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The Missus’ Quiet Muscle: Survivor 1967 Camaro

According to the seller of this 1967 Chevy Camaro, this is a one in a million find. I suppose there’s some truth to that, considering the level of equipment and preservation at play. Do you agree? This Camaro was supposedly owned by a female owner from new, and remained with her husband after her passing. Now that he is also deceased, the 327-equipped Camaro is listed here on eBay where bidding is over $27K but the reserve remains unmet. 

It’s hard to deny the seller’s proclamations regarding condition when you see photos like these. The interior looks near perfect, which is even more impressive when you consider this Camaro has close to 63,000 miles on it – not exactly a car that’s lived in a bubble. So, you have a vehicle that came from the factory with the right equipment and it’s been lovingly maintained by a female owner. That’s hard to top.

The 327 is equipped with a four-barrel carb and offers up 275 b.h.p. – according to the seller, it’s the one you want. All matching numbers, no accidents, original paint – that does add up to a desirable specimen. Plus, the seller adds that other wear-and-tear items like weatherstripping in the doors is still lush and fuzzy, which hopefully means there isn’t much work for the next owner to tackle. That alone makes it more desirable than other projects.

And best of all, the hideaway headlamps still fire up! Most Camaros we see listed with these lenses show them in the down position – I love seeing them popped open on this car. Add into the mix that details like the slim chrome bumpers appear to retain excellent shine and the car comes with its desirable Protect-O-Plate and other paperwork, and you begin to see why bidding is strong so far. Any guesses what the reserve is set at?


  1. Matt Member

    if only i could afford it…

    • Jeffro

      Really nice car. I’m digging the 6 too! You should have no problem selling it.

    • 68 custom

      Wow nice 6 popper Gbauer, looks like you put lots of love into that one! did it have a factory deluxe interior?

  2. JamestownMike

    What a beautiful survivor! My guess would of been 25k-30k but it’s already 27+k and the reserve still isn’t met.

    • Andrew

      It’s sold for $55,800.00

  3. Gunner

    It has been quite some time since I have seen a 1st generation Camaro this nice, this original, not restored. All I can say is…..WOW. It will command a premium price. I hope that the new owner gives it as much love as it had before. I am a guy who loves the classics the way they came from the factory. Only that way once. Beautiful musclecar, and I am utterly jealous, and at a loss for further words.

  4. Terry J

    Wow! Wish I had my ’67 and or ’68 back. Both were convertibles, but I’m talking 30 + years ago. My red ’68 had the RS grill though it wasn’t an RS car. I had to open the headlight doors by hand come evening. BUT, I always thought that the correctly functioning doors opened and closed automatically when the lights were turned on. Anybody know? Doesn’t look like the cool subject car has it’s lights on, but the doors are open. Terry J

    • 68 custom

      yes Terry a factory equipped RS the hidden headlight doors did open and close automatically. I like this car a lot but mine would have to be this L-30 combined with the m-20 and 12 bolt rear, and since I am dreaming factory 4 piston disc brakes. but this one may even have a 12 bolt it is just unusual in an automatic equipped non SS.

    • GaryC Gary charlton

      The ‘ 67 RS headlight doors were electric. They were also very troublesome with their many components, limit switches, relays, and diode packs. ’68- ’69 RS equipped Camaros were vacuum operated. I don’t recall the electrical circuit or any fail safes that allowed the door to stay open with the lights off. That is a good question though.

      • RS

        Just a thought, my 71 Sport Fury had electric headlight doors… if you left the lights on while you shut off the ignition key and then turned off the lights, the doors remained open. Of course as soon as you started the car they closed again unless you turned the lights on again first.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald


  6. GaryMc

    Nice. I have a ’68 I bought new as well. It spent most of it’s years being driven by my mother. I got it back when she quit driving in ’91. It now has about 85k miles and is also unmodified with original paint, interior and drive line. Owners manual and protecto plate also intact.

    • Woodie Man


  7. JW

    Very Nice !!!

  8. Doug

    67 head electric headlight doors with three relays mounted under the fender they did open and close with the light switch. Mine quit opening one time and it was one relay instead of electric motors that went bad. I replaced one relay and everything worked fine again. it is beautiful car my guess would be in the 40 to 45000 range for a reserve.

  9. DAN

    no a/c does not work if not cold…….

    Hi, Yes the A/C works, everything works, not cold, needs charging.

  10. Tom Member

    Being an RS I am surprised it does not have more options. As seller corrected no power brakes. I don’t see power steering either but maybe I am missing it. AC is nice and somewhat rare. Has deluxe interior and the exterior chrome trim package (rockers and wheel openings). The only thing saving the green color is the black vinyl top (my opinion). Nice survivor for sure, too bad the paint is in that condition. Don’t really get the terrible condition of the spare tire but it might have had a space saver in it originally. I think I still have a couple of them. No vanity options that I can see.

    I had a 67 RS SS Red hardtop, which I still had it! If I were going to throw 30K at a Gen 1 Camaro it would not be this one.

    • S Ryan

      Yes power steering. Can see it under radiator hose and alternator.

      • Tom Member

        Thanks, good eye.

  11. Jason

    This one has it all, including the license plate frame from the selling dealer, and the black plate to go along with it!

    The headlight covers look a little crooked in the closed position. Maybe that’s just the angle of the photo?

  12. Rick

    I know I’m in the minority but I love this color: Mountain Green. Ordered a 327, 4-speed Nova in that color.

    • Puhnto

      I like it too!

  13. Racingpro56 Member

    A matter of taste i guess but the vinyl top on 1st gen Camaro doesnt look right. A Monte Carlo maybe…but not a Camaro. That said, i would have this beauty in my garage tomorrow had i won that 400+ million last night!

  14. erikj

    I think this is a very nice survivor. And it will go for big money. It sad to think I don’t think I will ever have another 1st or 2nd gen. Camaro. Unless I won the lottery.
    I got lots of stories though like the 4 68 z-28s,67 rs,67 standard ,but was a 4spd,deluxe int. and factory tach and gauges. And a few 69s including one that was rsss 396 4spd,12 bolt with factory traction bar and rare plum color with white int. deluxe gauges and even fold down rear seat. It probly had more,but that was a lot of options. That was just some of the 1st gens. Don’t get me going on the 2nd gens. I was not even a dealer. I was just always looking and buying,selling back in the 80s-now. I cant believe I had so many, That was just Camaros! I think I should write a book but nobody would believe it

    • Dave Deline

      I hear ya.owned four 69’s last one had over twenty years .now prices are so crazy I can only look at the pictures that remind me of the good old days.

  15. redwagon

    love the colors on this

    nice car

  16. RoughDiamond Member

    One of the sharpest cars I ever laid eyes on was a stock ’67 Camaro RS with the 327/275 and just the right amount of stance from back to front.
    This Camaro should be photographed under the hood and underneath front to back as a time capsule for anyone looking to restore one.
    The final bidding price on this one could break new ground. You can bet Hagerty and the other classic car insurers are watching this closely. I hope a Joe or Jane Schmo ends up with this as the dream car they have always wanted rather than a collector who just wants to add to a collection to look at it.

    • Tom Member

      Good comments. I think you are right and even though I am a huge gen 1 Camaro Firebird guy I just can’t get on board with this car. Don’t get me wrong, I love finding survivor cars. I love Camaro’s but this one, if not an RS, is just another Camaro. Even being an RS, well it makes it better that not being one. Again great, but the market on these cars is not what it was years ago…..I just can’t see it north of $30K. If it were an RS SS or 4 spd or 396 car and/or convertible….something then I get it. Please don’t hate on this but there are some really nice restored Camaros out there with more options, show ready for $50K give or take $10K. I know and I agree, they are only original once and that has its own price tag. I am just not there on this one. OK, hit me with the thumbs down.

      • Bruce

        I agree. It is a great car for the right person. For my $58k, I would by a restored one with a 4-speed. At the Barret Jackson auction held at the Mohegan Sun Casino this past year, there were plenty of nice 60’s / 70’s muscle cars that went in the $20-30,000 range. Just my $.02 and worth every penny….:-)!

  17. Glen

    There’s something about painted steel wheels that I really like. Sure ,rallye wheels look amazing, but there’s a “sleeper” look to the steel wheel that works for me. Plymouth Super Stocks, and Ford Thunderbolts, both come to mind.

  18. erikj

    I like that steel look also. I used to be all about the rally/sport wheel look, And I still love them. The steel look is more down and dirty muscle straight-up look. My 71 340 duster might just wind-up with steelies instead of the rally wheels. so there will be rallies hiding somewhere when I feel like a change to look like my old h/s ride.

  19. Woodie Man

    Original paint but a new vinyl roof.hmm……not exactly original anymore.

    • JP

      I agree, I get tired of people proclaiming ‘ALL original with everything intact’ and then two lines down new this and that. This is a nice survivor but obviously the vinyl top did not survive.

  20. Jay E.

    Waiting for a BF member to come up with the same VIN on a 200K rustbucket that someone now is reselling as a survivor, like the Charger below. I don’t think I will ever buy into the story again until some serious fact checking is done. The rip-offs are becoming too sophisticated in catching the unwary buyer that now I am suspicious, especially with such an appealing presentation like this one is. That said, if this is the real deal, it is going to make someone a happy owner!

  21. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I had a 67 with that exact same interior. Can’t remember what they called it, but I do remember the back seats flipped down for cargo space.

    Very cool survivor.

    • 68 custom

      That is the deluxe interior, pretty sure the folding rear seats were a different option.

      • wuzjeepnowsaab

        I’m sure you’re right, 68 custom. Mine had that interior and the fold downs so maybe they optioned it up when it was ordered. It also had chrome trim that followed the window bottom on the rear qtr and door.

      • Tom Member

        My 67 RS SS 350 automatic (red, white bumble bee stripe w/ black interior) had the same deluxe interior with the fold down rear seat. Mine also had the window trim.

        1988 bought the car in show quality condition. 50K miles on it for $5K.

        You know what else it had……? Bad brake lines.

        Went to stop at 45mph, brake lines blew out and rammed into the big rear chrome bumper of a stopped 74 Impala stopped at a red light. Almost a total loss. Non-drive. I think I might have almost cried when I saw those hide away’s in a million pieces all over the street. Sold it wrecked for $5500.

  22. Bill

    Beautiful car. I’m guessing the reserve is 40 grand. A little pricey, but someone who’s really in need of this car will pony the money up, so to speak.

  23. Gunner

    Somebody REALLY wanted this RS! $55,800! WOW!

  24. MrF

    Everyone but 2 bidders disappeared at $30k. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. (I foresee a relisting.) Although I like this car, need to note that has certain deficits (Powerglide, vinyl roof and nonworking A/C–always just “need a charge”, don’t they?)

  25. dirtyharry

    I live nearby and it had been listed on craigslist for 36,500. This link is for the listing. I wouldn’t have believed it went so big.

  26. Howard

    I had a friend we called Mustang Sally, she burned more tires off the back of that stang than most of the guys around. This is a beautiful car, but that price? Somebody’s got more money than brains. But my point was just cause a lady drove it don’t mean it was pampered

    • Racingpro56 Member

      Howard…as the saying goes “more dollars than sense”. Indeed a beautiful Camaro, but $55800? Just daydreaming how many old Ford trucks i could buy with that pile of cash.

  27. Fred

    Matching #’s and all original parts warrants the price tag !!! ’67 camaros of the such truly are at premium demand.

  28. ccrvtt

    I drove a ’67 Firebird 326 with a 2-speed auto back in the day. Felt like a very tight, well-controlled car. Camaros were described as a “committee-designed car” – nice, but a bit bland compared to the Firebird with its gorgeous front bumper.

    My parents had a ’67 Caprice wagon with the 327-275. I’m here to tell you those were some very large horses. That 4,000lb. beauty would flat run.

    This car with this engine is going to make someone very happy

    • Andy

      Agree, I have always preferred the 1st generation Firebirds over the Camaros.

  29. Wayne

    I really like the color. My 1967 convert was the pale yellow color. When in the garage parked next to my 1965 red Baracuda ( with the lights off) it looked like ketchup and mustard. I would not call this a one in a million car. Jon Mello’s Z28 #1 is a one in a million Camaro!

  30. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It’s not original…’s been molested….so not a one in a million…….

  31. George

    I wanna know who the idiot is who painted the valvecovers red!

  32. Brian M Member

    In ’96, while working for a Florida auto parts company, I won a ’68 Camaro in a contest. It had 32K miles on it and I was the third owner. It also had the 275 horse, 4bbl 327 and power glide, with factory air, and manual drum brakes. It had power steering and the deluxe interior. I believe that the color was marina blue and had a black vinyl roof, which was a dealer installed option (using carpet tacks around the front and rear glass under the trim if you can believe that) according to the original order form which came with it. The second owner put rallye wheels on it and it had been repainted once, why, I don’t know. Come 2006, a combination of medical and job-related situations forced me to sell it (sniff). Got $18K for it and we ate about half of that and put the rest into finishing a 26 year resto of my 59 TR3A. I love the TR but miss the AC and comfy seats of the Chebbie.

  33. erikj

    I got one more story. Around 1998 my buddy call me to say he seen a 68 rs convt. Camaro being driven by a older guy with a for sale sign. I got the number and arranged to meet the seller. He was the orig. owner and special ordered it apone his retirement from gm.90ish 000 miles,4spd same green as the featured 67. console and guage package and more. He had the boot for the top in the orig. package.It was garaged since new and he said the top was only down twice. The price was around 4000 but I just couldn’t swing it. Thats the kind of stuff that was around then.

  34. Paul

    Nice car, however the rear view mirrors on the doors are not original either 67’s had round mirrors these are more like 68 mirrors.

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