Time Capsule: 7K Mile Jaguar E-Type

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As rare as it is to find low-mileage vintage sports cars, we still can get a bit bored seeing untouched Mustangs or Alfa Romeos. What is unusual to find is a slice of period exotica – like the original Jaguar E-Type – still practically new in the wrapper. These cars were meant for driving, and many of them were – and subsequently put away wet. Not this 1974 model, which shows less than 8,000 miles from new. Find this time capsule here on eBay with a starting bid of $99,900. 

The 12-cylinder presents as new, with clear lettering and bright paint on the valve covers and all hoses and wiring showing quite well. The seller notes even the hose clamps are the correct Cheney type! According to the listing, this is an extremely late production E-Type and has largely been housed in museum collections since new. Regardless of its surroundings, it’s clear this car did not see much time on the road besides the occasional Sunday drive.

Not only is this car immaculately presented, but it’s even a manual transmission example. That simply does not happen all that often, when a classic E-Type looks as good as this one does and comes with three pedals. No word on how the clutch and shifter feel, but we’d have to imagine they’re in good working order. Original leather seats show good bolstering and no obvious damage to the surfaces.

Though this is a later car – and those are typically considered less desirable – this is still a worthwhile timepiece for any collection, particularly because it’s precisely how you’d want to spec out a later car if a Series 1 wasn’t available. The dashboard is uncracked and the original radio  remains in place; the list of original details is quite long. There are a lot of cars you could buy for the opening bid, but I doubt many of them will be as pretty as an E-Type.

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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Pricey but beautiful, obviously not commenting on the British Electrical experience I and others have had.

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    • Jim in Alabama

      A friend of mine owned an electrical repair shop. The bumper sticker on his car said “Do you know why the British drink warm beer? Because they have Lucas refrigerators”

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      • Mike Monti

        I always heard the phrase: “Lucas, Prince of Darkness”!

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    • Trickie DickieMember

      What? You have some complaint and problem with The Prince of Darkness?

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  2. Redwagon

    Are the two black rubber thingies on the front grill for real or are they just protectors? If they are truly part of the bumper it’s no wonder these took so long to sell. Other than that this thing is drop dead gorgeous!

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    • Thomas Clement

      Those are there to 1) try to make the car ugly and 2) to meet minimum crash standards in the US

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      British Dagmars?

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      • chgrecMember

        On the early 74 MGBs they were called Sabrinas….Sadly, required by U.S. 5 mph bumper laws of the day…

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    • Charles

      Those big overriders were in response to the Federal requirement for 5-mph bumpers. All the Detroit cars had the new fat bumpers. This is what Jaguar came up with to meet the new requirements. Jaguar made a very large production run of the final year 1974 e-Types because they could not comply with 1975 Federal requirements and hoped to have ongoing supply carry over into the next year.

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    • HoA Rube GoldbergMember

      Apparently, ’73 was the 1st year for rubber “over riders” on front, and ’74 had them front and rear. ( US only)

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  3. Sal Monelli

    No doubt the least desirable of the gorgeous Series 1 E-Types… I hate to pile on about Jaguar electrical issues, but I can’t help but notice the speedo showing 120 MPH while sitting still !!!
    There will always be somebody willing to pay big bucks for a low miles original car, but the sale price may only be the beginning of expense on this V-12. Non use usually leads to problems down the road !!

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    • Jeffro

      I thought that about speedometer at first, but I believe it’s just reflection from overhead light.

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    • Jim in Alabama

      Jaguar Speedo’s were mechanical, the Tach’s were electrical using a Tach Generator on the back of one of the camshafts.

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  4. Mark

    In the ebay listing there is no mention of current mechanical condition, or whether it even runs at all. Rather conspicuous to leave that out.

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  5. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    Well, there’s certainly no arguing if this is the real deal, it has none of the telltale signs it’s not. Wonder what the story was with this. How could someone not drive this fantastic automobile? Got to be Britain’s finest hour, this car. My MGB had that same knockoff hammer, except the ends were all mushed from all the flat tires,,,stupid wire wheels. Plenty of issues await the next owner, rest assured. Always wanted an E-type, at $100g’s, ain’t gonna happen.

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    • Stuntflyr

      108,000 miles on my MGB with original wire wheels. No flats.

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  6. Blinkster

    The 327 V12 is no where close to $99K. True E Types did not go for the auto trans 99.9% came with, even low mileage was not the —–.

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  7. Coventrycat

    No one will drive it with that mileage, and the part time sealing of anything holding oil or grease would need replacing. The only thing that will accumulate mileage is the truck and trailer shlepping it to shows.

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    • HoA Rube GoldbergMember

      HA! That’s funny, but c’mon, you’ll eventually fix the leaks and you have a 7,000 mile Jag. I just can’t figure if it’s worth this, but on the other hand, where you going to find a car like this. Desirable or not, it is a low mileage, like new ’74 Jag.

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  8. Adam T45Staff

    I will always rate the E-Type convertible as the most beautiful car ever built (with the top down). A friend of mine used to own a business restoring classic cars here in Australia. He bought himself a Series 1 E-Type with the 3.8 engine, and then proceeded to do a full ground up restoration. When he completed the job he let me drive it. From the outside I looked at the cockpit, and all I could think was “This is going to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life.” The ergonomics just looked totally wrong. This was one of those moments when I was so glad to be wrong. Once behind the wheel, the ergonomics were perfect, and it was one of the most sublime driving experiences of my life.

    Sadly, by the time the featured car was built, the E-Type had really lost its way (much like the Datsun “Z” cars did). These later E-Types were really more a case of style over substance. Would that stop me buying it if the price was right? Not likely! I’d buy it and just enjoy the fact that I was driving around in one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

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  9. Classix Steel

    More power to the seller!

    See if one can get a million dollars !

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  10. David Miraglia

    Jaguars best car ever.

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  11. Stuntflyr

    These are real 140 mph cars right out of the box. 150 if an automatic (3.54 vs 3.31@6,000), if you’ve got a couple of miles to keep the hammer down. Here’s my old man’s ’73 in which I tested this performance on as a teen when it was new! Now it just takes it easy when we hit Adams Ave Donuts or Cars and Coffee.

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  12. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologistMember

    The Series 3 E-Types are the least desirable of the lot. However, most often, they are found with an auto trans behind the 12 cyl. The 4 speed makes it a fairly rare bird in that sense. The mileage is another thing that obviously stands out. It is one of those odd predicaments… The car as she sits would be close to that asking price, market wise. Do you keep it and don’t drive it, with the idea the value will rise, as a very low mileage car, or do you hop in and enjoy it?
    I can’t own a car simply to look at, so I know where I’d go with it… however, if I was shopping for an E-Type to drive, at that price, it wouldn’t be a Series 3.
    Unfortunately, this has “futures investor” written all over it.

    Talk soon,

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  13. Wayne

    LUCAS. Leaves Us Cold And Stranded.

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  14. Bill

    Lucas light switches have three positions. Dim, flicker and off.

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  15. Denny Valentine

    The English put those huge ugly rubber things on all their bumpers to meet the new at the time 5 mile an hour crash rules in the United States. Triumphs, MGs, and most of their other cars, starting in 1974, did the sames thing. If I would ever restore one of these, those ugly things would be the first to go.!!!!

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  16. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Dec 10, 2017 , 1:23PM
    Starting bid:US $99,900.00
    [ 0 bids ]

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