The Real Deal–Sort Of! 1969 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet


Not something you see every day! A genuine 1969 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet–sort of! Now, it’s not a Super Cobra Jet, as I could tell from this helpful site, but nonetheless, this was a rarity when it left the dealership! This particular car is a long way from original, but still may be what you are looking for. It’s for sale here on eBay, and is located in Fenton, Missouri. Bidding is currently just getting started at $10,100, and has yet to meet the reserve.


In addition to the two 1967 Mustangs we had growing up, Dad had a ’69 fastback like this one (ok, it has a 351, not a 428, but you get the idea–more on that later). Loved the shape and still do! Now, with this car there’s some rust. Less than you might think, and although there is some rust underneath, I was expecting much worse considering the car’s exterior condition. Take a look at the ad if you want to see the pictures for yourself–there are a lot of pictures with high detail!


Simply my favorite Mustang front end of all time, and I’m a Mustang guy. Wish it had Magnum 500s on it, though!


As I found out recently from a knowledgeable Barn Finds reader, the red mat in the floor and red inserts in the seats are original! Actually, the interior looks very original but just tired. I don’t think the tachometer on the column is, though? And I’m pretty sure the door speaker isn’t either.


Here’s that monster 428. Oh, no it’s not! Believe it or not, this car is bringing this kind of price so far even with a 351 small block in the hole where that Cobra Jet once sat. Other signs of rough treatment, non-stock items and shoddy wiring really dismayed me when I first saw this picture. Cobra Jet engines are pretty difficult to come by and aren’t inexpensive when you find them. So is it worth buying and restoring for the provenance, even though you wouldn’t have the original engine? I have a hard time with that–why not just start with either a less expensive Mustang if it’s going to be unoriginal anyway, or with one that has it’s original engine if not. But I’d like to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Mitch

    That is correct about the red inserts in the seats. My bud years ago bought a ’69 fastback (rare as it had a vinyl top) & installed a Mach 1 interior in it. The tach & speakers of course are aftermarket. (as far as I last heard he still has it)

  2. JW

    It looks like it had undercoating installed but still the under carriage looks like it sat in a field or a dirt floor garage to me. I agree 69’s are the best looking Mustangs of the first generation with the 70 close behind. JMHO !!!

  3. Jack

    Such a bummer that this car is missing all the most important parts, at this point I would just fix it up to be a safe driver and just enjoy it!

  4. Boss351

    The seller doesn’t say anything about which automatic transmission is in it now. The FMX transmission can be easlily be mated with the 351 but it would not work with a 428 motor.

    This one needs to be carefully inspected if you are serious and always get a MARTI report to see what the car was born with from the factory. Since the hood was replaced, it may have had a shaker hood.

    This ’69 Stang does have potential even without the original 428 CJ but you need to pick it up as cheap as you can because the installing a used 428 plus all the other parts are expensive. Just look at the price of an air cleaner or OEM Holley carburetor. The rust repair could also be a real chore if there is significant rust under the cowl. The body panel rust isn’t too bad though.

    Overall, this is a project really worth a look if you can handle any hidden rust issues and the time to restore it correctly.

    • Rocco

      One underside photo shows a C-6 trans. A small block C-6 came out in ’72 in the 351 Cobra Jet Mustangs & 351CJ Grand Torinos. Trucks usually didn’t get them until around ’78 with a 302 eng. finally replacing the C-4.
      At least it isn’t an FMX.

  5. Rustytech Member

    If this stays under $20k this could be the deal of the week original or not.

  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    that looks like the big 351C or 400M motor…..not a good choice….would rather have a 351W….

    • JW

      Ease of parts wise then the Windsor but the Clevelands will wind out higher RPM’s and we have had no problems with the 351C in our 70.

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