The Perils of Storage: 1971 VW Puma GT


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You know how you think you’re doing the best thing for your project car, sliding it indoors and leaving it safe and secure until you drive it next? Well, sometimes those short-term stays can turn into long-term slumbers, which is why I suspect this 1971 VW Puma GT here on eBay has accumulated a coating of dust in the New York garage it calls home. Bidding is active but the reserve is unmet; a Buy-It-Now option is available for $7,500. 


The seller claims this was a running car when it was put away, but now the engine is getting any fuel. He doesn’t elaborate on what, if any, troubleshooting was done. However, he does jump pretty quickly to the fact that a spare VW engine will be included with the sale, which could offer some indication as to his confidence level in the motor currently installed in the Puma.


Fortunately, the bodywork looks quite solid beneath that fine coating of dust. Although the wider, staggered wheels aren’t stock, they don’t look half-bad; however, there are numerous options that are far more suitable and period-correct for a sporting car with European underpinnings. Something from the Empi catalog perhaps?


As noted, the sale will include a spare Type IV VW motor. Obviously, the lack of details on this listing is doing the seller no favors, but the good news is despite the exotic body, what’s underneath is fairly straightforward – just raid the VW parts bin for spares. We’ve seen a few of these Brazilian-built coupes pop up over the years, and they always seem to sell for reasonable prices despite their rareness. What do you think this one will go for?

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  1. Geoff

    Those rims look suspiciously like Renault A110 rims(?)

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  2. Zaphod

    People sometimes forget that the first expense on is type of exotic is tires. You’re buying into $700 right off by rolling this thing out into the light. Nice enough cars if you like going really slowly around a track. Modify and drop a flat 6 in and you’ve got my attention, otherwise way too much money for a bug.

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  3. Mvm

    The (replica?)1955 Porsche 550 Spyder is also his.
    Nice cars, good taste.

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    • Van

      Both cars need a healthy boost in power.
      I know air cooled bug engines can exceed 2 liters.
      This is where guys say keep it original.
      Really, original what, turn them back into beetles?
      The 550 would have been a weekend racer.
      The only thing reliable coming from Brazil is a bunch of sick Olimpic athletes.

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  4. stevee

    Had one of these back about 1980. Very very light (fiberglass body) car– less than 2,000# if I remember right. Wide tires + light weight = aquaplaning at its best. Got caught one day during a rainstorm, hit a puddle while looking up at the hubcaps on an 18 wheeler– thought I was finished in this world. Nice little 1835cc, not too wide for tires, sunny days only and its a great little toy. Fits tight like an Opel GT or a Sprite. Don’t try to make it what it isn’t….

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  5. John

    I like how he still has the price of the puma still on the widow in his Porsche 550 add on eBay , oops $3000.00

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  6. Roger

    Here in Brazil the prices of this cars are skyrocketing. A top notch Puma GTE similar to this one can reach almost R$40k, or almost US$12k

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    • Dickie F

      And in South Africa you can still buy these new, I believe for around $10k – $12k

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      • Roger

        You mean, there’s still someone building them? Got any link of it?

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    • Gabriel

      Olá Roger.

      Segue um link falando mais sobre a Puma e a Africa do Sul.

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      • Roger

        Boa tarde Gabriel, obrigado!

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  7. Bullethead

    Optimistic price considering those photos. What, no grimy interior shots? Gotta wonder about the seller: is this how he “found” this and the 550 and if so, does he really think they’re more saleable un-washed? Puma as a manufacturer built some cool cars and this will spruce up fine as dollars are applied, but great examples are out there for what that’ll cost.

    The GTE isn’t as pretty as it’s predecessors, but earlier cars are fairly rare. Puma still uses this body with few changes; AFAIK it continues business in South Africa.

    BTW, the Centerline wheels don’t suit the car at all… VW Pedrini, ATS or BBS
    would be better choices.

    As to his other sale, if it’s a Beck build, let’s see the tag… and some frame/body details indicative of that. From what I can see of the engine bay and dash it’s questionable. Those cut-down 914 seats, for instance. IIRC, Chuck uses accurate speedster replicas. Also need proof Fat Performance built the engine.

    Both cars have their fans but even the Porsche replica is already bid to max $$.
    I’d prefer an SP2 or early Puma for similar money.

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    • Roger

      Right on man, the VW SP2 is an incredibly nice car.

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  8. alan

    If you look at the seller’s Speedster listing the Puma is in the background and the right rear window had not been washed in advance of the ebay photo shoot. It appears to show $3000 meaning it was priced right to purchase.

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  9. CanAm

    Why are the rims and tyres shiny, with the tyre tread covered in fresh dust as if it was just rolled into position?

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