The Year to Own: 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

This 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT is a well-optioned example with a T-top roof that represents the high watermark for the breed. The final year Fiero was the typical recipe of GM finally getting all the details right and then deciding to kill the car. The powertrain was dramatically improved over the first run of Fieros and the body revised to make it look every part like a proper sports car. Find this 42,500 mile example here on eBay with bids reaching $10K and no reserve.

The combination of red paint with gold basketweave wheels will never get old to me, and it represents an era of styling that produced some of the most classic designs we know. The Fiero GT was produced in limited numbers in its final year of production, with just 6,849 made, and 3,799 of them equipped with a manual transmission. The numbers get smaller once you factor in this car’s T-top roof panel, seats with lumbar support, and upgraded stereo.

The cabin looks wonderful, reflecting the condition of a car with lower miles than this. The seller notes the carpets and cloth buckets show no major signs of wear, and that none of the interior plastics have started warping. Other interior options include “Performance Sound” and a rear defroster. The seller will include a set of aftermarket Fiero floormats that he used to protect the original units – a sign of anal retentiveness in the best way possible.

The Fiero’s engine bay looks far nicer than most new cars, and this mill represents Pontiac’s realization that they needed a more compelling engine under the hood for a car that looks like a Fiero. Imaging putting an “Iron Duke” in a car that looks fast standing still – it just wasn’t right. The seller notes this one runs fairly well but does have a slight “miss,” and he’s thrown the usual assortment of fuel system parts at it. A nice driver of a collectible car – what’s not to like?


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  1. Jay

    A miss ?

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  2. SubGothius

    The major improvement for ’88 was the suspension, replacing the earlier models’ front Chevette and rear Citation suspensions with the Lotus-inspired (but not designed) setup that Pontiac engineers had intended all along, finally giving the Fiero the handling its looks promised, along with improved brakes and steering rack and other refinements. The V6 had already debuted in ’85, and the flying-buttress fastback GT body in ’86.

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    • James Schwartz

      Thank you for an accurate comment about the improvements to the Fiero through the years. I’ve read so many Fiero comments in the past that are just plain false. Refreshing to see someone that actually knows what he’s saying.

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    • scottymac

      Wasn’t the Getrag 5 speed for the V-6 new in ’88 as well? Last car I got a speeding ticket driving, in Michigan for the August NASCAR race. Last car I bought for the ex.

      • Stinger

        The 5 spd Getrag was actually a mid year introduction in ’86

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks good, unfortunately I had a bad experience with a Fiero once. Back in the early day of them, the car dealers still showed off the new models which happened to be in a mall that time. I kind of liked the car and got into it, a bit of a struggle but I did it. Unfortunately turned into a fiasco trying to get out, couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get my legs bent enough to get out of the car. I ended up having to crawl across the passenger seat (which wasn’t easy getting out from under the steering wheel) to get out of the car. That killed any chance of buying the car for me.
    For someone that fits, the V6 would be an enticement to consider this one.

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    • Dave

      I have the same issue with these and DeLoreans. Not made for tall people.

    • 65mpala

      I’ll have to call bull poo on your story. Unless you are 7 feet tall it is very easy to get in and out of the car. I’m 6’3″. Also, the console is very high and wide. Even for a short person it would almost be impossible to get out that way. If you were able to get in position to crawl over the console you would already be in position to simply back out the drivers side. I had a 1987 GT with the 5 speed.

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  4. nycbjr Member

    Definitely the one to get.. had no idea there was such low production numbers.. great car I would own in a ❤️ beat!

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  5. John Walsh

    An identical car found sitting in a garden in North East Scotland just last week. Along with two kit cars, a Robin Hood and a Dutton Phatone which have been stored indoors. Clutch went on the Fiero and it was taken off the road a few years back. It will be for sale as the present owner is moving overseas.

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  6. JC

    In 2011 it had 42378 miles and in 2019 it has 42500 miles?… uh huh… 5 previous owners and a below avg Autocheck score… a slight “miss” in the engine.. a lot not adding up here…

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  7. Dave

    Just imagine if the Pontiac engineers behind the OHC 6 had been able to work their magic on the Iron Duke. DOHC, Cosworth-inspired head, 4 valves per cylinder, EFI, and a turbo, 8000 RPM redline.

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    • SubGothius

      Cosworth did actually produce a twincam 16v head for the 3.0L Super Duty racing version of the Iron Duke, which they called the DBA.

    • Dave

      Actually we did make a race Iron Duke version for the Real Fiero Indy Pace Car. Double? the horsepower of the ordinary Iron Duke that went into the dealer showrooms as the Indy Pace Car. However Pontiac offered most of the performance parts to rebuild an Iron Duke into a real Fiero Pace Car engine. GM -retired engineer.

  8. Michael

    The 88’s are the ones I look at. Pre 88 the car was a combination of other GM models. The 88 was it’s own model. No other car shared with the Fiero. I will own one someday. Preferably a white, or great one.

  9. Karl

    There was a company at one time had a conversion kit you could buy for this car that allows one to put a LS7 Vette engine in the car. Brings up the question, what’s worse than a fiero with the old iron Duke under the hood? I think this conversion kit answers that.

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