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The Midget Casket: 1967 Volvo Amazon Rat Rod

s-l1600 (4)

I’ve never said the words midget casket, but here we are. This vehicle formerly known as a Volvo Amazon is now something entirely different and totally deserving of the rat rod moniker. Listed here on eBay with an assortment of photos that merely underscore just how dangerous this rig likely is, you could own this rolling casket for the Buy-It-Now price of $10,500. What do you say – any takers? 

s-l1600 (5)

There’s not much left here that still resembles a Volvo Amazon, but you can make out the basic body lines of the wagon. Clearly, the roof has been chopped significantly and the window glass has been filled in, yet the familiar Amazon tail lights remain just to give you a faint reminder of what it once was. The rear glass also appears significantly smaller than the original design. The moon hubcaps are almost a necessity with a custom rod like this.

s-l1600 (7)

It’s hard to tell whether that Chevy 305 is cleverly integrated into the chassis or just plain dangerous. Regardless, the seller has taken care to address some basic, common sense upkeep including new fuel lines, a new fuel pump, power steering pump and associated hoses. The Volvo body is mounted to a Chevy S-10 chassis, which should be comfortable handling the extra power produced by the hot-rod mill. Just in case, new tires have been added as well.

s-l1600 (6)

No creature comforts here. Lumbar support? What’s that? Seriously, I have a ton of respect for the rat rod crowd if they somehow manage to create a vehicle that is safe to drive and possesses some quality approaching comfort, but I don’t see it here. That’s tells me I am basically not nearly hardcore enough to pilot a ride like this. How many of our readers would consider bidding on a truly custom creation like the Midget Casket?


  1. bdub

    looks like the seat off an old porch swing or patio furniture circa 1965

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  2. Rick

    That’s the problem with hot rods like these. Interesting basic idea, but no idea how to integrate the engine so it looks “right”. Welded rebar nose? Uh, no. Figure out a funky grille and a way to tie it all together and you might have something. But as it sits for that price.. no. Besides, PA, where I’m at, has an issue with engines and scoops above the bottom edge of the windshield. It would never pass inspection.

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  3. Howard A Member

    The fact that it’s on an S-10 chassis, ( if you can find one that’s not rusted) I bet it drives fairly decent, although, too much carburetion for me. I believe in Wis. every wheel has to have a fender, so something would have to be rigged up for the front. And I could do without that front seat. Pretty cool find.

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  4. JW454

    Not that it matters because they’re fake anyway but, the Landau bars are mounted backwards. They need to be swapped side to side to look “right”.
    This car is not my cup-O-tea but, that’s what makes the earth spin.

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    • Woodie Man

      Good catch on the upside down landau bars. I’m sure it’s part of the aesthetic though.

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    • K ball

      Actually they came off 73 Cadillac Hurst

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  5. Coventry Cat

    A deathtrap for sure. How appropriate.

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  6. Bret

    0 points for attention to detail

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  7. Mark S

    POS no thanks

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  8. Jubjub

    I’d rather have the poor old ratty Amazon wagon it started out as.

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  9. Francisco

    Every bolt has its nut.

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  10. K ball

    As one of original builder of what we called to vol10 it was a fun car to drive it started out as a cursed s10 with virgin Mary air bush on hood and a free Volvo we carried it to hot rods and hillbilly’s show and spanked a super charged 327 called lil Timmy with original 383 stroker it had when built at tattoo shop in summerville ga

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