The Ultimate Alpine Camper? 1981 Hobby Landhaus

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Vintage campers continue to be a hot segment of classic vehicle culture. Heck, you can go to your local Airstream dealer and drop six figures on a new “classic” model. One thing we don’t see in the United States very often though is a peaked roof camper like this one. The ad indicates it is a Josef Peitz caravan from 1981. It can be found here on eBay Germany with an asking price of €4,900 or roughly $5,300 USD. Located in Kaufungen, Germany, it will cost quite a bit to ship it to the United States. Have a closer look at this unique trailer.

I’m not sure if it is tricky camera work or not, but the interior looks very roomy. The seller indicates it is 7.50 meters long which translates to a typical 24-25 foot camper you would find anywhere in the U.S. You can see the rear portion of the interior features the living/dining space.

The middle section features a small dinette with lots of counter space plus a stove, sink, and refrigerator. The wood paneling and counters appear to be in great shape. There are no photos of the bathroom, but the ad indicates there is one.

I’m not exactly sure what is going on at the front. Does it almost appear like the bed converts into two couches or two single beds? Either way, there appears to be plenty of room for a small family. I don’t think this trailer will make it across the pond, but hopefully, someone in Europe will enjoy it for years to come. Do you have a vintage camper? Leave us a comment and share a photo if you do.

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  1. Will Fox

    I could never bring that to my campground. No way could I haul it back out of there and miss the buckshot coming my way from the other campers!
    Hoy! That is one fugly camper!

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Curious about the handles on each corner ? I thought at first it was a drop down for loading your toys. Cool rig.

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  3. Mike

    This looks more like a regular trailer than a camping rig. Nice layout inside and doesn’t look comically outdated. The outside on the other hand….

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    • Will Fox

      Mike, I’ve seen plenty of pull-behinds in my day, but NEVER a “Swiss Chalet”! I’d get laughed right out of my campground if I drug that in!!

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      • JMB#7

        Let us know what campground you are referring to. I need to put it on my list of places never to go. The bigger and more expensive is better attitude is a big turn off for many of us who camp. I guess I should qualify my point of view by saying, “I’d rather be backpacking, than staying in a campground”. Nice unique camper, looks very space efficient. Also looks like a lot of aerodynamic drag when being towed.

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      • Tman

        Maybe we can all pitch in and buy it. Just for you Will Fox! Or I will buy it and camp right next to or behind you.

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  4. Al

    Kind of reminds me of “High on the hill stood a lonely Wohnmobile, lay oh lay oh lay, lay lee” from the Sound of Musik.

    (a Wohnmobile is Deutsch für mobile home.)

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  5. Jay Bree

    I’d be a bit concerned with what looks like a green tarp roof!

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    • Steve Clinton

      That’s a ‘sun roof’. LOL

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  6. Don Eladio

    I’d turn it into a pretzel stand…and mobile bierstube.

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  7. rodknee

    Makes way more sense than the hipsters I see building ‘tiny homes’ on wheels only to spend 70k on something that’s so heavy you need a F550 to move it.

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    • Dave Peterson

      Agreed. The damn fools cannot divide $75000 by 220, I guess. And I am a fan of the concept. However, if you cannot build for $50 a sq. ft. with your own labor, you’re lost already. Without land cost.

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  8. Bob Mck

    Can’t imagine what it would cost to ship it to the US.

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    • Rodney - GSM

      Fortunately, it folds flat into two IKEA boxes. Unfortunately, the instructions are in German.

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  9. Rodney - GSM

    This appears to be the ultra rare “Garden Shed” Model.

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  10. MGSteve

    I have been ribbing people, starting with my Bride, for years, when they say they are going “camping” in any kind of RV. Their version of “camping” involves satellite TV, microwaves, entertainment systems, hydraulic jacks, multiple bedrooms, multiple AC units, mood lighting, awnings (heaven forbid we might get a little sunshine) and so forth. Oh, and my favorite “must have” — many, many remote controls. Good lord, no one should be expected to get out of their recliner to change the channel on their 384″ flat screen TV CAMPING involves (at most) small, very lightweight tents, a very small cooking “unit” and anything else you can carry on your back. As you become a more experienced camper, the back pack gets lighter and lighter . . . not heavier.

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    • Terry

      However..if you intend to live in the thing, you could do a lot worse.

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    • PRA4SNW

      MGSteve, your story reminds me of people who say they are vacationing at a “Beach House”. Some of those are nicer than the house I live in, with more modern conveniences than are necessary.

      Our accommodations at the beach when we were kids were first a tent (sand in places that you didn’t want sand to be) and then renting a place with walls you could see through the cracks and bedrooms upstairs that were open to the rafters and you could not go up there during the day. We loved it!

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  11. Ken Carney

    What a cool RV! Back in the day, I would’ve wanted it as a spare
    bedroom so that I could entertain a young lady or two. Come
    to think of it, you could use it as a guest room if your house is
    too small to have one. Just add solar power and water and call
    it done! H Mike! Just finished repairing the shower in the hallway bathroom. Works great except for some small leaks
    around the bottoms of the shower doors. Now all I have left to
    do is fix both bathroom sinks and mark that off my checklist.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Great work Ken! Take care Buddy.

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  12. chris bartku

    it would be awesome to wear lederhosen and do the whole german thang at the alabama campground (no disrespect, clempson here)

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  13. Kenn

    MGSteve, I agree 100%. Best experiences with my family were camping trips sleeping in a tent, cooking over an open fire. Happy memories of putting up the tent in the rain, kids talked about it years later.

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  14. John Revels

    Around 1980 I bought an A-Frame camper called a Cedar Lodge and I think it was made by Skamper! Antone ever see those?

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  15. CarbuzzardMember

    You would pull this behind your vintage Mercedes.

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  16. john

    I think another part of the ‘camping experience’ is the quiet locations many times, and then there is fishing and cleaning and frying dinner !! marshmallow and late night stories. I’d live/camp in this on a small plot I’d own in Florida.

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  17. jwaltb

    So many stories and so little actual comment.
    The photos make the inside look big because a very wide-angle lens was used. Real estate pics do the same thing.

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