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This May Be The Largest MG Barn Find Ever!


Over a year ago we received an email from one of our readers about a huge collection of MGAs that was for sale. It contained this mysterious photo of As stacked to the roof. The sender claimed that there were around 35 roadsters and coupes and that it could easily be the largest collection of MGAs in the USA. They have all been sitting for over three decades and during that time the owner has amassed quite a collection of parts too. I excitedly replied requesting more photos and information, but never heard back. Well, I just received an email from a certain someone…

Here is what he had to say,


Enclosed are a few photos of the (35) 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters that are currently emerging out of a building after more than 30 years in dry storage. Included are 1500’s, 1600’s, MK II’s, Deluxes and Twin Cams. Also included is a very large assortment of good used parts along with NOS parts in their original boxes. Included in this amazing find are (8) 1963 thru 1980 MGB Coupes and Roadsters along with a large quantity of good used parts. But perhaps the rarest of them all is a 1939 MG VA Tickford Roadster.


We are currently moving the collection of MG’s and parts to a large warehouse where they are currently being inventoried. I am not a dealer. I have known about this collection for over 15 years. These cars belong to my best friend who is 83 years old and he has asked me to sell them for him as he is both computer illeterite (sorry about the spelling) and hard of hearing. Folks should come and see this amazing collection before they get sold. It has been said that he has the largest private collection of MGA’s in the U.S. and none of them has seen the light of day for more than 30 years.


All of these cars and parts are for sale, so please inquire as the prices will vary. We are located near Taylor, Missouri which is in the northeast part of the state. Photos are available upon request. To view this amazing collection, please inquire to set up an appointment. Please send all inquiries either by email here or by calling 573-541-1970. Larry Brown

Wow, that is quite a stash! Thanks for sharing this with us Larry and good luck with the sale. You have your work cut out for you. If any of you are able to go take a look, please let us know!


  1. George

    Some of these cars look like the sat outside for 20 years before someone had the wherewithal to put them indoors. Someone must have had a forklift to bookshelf all those MGs like that!

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  2. Brian

    Amazing find! Too bad I’m so far away, it would be a blast just to walk around and look over these cars! Best of luck to the owner and friend in cataloging and selling everything. I’m sure it will be a tough (and probably an emotional) job for the owner.

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  3. jim s

    any midgets/sprites in the collection? if so would you send in a photo please. a photo of the mgbs would also be nice ( i do see a mgb gt in the background of one of the photos ). your email/voice mail is going to get very full very fast. along with this you have NOS parts, what a great great find.

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  4. Carl Beck

    I know almost nothing about the MGA’s… Looking at the condition of the assorted bodies – it would take a pretty knowledgeable and experienced MGA restorer – to make head/tails of what would need to be selected out of all the parts – to undertake a restoration of just one example.

    All that aside – it would be very interesting to know exactly what the owner was thinking, or what motivated him to collect all this. Did he simply love MGA’s? Was he running a Used Parts Business and this is what is left? Could you get a TV Show filmed there – ?? Maybe a TV Crew could do ONE restoration out of all the bits/pieces..

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  5. George H

    He has my taste in cars- MG! I would take the Tickford and any Twin cam

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  6. Michael Rogers

    The magic of our Brit cars is that there are many books and parts breakdowns inexpensively available to show where each bolt, nut and washer goes!
    anyone with the basic set of tools and normal intelligence can reassemble these simple cars–that was the intention of the designers: a simple, affordable easily self maintained , fun car

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    • Carl Beck

      I understand and agree with what you are saying. However these are not complete cars to begin with. It is not so easy when all the nuts/bolts/components/assemblies/wiring etc. – are scattered about and mixed in with several others of different years or models. For a restoration you need all the “correct” bits for any specific year/model. Looking at piles of parts and knowing which is what, takes far more knowledge/experience than simply putting it back together.

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      • Chris H.

        Almost every nut, bolt, washer, piece of felt, etc. you could want or need for an MG (other than the Tickford) is readily available through Victoria British or Moss Motors. Pick one with good bones and most of the bits and go from there. Dead simple, and reliable if you keep up with maintenance.

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  7. pursang

    Google the phone number and you get to sharkey’s cars, a vintage dealer in Taylor, MO. A few MGA’s on there looks like he wants big bucks for incomplete cars, but then I don’t know MGA pricing.

    Interesting find. Similar to that big find in Chicago a while back.

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    • Thayer Hills

      Nice work pursang. Kinda shoots his “I am not a dealer” claim to pieces doesn’t it.

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  8. Glenn Frasca

    Wow, thats less than 2 hours from my home. May have to make the trip!

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  9. Dolphin Member

    The downside:
    – have been sitting for decades, not in the hands of MG fans who could have been driving and enjoying them

    The upside:
    – will soon be in the hands of MG fans who can be driving and enjoying them

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  10. Henrie

    I don’t know if it is just me , but I think it is wrong to ” hoard ” cars like this chap has done ( and in the manner that it is/was stored ) , and keep one person happy. The joy of ownership should be spread. I suppose it is better than the chaps that let the cars die a slow death as a piece of garden furniture , only to chase potential buyers away with a ” It is not for sale + a shotgun “.

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    • Dan

      Until fifteen or twenty years ago little British cars like those were dirt cheap. They were common. To the general public they were about as interesting as an old Miata is now. I paid $600 for a MGA in ’93 and $360 for my current one in 2002. I like to think this man saved them when many were crushed.

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  11. David

    Is there a price for the whole collection??

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  12. justbob

    not being critical, just curious.
    why are so many barn finds “no American” cars?

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    • Checkmate

      Why is it that seemingly every barn in America had at least one MGA in it?

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  13. Bryan Cohn

    $35,000 for that rust bucket of an MGA Twin Cam? Plain old MGA in need of a complete restoration for only $7500? One of 290 1962 MGA’s in need of everything for only $17,000! ’62 Coupe for only $18,000!

    This isn’t a collection, its a hoarder in action. Who thinks his crap is worth a fortune. Again.

    Most of it won’t sell. The man’s heirs will end up with the cars, parts and no desire to deal with any of it. A crusher will beckon or an auction will be held to dispose of everything.

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    • MikeH

      The guy dies, the heirs want to dispose of the property and close the estate. A “recycler” offers a seemingly high price, they take it and the cars go to the crusher–quick and easy.
      I’ve seen it happen several times.

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  14. ConservativesDefeated

    I am sure the owner is his “friend”.nonetheless


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    • Car guy

      Sharky”s Cars. Wow the name is fitting, key word shark.
      The pricing is crazy at best, a older restored twin cam ( although not perfect) it still less that 35,000.
      And looking at the pictures he has, he is asking the moon.

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  15. ConservativesDefeated

    As a follow up to the googling of Mr. Brown……….


    Either people are smoking lots of doobies in Missou or I have lost touch wth the worth of various cars………not

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  16. Eric

    Several of these cars are listed on the MG Experience for top dollar for project cars. What has been shared has not seemed worth the price. The twin cam for sale lacks motor, gearbox, most useable panels, interior, instruments…a pig in a poke, almost every one.

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  17. Larry

    That is incorrect Eric. The 1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster is complete except for the driver’s rocker panel. It is equipped with the twin cam engine, 4sp, radio, wind wings and convertible top irons. Photos are available upon request. To set up an appointment to view the collection, call 573-541-1970

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  18. Larry

    David, yes there is a price for the entire collection or the biggest part of the collection.

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  19. Larry

    For your information folks: I am not a dealer. I consign and sell classic cars for private collectors and have been doing so since 1981. These MG cars belong to my best friend who is 83 years old and is very hard of hearing. They have been dry stored in a buiding for over 30 years. He has asked me to liquidate the collection. We have been moving a total of (44) cars and an enormus amount of good used MGA parts for the last couple of months. We hope to have all the cars and parts moved into the warehouse by October 31st. We over 75% of the cars and parts in the warehouse now. Anyone wishing to view the collection may call me at 573-541-1970 for an appointment.

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  20. Larry

    We have enough MGA and MGB parts to put all (34) MGA’s and all (9) MGB’s together and still would have parts left over. The 1939 MG VA Tickford Saloon Convertible with 3 position top is complete

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  21. Larry

    Thats a great idea Carl Beck about getting a film crew in the warehouse after we have completed moving all the cars and parts. Now I just wish that I knew who to call about doing that and see if they would be interested in doing a restoration on one and film the progress of the restoration. That would be a great show for the younger generation and to hopefully keep these MGA’s on the road for years to come.

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  22. Larry

    Update: The 1939 MGVA Right Hand Drive Tickford Cabriolet, 1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster, 1959 MGA Twin Cam Rolling Chassis and 1962 MGA MK II Deluxe Roadster have been sold. There are still (20) 1956 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters and (10) 1970 thru 1980 MGB Coupes and Roadsters still for sale along with (15) large racks of good original MGA parts still available for sale.

    We started off with a half of a block long warehouse full of these cars and parts and are now down to about a 1/3 of the block long warehouse left. They are starting to sell faster so if anyone is truly and seriously interested in any of these cars and parts, it would be best to step up to the plate and get these before they are all gone!!!

    $40,000 will buy everything that is left.

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  23. Larry

    To view photos of all the cars and parts, go to my website at http://collectorcars.fotki.com

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  24. Larry

    Buyers Beware!!! Please be advised that on July 8, 2020, I sold (18) 1955 thru 1962 MGA Coupes and Roadsters, (10) 1970 thru 1980 MGB Coupes and Roadsters and all (15) large racks of original MGA parts to a fellow here in Quincy, IL for $20,000, Although he still owes me over $7,000 for them, he sold everything to another guy here in Quincy, IL by the name of Craig Moncey. Mr. Moncey knows that there is still over $7,000 owed of them, but is still attempting to sell them individually and has been placing ads “Dozens of MGA, MGB and GT projects for sale for $2,000 each”. Thus far he has been placing ads on Facebook, MG Experience, MG Club, E-bay, Craigslist, etc. So far E-bay, Facebook and Craigslist has banned his ads.

    Tomorrow with me and my attorney we will be placing a lien on all the MG cars and parts. I am placing this notice because I don’t want to see anyone get burned and lose their money, cars and/or parts if they should buy anything from Craig Moncey.

    If anyone should need to contact me for more information and/or to report the attempted sales of any of these MG cars and parts, please call me at 573-541-1970

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  25. Larry

    Here is another photo of more of the cars that he is trying to sell

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  26. Larry

    Another photo

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  27. Larry


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  28. Larry


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  29. Larry


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  30. Larry

    Over $7,000 still owed to me on these MG cars and parts, so Buyer Beware!!!

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  31. Larry

    As of this writing, I am still owed $6,380. Most of the MGA cars and parts have been sold illegally

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  32. Larry

    As of 4/15/2022, all of the MGA and MGB cars have been sold. However, I still have nice original MGA Roadster front fenders, hood, doors, rear fenders, fiberglass hardtop, (2) frames, (1) rolling chassis with the front suspension and rear end, complete front suspension with wire spoke wheels, taillight housings, speedometer and RPM guages, seats, knock offs, etc. Shipping is available. Now taking reasonable offers. Call 573-541-1970. To view additional photos, go to http://collectorcars.fotki.com

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  33. Larry

    Some of the parts have been sold. Better hurry before they are all gone!!!

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