The Other GLHS: 1987 Charger GLHS

We’ve featured these Shelby-built Charger GLHS models before, and I’m always surprised how many are still out there despite being a limited-production car. This one is an interesting specimen, as it has higher mileage but also features some neat touches, like a claimed authentic Carroll Shelby signature on the dashboard. Find this 150,000 mile example here on craigslist for $8,500. 

Despite the higher mileage, the cosmetics look quite good. The seller notes he is only letting this car go due to a collection wind-down. The Shelby-applied bits are all there, from the alloy wheels to the Koni suspension. The heavy window tint isn’t my favorite detail, but it likely played a role in keeping the interior nicely preserved.

The recognizable highly-bolstered bucket seats with the CS embroidery remain in beautiful condition, nice enough to believe they’ve been re-done at some point. The seller doesn’t provide much in the way of details about the GLHS’s mechanical health, only noting he’s owned it for the last 15 years.

The timing and location of this second Shelby signature inside the cabin are noted in the listing, but you’ll have to take the seller’s word for it that it’s the real-deal. These cars are rare and fine performers, but their desirability among collectors remains somewhat stagnant. If it had the rarely-seen Stage II upgrades, that might be a different story. Still, it’s a strong performer with fine handling and the added notoriety of the Shelby connection. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find.


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  1. LAB3

    My guess is it’s been repainted, it should have GLHS graphics in several locations on the body. Also, the Shelby banner that runs across the top of the windshield is missing. As to the signature, mine had it too, probably silk screened on.

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  2. Sandy McInnes

    If it’s a real Shelby CSX, it should have a numbered plaque on the dash.

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    • SubGothius

      The CSX was a completely different model based on the Shadow. Not sure offhand if the Charger-based GLHS had numbered plaques or not.

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      • The Walrus

        All the Shelby branded cars had numbers. Theres a pic of the dash plaque (although poor) in the ad. The numbered cars were: 86 GLHS (500 units), 87 Lancer (800 units), 87 GLHS (1000 units), 87 CSX (500 units), 88 CSX-T (1000 units), 89 CSX-VNT (750 units) and 89 Dakota (1500 units).

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  3. Sidney

    I recall wanting one of these back when new, but couldn’t see to cough up the cash for such an impractical car. What I really wanted was a Charger like this with a 2.5 and a sixteen valve head, neither of which was even offered. Maybe if they had offered the Daytona with a non turbo 2.5 and a sixteen valve head, they wouldn’t have had the same troubles the 2.2 turbos had (head gaskets, etc) Shelby himself said that a car with such an engine and a five speed would be pretty much the perfect car for most people, including him. I had a friend with a turbo Daytona and if that turbo came on when going around a corner, with the turbo lag, it was down right scary. 150 HP from a non turbo would have been sweet for the day, plus more reliable. I recall my friends Daytona (an 88 I believe) being real comfortable and it handled well for the most part, but it broke down all the time, and a few years after buying it new, he had a very hard time trading it for something else, the resale was squat. They had a bad reputation and no one wanted a used one unless you practically gave it away.

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    • The Walrus

      Agreed it would have been nice. Chrysler engineering had some prototype 16 V heads, and as I’m sure you are aware there were 16 valve heads on the Turbo III’s as well as the ‘Maserati’ motor in the TC. There were never any normally aspirated versions, primarily due to cost. The ~50 HP from the turbo was more than would have been obtained from a 16 valve (the prototypes heads were adding ~30 HP), at about 1/3 the cost. It just didn’t make economic sense at the time.

  4. JD13

    I am wondering what the rarely.seen stage 2 upgrade is . I have owned 4 of these 3 omnis and a charger and the only stage 2 upgrade was the MP computer which raised boost and fuel . But the GLHS cars came from Shellby already set up like this. ?

  5. Steve

    Its my car. Shelby came down to farmers branch texas for the building of the Elenor shelby mustang and our club was invited and a shelby dodge class was opened.. i have a plaque, trophy and got his signiture on the dash.. paint had started to faid so i repainted it.. i will post the pics of trophy showing i was there.. its on dallas craigslist

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  6. Steve

    Factory turbo shelby was 10lbs boost, shelby added couple more at 12lbs, then mopar performance added 2 more like 14 lbs.. dont remember exact numbers.. . Non intercooled 2.2 was the about 10lbs, shelby added intercooler and boosted, then mopar added the even bigger gains over the glhs. Correct me if i am off been 12 years since mods or more.. assumining the comment was to me

    Turbogods toys

    • The Walrus

      I think you have the MP and Shelby numbers backwards. The Shelby Computers in 86 and 87 were programmed more aggressively than anything Chrysler offered through MP. Shelby Computers with intercooler engines were programmed at 14.7 lbs. Factory TII was 12.5. MP Stage II was 14 for 88. The 86/87 computer had a separate logic module and the Shelby computer was ‘hotter’ than anything offered by MP in later years.

      • Steve

        Turbo non intercooled has a computer number see pic added, then the intercooled glhs shelby has one, then at the bottm of the next pic i post shows p5249670 as upgrade stage 2 for glhs

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      • The Walrus

        Steve, Im confused. Is this a clone? Because a factory 87 GLHS would have come with a Shelby computer (probably CS1017 but possibly CS1079). I assure you, either of these were better than your references, as due to limited production, Shelby Automobiles did not have to get these through EPA testing. They are the 14.7 PSI computers I reference. Those you reference are either 13.5 or 14.

      • The Walrus

        Put it this way, Steve. Anyone who knows Shelby Dodges would never put an MP computer on an 87 or older SD. The Shelby computer is best. I had an 87 Shelby Z in the day with a CS1079 that ran the cat so hot it burned a hole in the carpet in the hatch. You can run a Super 60 from that computer. 88 or newer you need something aftermarket.

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      • Steve

        100% sure it isnt a clone. I repainted it back in paint school.. color sanded and buffed as such u can read a sheet of paper off the paint. Back in the day all blacked out was better. The shelby decal kit can be bought positive impressions if u like the kit.. it has the numbers on the hood they marked it for which car it went back onto. Dash plaque, spedo overlay, konis all the way around it isnot a clone.. i have been fixing shelbys for 20 plus years.. started the local chapter here in texas.. certian its real and know there was a stage 2 that gave it 2 more lbs boost. They are always looking to sell something

  7. Steve

    Second pic computer part numbers

  8. Steve

    You can also go to shelbyregistry see real registered shelbys

  9. Steve

    This one is number 793 i registered it back in 2000

  10. Steve

    The ditor didnt add all the pics of the car but u can see them in the dallas tx craigslist this was shelby at farmers branch texas when he was signing stuff for us for $20

  11. Steve

    NoThe editor didnt add all the pics of the car but u can see them in the dallas tx craigslist dash plaque

    • Steve

      Dash plaque pic didnt load. Second try

  12. Steve

    This is another car i will be selling out of my collection a 1984 shelby rampage clone with a lot of rebuild/restore pics over 300hp hybrid turbo insane hp to weight 2200lbs

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