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To Be Driven…1973 BMW 3.0 CS Project

'73 BMW 3.0

Here is a nice looking project that deserves a new home. This 1973 BMW 3.0 CS is listed here on eBay and is parked in Houston, Texas with bidding already up to $7,607 at the time of writing. From 1973 to 1975 only 618 of these were produced, so hopefully someone will save it.

'73 BMW 3.0 engine

This is a matching numbers car that was sitting in a warehouse since 1987 with just 62,390 miles on the odometer. According to the owner the engine does turn over, the car rolls and steers and the brake and clutch feel OK. The radiator, antenna and passenger side rocker panel molding are missing. The vehicle has a rebuilt title due to a accident involving the front driver side fender back in the early ’80s. The owner inspected the vehicle and he doesn’t think there was any major damage to the frame.

'73 BMW 3.0 int.

The interior is said to be original with BMW clear seat covers still on. There is a nice image of the backseat in the ad. Overall, the interior looks like a nice place to be, but I’m not sure I would leave those plastic covers on.

'73 BMW 3.0 rear

The owner says the body is solid and straight.  There has been one repaint, we assume it was repainted after the front fender was repaired. There are a few imperfections, but it looks decent.

'73 BMW 3.0 right side

It appears the engine hasn’t been run since the ’80s, so you will definitely want to have a closer look at the engine. It may time to review all the images, ask all the questions, and then maybe have a look at this 3.0 CS. This could be a nice ride to have and drive, well just as long as the frame wasn’t to severally damaged in the accident.




  1. Avatar photo Rick

    Handsome and exotic looking car back in the day that only high rollers could afford to drive when new. Anyhow watch out for hidden rust!

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  2. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Just realized how much these remind me of the Lancia Fulvia. Great looking cars, both.

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  3. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Shock towers are the first place to inspect. I have to wonder why the seller doesn’t sort this out first before selling it

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  4. Avatar photo rdc

    Nice car. One of the looking BMWs ever. Could be a lot of potential

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  5. Avatar photo rjc

    Be careful here, bad paint all over could be a sign of very poor prep on the repaint and who no’s what else is under there.
    I love these cars, the sexiest bmw ever built, IMHO.

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  6. Avatar photo David Massicott

    This car is located about 5 miles from my home. If anyone needs me to stop by and take a closer look or snap a few photos and email them just let me know.

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  7. Avatar photo brakeservo

    Back when these were new, the best job I’ve ever had in my life was at the Van Nuys BMW dealership. Peter Fonda, Kenny Loggins and David Cassidy all had coupes like this except all three were silver and only Cassidy had an automatic. Imagine, driving those cars and getting paid for it – life was good then!

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    • Avatar photo Ed Williams

      Since you have had some experience with these cars I would like to know what is the difference between the CS models and the CSI models? I assume the CSI’s are the more expensive ones.
      In 2011 I visited the BMW assembly plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina and in the visitor’s lobby they had on display a CSI that was BRAND NEW! It was love at first sight!

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      • Avatar photo Silicon-Surfer

        The CS is carbureted and the CSi has fuel injection.

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  8. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I think I love you!

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  9. Avatar photo brakeservo

    Well, I didn’t even mention the female entertainers & celebrities that came in an out of that dealership too – and as the ‘lot boy/gofer’ I used to drive ’em all home when they brought their cars in for service and then later got to go pick ’em up! And I got PAID for it too!!

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  10. Avatar photo Fogline

    I love these BUT the rust scares the heck out of me. The undercoating reminds me of the biggest mistake I made buying a car unseen, a Mercedes wagon. The coating on the bottom looks pretty much identical and was covering up a floor that was pretty much completely rusted out. The pain on this looks scary up close and makes me think someone was covering up something.

    Given the California cars that I have seen all have had issues, I have a hard time imagining buying one at this point, unless it had been sitting in some old ladies garage never driven in the rain…. Ah! We can all dream.

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  11. Avatar photo Bullethead

    One of the prettiest cars BMW ever built, but everyone knows they rust if you spit near them. Poster child for “buy the best you can find”. This one doesn’t look bad (superficially), but like all Karmann products demands a close and knowledgeable inspection.

    The 2211872 VIN shows this to be a ’72… probably titled incorrectly or not sold until 1973. Considering what they cost back then, not an uncommon story. Already bid to over $12,000, and expect the final bid will be a good bit more. I’ve owned half a dozen E9s (currently own two) and have never seen that interior trim on a USA car so question if it’s original. AC was installed at some point, but that console panel… what happened to it? Looks like an aftermarket Weber conversion which isn’t a bad thing, and the trunk trim is in good shape which is great ’cause that stuff is unobtainium. Prices for good examples have risen considerably in the last couple of years (almost catching up with restoration expenses) so if it’s truly light on rust this might be a pretty good buy.

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  12. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    Wow! BMW’s have the ability to look good or look boring, or look like crap! (take some of the new 3 series that look like someone stole it’s a$$) I have one that hits the “Good” category quite well after many personal adjustments! This one looks Awesomely Handsome! If I had the money, I would be taking up David M up on his offer and then be booking a flight!! I know some people on that side of the US so I could get it running and then drive it back to this side of the US! What a fantastic drive that would be!!! Wow!!

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  13. Avatar photo Chris A.

    The comment about undercoating is unfortunately correct and happened to me with a VW convertible. What is it with the Karmann bodies and why they rusted so badly? I’ve always thought this and the MB 111 220SEb coupes were the very best looking german car designs ever.

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  14. Avatar photo brakeservo

    CSI – fuel injected. Sold originally in Europe only. We got troublesome Solex carbs only in these coupes

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  15. Avatar photo JMB#7

    I remember installing a three dual throat side draft Weber conversion on one of these while I worked for Ray Korman. Very sweet sounding. 3 into 2 into one headers really top it off nicely.

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