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“Thumbs Up, Honking & Waving”: 1967 Ford Bronco


Like several of us…ok, many of us…I really love the early Ford Broncos, especially those that haven’t been carved up or rusted away. This almost stock 1967 model pushes a lot of my buttons, especially with these great period colors! It’s located in Marshall, Illinois (hmmm, I’m currently in an airport waiting to fly to the Midwest–maybe I could drive home!) and is listed for sale here on eBay, where I’m sure bidding will rise from the opening bid of $2,500.


The seller maintains that the biggest problem with this vehicle is responding to all the attention it receives–the thumbs up, honking and waving! The stated reason for selling is that the owner’s daughter is getting ready to attend college and that she’s prettier than the Bronco. My only comment on that is that she must be a real knockout!


Just look at that shine! The seller doesn’t mention any rust or filler, and I can’t detect any from the pictures, but it might be worth the question anyway. As always with a vehicle that has potentially been off-road, I’d like to see some undercar pictures as well. That being said, this one is equipped just the way I’d like it, with a 289 V8, three speed and no power options (less to break).


I’m pleased to report that the rear is just as nice as the front. I’m not too sure I’d leave the surfboard decal, but hey, maybe there’s a case for that too. I’m guessing this isn’t original paint and chrome, but it sure looks terrific in these pictures.


There’s some more personalized touches on the inside as well. I’d at least like to know the story behind them before making any decisions one way or the other about keeping them. I love the plainness of these honest vehicles, though.


I think I would try to source an original air cleaner and paint the header tank, but otherwise I’d leave well enough alone under here. A 289 is plenty of power for this vehicle, and you won’t be breaking any speed records with it anyway. The seller includes one picture of it with the top off, which is the way I’d want to drive it whenever possible, anyway! While I’m pretty sure it’s not a survivor, it does look the part, doesn’t it? So–what do you think it’s worth, and should I make a detour on my trip?


  1. Blueprint

    Forget the flight and drive this home! This Bronco is about as clean as they come, and I just love this beach-in’ color combination.

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  2. robert

    If it’s as good as it looks I would say about $20K and I didn’t like them when they came out and still don’t. I have a 1970 and a 1990 Chevrolet full size blazer that I bought new and wouldn’t take $20K for the older blazer.

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  3. Mike H. Mike H

    The last one we saw on here was similar but with the six-cylinder, and it didn’t meet reserve at $26,xxx. I shudder to think what the reserve is on this one. These are beautiful trucks and their cost (I resist the word “value” in this case) has been skyrocketing the last few years; I have little doubt that this one could sell for north of $20k, and I wonder whether the seller is realistic enough to let the market determine the final value of this or if the reserve is placed stratospherically in order to gauge its value.

    Either way, it’s a beautiful example of its breed and I’d love to own it. A friend and I often make reference to our theoretical “Forever Car”; the one either of us would choose to own as a well loved project for the rest of our days. While I normally consider some of the more unique J-Tin for this spot, I’d have to admit that owning a Bronco just like this one would check all of the boxes to qualify for my “Forever Car” status. The money that this one will bring is simply not in the current budget, and “a truck” doesn’t really ring my wife’s bells, and she’s going to have to love the damned thing too.

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  4. Blueprint

    Bidding at 12,600 now, 10 bids. Flight may be cheaper finally …

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  5. jimbosidecar

    These are becoming the “new” gotta have it for collectors and speculators. I saw one in a dealership with a sticker of almost $70,000. And the ICON ones are double that…

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    • Mike Nowakowski

      Jim… hate to say this ….BUT,is it REALLY worth 70K ? ? ?
      I lived through this era and my NEW 77 Plymouth Trailduster only cost 7K+ a little.
      My New 74 CJ5 only cost 4300.00. I know what it costs to restore…..BUT NOT 70K.
      I feel we’ve priced our selves out of owning nice vehicles ! ! ! !

      By the way….WAY TOO MANY that pull HIGH prices go over seas……

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  6. matt fair

    the color is peacock blue, same as my 67. It looks really nice, but mine had the body trim on the fenders this one doesn’t. Mine doesn’t have dual tanks either. But I did add some nice features to mine, power steering and a c4 automatic which wasn’t available in this year.

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  7. Mike Monti

    I like the Airstream that is behind it in the 1st photo!!

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    • Tim

      You bet, and check out what nice ones are going for these days! True road classics.

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  8. Charles

    Very nice! It is difficult to find one of these Broncos that have not been chopped for larger tires and beat up. Great color combo….

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  9. Silvershadow773

    Just checked the eBay page and it’s nearly $25,000 with reserve not met. Very nice truck!

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  10. Tim

    What difference does it make whether you like the price or not – if you love something and you can afford it, buy it. Otherwise, spend the rest of your life looking for another at a lower price. Your choice.

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  11. Peter R

    already over $24K with reserve not met – as mentioned previously the prices on these, when they look like this one does,are skyrocketing – way too rich for me

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  12. Tim

    That’s fine and understandable, but it’s pretty hard for an owner of something as scarce and desirable as this one to not want as much as he/she can get. It’s only priced too high if you don’t have the money or the love of this kind of vehicle.

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  13. Peter R

    I’m reminded of the remark by a car guy – don’t remember his name – “You can never pay too much – then pause – you can only buy too soon” – over the years we can all remember those cars we owned which are worth many times what they were when we sold them. Sure Ferraris and Porsches are big examples but it is true of the more everyday collector cars too.
    So good luck to the lucky buyer who can afford this one today – the seller may live to regret selling today

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    • smittydog

      The “GOOD” is the unbelievable high prices are saving the beautiful (and ugly) styled cars of our past, which would otherwise be left to disintegrate.
      The “BAD” is the demand is mostly restricted to baby boomers reliving their child hood (guilty) and a few of their motorhead kids.
      The “UGLY” is when the boomers get too old to drive and your millennial kids have a dumpster dropped off at your house and have all your crap thrown in it and your classic car is put up for sale, will the demand still be there or will the “bubble” have already burst.
      So go out to your garage, uncover your baby, back it out on to the driveway, wash and polish it like you did when you were a kid, back it out onto the street, pull a hole shot and go drive the crap out of it while you still can.
      Please feel free to copy and post!

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  14. Tim

    I think you’ve nailed it perfectly.

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  15. LD

    Would this Bronco really pull that Airstream without ‘bucking’ ?

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