once whilst with a friend in his white sunday best they both climbed under the car to fix it my dad came out like a coal miner and his friend still as clean as he went under the car ! anyway the car got my family back to the Uk fine !!!!! who cared in those days about safety and not seat belts sliding on the rear seat was great and heck with only a 600cc engine a speed accident was not an issue !

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  6. rusty

    hmmm makes my Lloyd wagon look like a showcar especially as mine has good floors. But got to admit mine has a cracked windscreen too even though it came in a wooden crate with the car…so much for packaging..hee hee.

    With wagons still the pretty version of these cars…its only now these Lloyds are becoming collectable… here in Australia these were sold in numbers big enough to be known of but they never reached any interest in the micro car scene till recently once the other micro cars dried up..

    has this one been a desert/dry area car with the burnt paint..and was the door stored separately to rest of car and put back on to sell. But with a town called Marshfield I am sure water abounds to create marshes????

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  7. Jim-Bob

    It’s like a West German Trabant P60! If memory serves, this was built by the Borgward company as it’s cheap model. It’s also one of those unusual cars where a swap to the three cylinder engine/ trans from a Geo Metro would actually be an upgrade in every possible way.

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  8. RobM

    There is an active group of Lloyd owners in this country with ties to “Lloyd Freunde IG”, a German club. Parts are available through the club and select German vendors. I have a ’59 Alexander TS, which will happily cruise at 55 mph with its 29 hp engine. The late cars have a wonderful SOHC engine and full synchromesh gearbox in a body / chassis design from the 1930s. It’s full of old world charm! Those interested are invited to visit or join the Lloydmicrocarworld group on Yahoo.

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  9. Rex Kahrs RichMember

    Car saying? Yes I’ve got one. After I got my Caravelle, somewhere I heard: “Once you own a French car, nothing worse can happen to you!”

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  10. Graham Lloyd

    Great name for a car

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  11. Alan

    $500 car. Needs pretty much everything…. $20K to do a fair restoration, with own labor, then worth what, $10K? Parts? Hmmm. I can appreciate that there is a club, as RobM indicates, but is there such a thing as repro floor pans for the car, and where are they, Germany? I have no idea what real values are, but this earlier listing on BF was in so much better shape:

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  12. Dutch 1960

    Transverse leaf spring suspension, just like the Model T! The Kombi has a single rear door, hinged on the side, like a hearse. Tiny, tiny cars. These are an acquired taste, but they do have a following around the world.

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  13. Plasticman

    Yes, Borgward did own Lloyd, as well as Goliath, another budget brand. Carl Borgward was an interesting fellow, with a working class background and a bluff character. Borgward filled the vacuum between VW and Mercedes. Shame the went kaput in about ’63, there are rumors MB were behind it.
    Looking at this Lloyd Im instantly reminded of the Austin A30, not sure which came first.

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  14. Barry

    Hi ,I bought a 1956 Lloyd 600 sedan in 1956 for $595.00. O owned it for four years.
    This Lloyd was the basic, no synchro on its 4 speed, sliding Windows and no trunk.
    I drove it around Long Beach Ca. Most of the time. During my ownership I took
    Two long trips with it from Long Beach to North Dakota, no problems but was a
    Slow trip that let you enjoy the seiner you.

    In 1960 I bought a Lloyd 600 micro window bus, traded on the old 600 along with
    $700.00! I drove this one until 1965 when I traded in for 1965 Rambler American.
    During my ownership of this micro bus it made two long trips to North Dakota again
    with no problems but tme consuming.

    There were about a dozen in long Beach and I did tune ups on them for people
    As repair shops wouldn’t touch them.

    Great little cheap car.

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  15. RobM

    Hi Barry,
    Thanks for the interesting comments. Was that a short wheelbase or long wheelbase van? I’d love to find a pick up variant or better yet, a Lloyd Frua Coupe, with styling by Pietro Frua, built by Ghia of Switzerland!

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    • Duane

      It was a short whee base with three Windows n each side.

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