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Thinning the Herd: Project Car Sell-Off

While it can seem like gearhead euphoria to own a large garage facility packed to the brim with parts and projects, I imagine it can also feel a bit stifling. What I mean is there may be other things you want to do with your time, money and space beyond just monkeying with projects, which is the point the seller of several cars here on craigslist seems to have reached. Among them are Ford Mustangs, Porsches and a very clean VW squareback. 

Up above, you can see several of the vehicles up for grabs including three Porsches: a 1979 928, a 1972 914 and a 1979 924. All are said to be solid cars that have been in storage for some period of time. The 1970 Mustang convertible here is said to be a 302 car that’s been 90% restored, and the sharp paint would indicate some of the harder work is done. Other ‘Stangs include a ’66 coupe, ’68 convertible and a ’70 convertible restoration project.

And here’s the rather delightful-looking VW squareback wagon for just $3,500. It is an Arizona car, which I hope means it is bone dry and free from rot of any kind. There’s also a 1970 Beetle convertible included in the sale for $1,000 that needs complete restoration. The seller clearly enjoys Mustangs and members of the VW/Porsche family; which one of these decent-looking project cars would you take home?


  1. KeithK

    Todd ,I’m pretty sure the square back and the ramp side will both fit on the flatbed ! You guys can have all the rest. Not anything wrong with the rest but just the weirdos for me. I can see it now.(mystical hand gesture around an imaginary Chrystal ball) A used car lot full of weird crap that no one wants. I’d sit there proudly everyday until the Going out of business sale.

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    • Ck

      I’ll flip you for the squareback.Heads or tails?

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      • Fran

        That’s a cool car too, as a kid my friends father had one and I remember how cool it was.

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  2. Adam Wright

    He seems to have realistic pricing, when I first saw this post I thought it was going to be one of those guys with Name shock. I got Porch’s for sale, they are worth a million! Not the case here, he seems to be actually ready to sell. Good luck to him.

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  3. Woodie Man

    I’d take the squareback but again on the other side of the country. Maybe somebody out that way will take a gander and report. Prices look reasonable which in and of itself is a reason to go see!

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  4. Don E

    Sounds too cheap to me. Wrong coast or I’d be there yesterday!

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  5. sofa king fast

    There looks to be a decent amount of rust on the squareback….
    Arizona cars can have baked paint and sun damaged dashes and interiors but rarely the rust that is seen ahead of the door or aft of the rear wheel etc. maybe it lived somewhere else before Arizona?

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  6. Lauren

    Looks to be a lot or rust on that square. In front of the door and just behind the rear wheel. I would also be concerned with the area under the door. Maybe it’s a shadow, but maybe the heater channel is completely gone…

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    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      If you love Air cooled VW’s and you need to know about stainless steel heater boxes. Can’t believe people didn’t buy them sooner. Heck I found them in the early 80’s and they had been around for a while.

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  7. Fran

    I have to laugh, being a former 928 owner,you can keep it! They were and are such junk, I gave mine away. I have a friend with a s4 928 and he parked it because everytime he drove it something broke! Low milage also! I would rather the Mustang.

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  8. Bruce Best

    Fran your 928 must have been trashed before you got it or you trashed it yourself. They are very high maintaince cars and need proper care. If they get it they work fine as my has for the last 80 thousand miles I have had it. Let them go and they will suck your bank balance dry. No half measures with an 928. Do them right and they are wonderful.

    Now to the bad points. The switches for windows, sunroof, seats are just about total crap. Porsche should be ashamed for not having improved the design over the years. It make they look very very bad. Also a 1979 era car had many vacuum lines that by now should have been replaced. Porsche changed the design to eliminate most of them in the 1980 and 81 model years going to electrical options.

    The 1979 is the slowest of the bunch but is still one of the fastest cars you can buy and for cross country touring there is almost nothing that can keep up. I know I delivered 4 from San Francisco to the mid-west for a company here. I averaged over 100 MPH thru Nevada and Utah and there were many corvettes, camaro’s and mustangs that tried to keep up and for 20 to 40 miles the could but they all overheated and the 928 never did even in the hottest summer months. The 928 has about twice the cooling capacity of your average car. In sprints they can keep up but not over a distance. That is no longer true but back then it was.

    I still have my 928 and I love it. As for the rest a strange assembly but all worth keeping up and restoring if for nothing else to have something different on the road

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    • Fran

      I had 6 of them and only one was great, it was my 1982 euro. Funny thing though, it was the higher milage one in my groupe. I still don’t miss it.

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  9. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like the VW nice color

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  10. angliagt

    The 914 & 924 seem appealing,at least by the pictures.

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  11. Tom Driscoll

    928 looks pretty good to me, especially for 4500????

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  12. Claus Graf

    “1972 Porsche 914 Targa….solid…”

    Haven’t seen a “solid” 914 for sale at that price.

    Hell hole pictures, please.

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