Toasted Split Window: 1963 Corvette


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I have fond memories of the 1963 split window my high school auto shop teacher had. This mess listed here on eBay does not bring back any of those memories. This Corvette was in a field for over 30 years and survived a grass fire. It doesn’t look too bad from this side, but the other side didn’t fair as well. Bidding is over $25,000 and the reserve has not been met! The sale price for a nice split window starts at about $50,000. This Vette is located near me in Vacaville, California, but I’m not much inclined to have a look. The mileage is unknown because the speedo is obscured by smoke damage.


Doesn’t the interior make you want to jump in and drive? No? And the engine, is it salvageable still? Between the water and fire damage, this thing can’t seem great inside and both likely took their toll on the engine.


About that left rear corner. The owner says only the tail light wiring harness was damaged. The frame appears a bit rusty. Thirty years outside has not been kind to the fiberglass. The wheel flares and such done by the previous owner look like they will take some work to undo as well.


It would be wonderful to see this saved, but it would take someone with means and a passion for Corvettes. The seller suggests the damaged bits could be bought for a reasonable price, but that would be just the beginning of a very expensive process. Could this even be restored for less than what this split window might be worth afterward? Is there much here that could be salvaged and used on the restoration besides the data plate?

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  1. Frankie

    Sure, I’ll just let my corvette sit out in a field even after a grass fire, put it on eBay and expect some fool to buy it.

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    • J Lemay

      Yep. Someone’s gonna buy it.

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    • skloon

      Crazy, does he think it’s a 911? you only get the big bucks for completely crapped out burnt rusted Porsches

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  2. Joe

    Seller says “this is an affordable way to get the car of your dreams,”. At 25K and climbing, I am not sure sure about that after all is said and done.

    I also wonder about the integrity of the frame and metallic suspension parts with these fire damaged cars, in general. This one looks like a quick pass low temp fire, as described, with damage to fiberglass and flammable materials, and perhaps the metals survived.

    Subtracting rust, age, and use related degradation, I am wondering at what point are heated metals considered weakened and beyond safe use in this application. There must be metallurgical tests for this question.

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    • Jim

      Joe, the old Corvette chassis was marginal when New. The fire was probably quick and probably didn’t get hot enough for any length of time to undo any heat treatment that was done at the factory, if I remember reading about them GM avoided heat treatment and used carefully placed bends to strengthen chassis and suspension components except for springs and sway bars. I think the exposure to damp dirt for thirty years dirt more damage by thinning out metal that was marginal when new, remember the vette was like a pretty girl, every pound counts! I’ve seen a 67 vette and a 70 chevelle that had Art Morrison chassis under them. The workmanship is amazing, they really did their homework, I’ve built some roll cages and a lot of chassis work over the years, if I got that vette I wouldn’t hesitate to get one and not bother with the original.

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      • Joe

        Thanks Jim. Also thinking of that burned Jag D-type replica from a few weeks ago. At what point do you say, hey frame and other metal parts integrity a problem? Skip.

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      • Julles

        Did I hear my name.
        If you saw the D’s pictures, you could see a salvageable Jag engine with triple carbs. That’s 10 grand.
        A D-Type has very little in the way of trim, it has almost no interior.
        The damage looked really bad but engine trans and suspension looked ok, that’s money in the bank.
        Did I mention it’s a “D-TYPE”
        I used vinegar on the frame. I took blue paper shop towels, soaked them in vinegar, and wrapped them around the frame. When I did that, the silver paint under the black paint shown through.
        Bottom line, it’s a gamble. The D’s frame was from 1990 and was perfect before the fire. Up close, you can see where the fire was mostly in the fiberglass and up, the gas tank had gas in it and was just behind the seats. The car is in much better shape than it looked and I’ve loved the D since I saw on in 1980 so we took a gamble and bought it. So, the real question is “Do You Feel Lucky?”

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  3. tommy d

    at that kind of price I wish I would’ve kept some of the old basket case vettes that I’ve let go of in the past

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  4. Dairymen

    Fools gold…

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  5. Chuck

    I’ll pass; can’t believe bidding is where it’s at.

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    • gregg

      Chuck, I’m with you on that! Maybe if he already had the front and rear body kits installed and included in the price………

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  6. JW

    As much as I love the split window vettes and seeing the bidding on this one all I can say is serious mind altering drugs have taken over the classic car market.

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    • David Frank DavidAuthor

      Recreational pharmaceuticals indeed! Does anyone really believe buying a couple of cheap repop ends is even the start of a restoration? Bidding ended at 32K and it still didn’t sell! Can the seller really be hoping to get more than that?

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      • The Walrus

        The closed listing says ‘SOLD’, so, as far as eBay is concerned it was a sale at $32K. Based on the bid history, bidding jumped from $26K to $32K at the wire, indicating the high bidder hit the reserve. It looks like that same bidder had bid $22K as high bidder a couple days before. The book says this is at best $10K heap. Perhaps this was a GS or had some other unusual option combination that isn’t obvious to the non Corvette-gnescenti!

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      • Jim

        I hope he’s happy, I think it’s too much but I’m happy putting a limit of $10k on anything I’ve ever bought for myself, even a very nice hulk can be had if you’re patient.

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  7. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Have noticed that cars that have been in even minor fires seem to suffer more than normal from rust issues, possibly due to lack of paint and metal seeing too much heat.
    Not sure About calling this car rare or even toasted, more like well done.

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  8. '72 Spitty

    Anyone who buys this deserves to get burnt. Only thing worse than a car that’s been roasted is one that’s been submerged. 💦

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  9. Daniel Vogt

    These people bidding on this car have watched too many “reality shows” on TV!!!

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  10. bob

    its interesting, all the barn finds that look like junk yard material that is being bought and restored. just a matter of time before this type of car falls out of favor and the owner is going to get stuck with a very overpriced rebuild. the positive side of it is most that buy these cars have a love affair for them and don’t care how much they spend.

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  11. Doug Towsley

    usually i defend the prices for vehicles on here but this one is just sad. seems grossly over priced. I would love to have a split window coupe, and theres a local co. that sells a complete body shell for them for around $5k. People build race cars or replicas. Doubt all the parts would line up with a stock one. But i fantasized about rebodying a later model corvette with the 63 body shell, Early style with later looks and performance. This one wasnt stock to begin with and is a complete body off resto needed. I just dont see this one penciling out for anyone. So, just a sad case.

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  12. TomMember

    Reply to SKLOON above,

    ” Crazy does he think its a 911….you only get big bucks for crapped out burnt rusted Porsches” no, sorry, same fool only he likes “Eyour-a-pee-on” junk that is rusted crapped out junk too AND pay big bucks for it. I like Porsche’s but they have a long list of issues like way too expensive to fix when they break, and they break. no different than a BMtrouble-you.

    You know what the difference between a Cactus and a Porsche is, right…..?

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    • hhaleblian

      Nah, That’s a porcupine and a BMW driver.

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  13. joeinthousandoaks

    Just because someone buys it doesn’t mean it will ever see the light of day. How many projects like this do people just give up on. probably the reason for the sale in the first place. This restoration makes very little sense.

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  14. Robert White

    Who in their right mind would leave a 63 split window vette in a farm field for 30 years?

    very sad indeed.


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    • TomMember

      Amen to that.

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    • Ed Williams

      Ditto on that!

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  15. RoughDiamond

    Just one more reason not to let classic muscle cars just sit, but rather be a good steward if you really care about the automobile and pass it on to someone (excluding flippers) who is passionate about saving it. Prior to the fire my guess is the owner turned away many prospective buyers. I’ve actually witnessed examples where an owner, it seems, has deliberately parked or left their deteriorating classic iron on their property in a spot that is very visible from the road and take some kind of pleasure in seeing how many people they can get to stop by only to tell them it’s not for sale.

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    • Doug Towsley

      Who really knows the real backstory? Could be some nostalgia thing where someone thought they were saving it for their kids or something. Things spun out of control and doubt anyone expected a fire. No one really does. We had one last summer about a mile from me. Burned a barn, and several vehicles before being extinguished.
      I know where there is 2 E-type Jag convertibles rotting away full of mice. Lady who has them keeps the entire house and property like a shrine for her dead parents. Place is falling apart and like a time capsule from the early 80s. She wont let loose of the vehicles or allow anyone to help her. Her Kids came in and started remodeling and cleaning the house, she went ballistic. She owns multiple properties and doesnt even live there. Pays over $8,000 a year in property taxes on that house as well as security system, Power, heat, and a landscaping service that in my opinion rips her off. I could cite a lot more examples like that. Somewhere in my office I have pix of the 2 cars.
      When I lived in Idaho not far from Boise (Mt Home AFB, 366th TFW) There was 3 locations not far from the base with a bunch of cool old cars. 60s and 70s Muscle cars, 50s hot rods and cruisers , Prewar cars, Old trucks. Pure gold. Many of them lined up well within sight of the roads. Of course being young and dumb, we all thought we were the first ones to discover these, and its just a matter of “Reasoning” with the old crotchety SOB’s who owned them. Nope, We were 12 gauge bait. Got shot at. Me, and a couple guys i know. Being slow learners I heard a number of people had the pleasure of dodging bird shot and rock salt. Hard to say how many years this had been going on or how long it lasted. I suspect it was great entertainment for the farmers.
      This was in the mid 80s. Be curious if they are still there. Ones down near Strike dam, the others go thru Mt Home and instead of turning onto Air Base road you head west past the “Hungry Onion” towards Twin Falls. About 2 miles outta town. 3rd site is head south out of town towards that huge resevoir up in the hills. About 5 miles out.
      Know of a couple more places like that in Central Oregon, and another near Canby Oregon not far from the Lone Elder store.
      But in fair disclosure, Ive had people stop by my place and ask about the vehicles here. The scrap metal tweakers are the ones who piss me off. The nosy flippers annoy me but have actually have a few show up who were actually just passionate gear heads. I also travel a lot, so if you are brave you can take a chance but im well armed, and my wife is an even better shot and then theres my doberman Ziggy to deal with. “Trespassers WILL be violated!, Those found alive in the Morning will be shot again”

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  16. CBD

    Car of my dreams? Looks like a nightmare to me! I had to check the calendar twice to make sure it wasn’t April 1st already and this is a cruel April fools joke. A buy it now of $34000.00????? Not sure what he’s on but I want some!!!!

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  17. John

    Why can’t you guys all see the value of a Corvette Superleggera with lightened bodywork and outstanding access to the troublesome fuel and rear suspension systems. This “one-off” Corvette can only be appreciated by those who appreciate really hot cars. I’d bid, but I’m still holding out for the perfect Bugeye. How do you get algae off of fiberglass?

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    • TomMember

      maybe that was someone’s idea of “going green” with a classic muscle car!

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  18. Joe

    EBAY ad closed and says sold for 32K. Bid jumped from 26K to 32K BIN. Could this be real?

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    • The Walrus

      Looks like the high bidder overbid the reserve and hit it at $32K. That’s what the bid history looks like when it happens.

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  19. gregg

    Magic Erasers work on most everything. Try one and you’ll know what I mean. You can find them in the same aisle as the Brillo pads.

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  20. gregg

    Hopefully someone in the middle east just got screwed.

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    • Metalted

      Hahahah, right on.

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  21. john C

    For Rough Diamond…There is a car as you have described here in SW Va that is like that…an original white Fastback Mustang…weeds and small scrub trees growing nicely within the classic…..sad. Rumour says he got teed off at the car well over 25 years ago.
    and refuses to sell. Love that logic….

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  22. AMCFAN

    I bought a car once that lived in a back yard. The previous owner was burning trash on a windy day. The field caught fire and swept through the car before it could be moved. The rear of the 1968 Javelin caught fire. Unlike the Vette it was the back whole back half of the car. It was so hot it swelled the fuel tank. In doing so it wrinkled the trunk floor. Amazing it did not blow up. The front half was undamaged. The plastic grille was mint. The interior on the other hand was considerably melted. The thing I noticed was the whole underside was very clean. Even the rubber brake hoses look unharmed. The tires got hot and blew out which sat it closer to the ground. Depending on the rarity would determine a restoration. Sadly at the time the Javelin was not worth saving even though it would still run.It was a very clean car before the fire.

    It is awesome to see a guy park a Corvette he may have had $7-$8K in and leave it to the elements combined with a fire for 30 years and someone is willing to pay $25K for it.

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  23. TomMember

    WE have a guy here in town outside of Chicago with a 69 or 70 Boss 302 Mustang 4 speed car sitting in the back yard up to the rockers in earth, overgrown. Story goes he held out and won it in the divorce years ago as it was said to be a gift from his wife that he was hell bent on her not getting it. what was the point of winning it, parking it in the back yard to rot AND he won’t sell it. Unbelievable. But true.

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  24. stillrunners

    wonder what the insurance company paid him…..must have been in one of those Cali brush fires they’ve had lately….

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  25. TomMember

    Looks like it is at a restoration shop of sorts. gotta ask the question, why don’t they want the “great deal” on this car for themselves? Must be more to it if they would rather cut their own losses and get rid of it.

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  26. Pete

    This car is worth every penny of 32k someone will be very happy to make themselves a 250k Only so many of these left and pickins are getting slim these days

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    • Joe

      Did a quick scan of top price 63 split windows. Picked 3 top price examples in the 250K price range suggested for comparisons that were sold at auction:

      1. Z06 documented and Bloomington Gold and a survivor went for 310K in 2013.

      2. Unrestored 327/340 original with 5K original miles went for 275K in 2013.

      3. Unrestored with 4.5K original miles, Bloomington Gold certified, Regional NCRS Top Flight award, original paint and interior went for 165K in 2015

      Unfortunately this car can never get into the top price club given where it is at now and non original motor.

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      • Joe

        Here is a comparison non-original motor split window for sale at 79K asking. What would it cost to get our 32K sample here looking like this one:

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      • DolphinMember

        The new SCM Guide has these at a median sale price of $83K -$86K for the base coupe and the L75.

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  27. MH

    I agree it’s well bought at 32K.

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  28. James

    I should start setting some of my field cars on fire if it raises values that much!

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  29. Danger Dan

    This fellow Randy finds many a good car. He has ads on Craigslist for mustangs all the time. Once he had a California special for $4500 a couple years ago. I wish I had bought it.

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  30. Jim

    All kidding and cheap jokes aside, anything can be fixed IF you either have the skills and time and are patient enough to shop swap meets for parts OR have deep enough pockets. I think one thing some guys here have forgotten is most car guys aren’t in it to make money, we do it for personal or other reasons. Most car guys aren’t flippers either, not that we all haven’t done it. If I didn’t have enough projects I’d jump on this vette but not at that price, I enjoy doing the work, I’ve taken on worse projects, sometimes you you get the cheap beat up car and redo it over time cause you don’t have the big lump of cash to lay out. Myself, I’d never buy a finished car because I want it to be done my way, I don’t want someone else’s idea of a dream car. I’ve made money on cars but not the projects, I don’t even track what I spend on them, the enjoyment is building them. 30k or more is too much for something this bad I wouldn’t care if Elvis was still driving it, the muscle car prices are coming down in general except for the rarest of the rare, imagine invested 125k(if you paid a shop to restore this vette) and its only worth 60k when you’re done? Ouch

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  31. Sukey

    I bought a 69 Mach 1 428 scj in high school
    The 428 was gone a dead 390 in its place
    Three years later
    New engine
    New trans
    One bad paint job
    Stupidly removed the 4:30-1
    Spent $10,000 cdn before I gave up and sold it for $3500
    Lesson learned
    Bought a new truck with a warranty
    Saved $2000 a year from not buying parts etc for the mustang
    Five years later I had $10,000 cash in the bank
    No more muscle cars
    No more hedaches

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    • JW

      Sorry to hear this Sukey but you must not be a true passionate gearhead as most of us who are would learn a lesson from your experience and do our best to not make that mistake again. I’ve made a few whoppers in my 62 years on the planet but that has not discouraged me from my classic car addiction. Now whatever floats your boat is fine with me sir.

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  32. Jim

    Sorry you got burned, we’ve all had it happen either from lack of experience, knowledge or patience. My first numbers match car(67 camaro) wasn’t really numbers match, the firewall and engine block were, not much else, thankfully the automotive gods were shining on me and neither car was stolen and I was able to part it out and break even. My dad used to say “youth is wasted on the young” now in my late fifties I understand. I’ve made some decisions that were less than stellar(first marriage) but you learn and move on. Too bad you threw in the towel after one car but everyone makes their own path, as long as you’re happy with your life I’m glad.

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  33. TomMember

    To Pete and MH above, especially MH, did you not read the research below Pete’s comment from Joe and Dolphin? Well bought? I wish I had some crappy old cars to sell you.

    I guess this is one of the most frustrating things about this site (not the site’s fault) of people who just don’t get it.

    Jim, your commentary was great. I just don’t understand, even if you are in love with 63 split windows, which they are awesome, there is NO WAY this is a good buy at 32K or frankly PERIOD. This car is F’d! It will NEVER bring big money*. To do so Vette’s NEED matching numbers *UNLESS you go resto mod and high end at that with guaranteed $200K, probably more, of parts, materials and labor to create a show stopper that could POSSIBLY fetch $250K done by a TOP Vette or custom guy with a name to back up the price. If you can get Foose or a top vette guy to do it, $250K probably won’t be enough.

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  34. Jim

    I hope I didn’t lead anyone to think it was a good buy, I think it was way to much. Without being numbers match, high or unique option car it’s a loser if your intent is to restore and flip. If I got it for $20k I’m sure I could build it on an Art Morrison chassis and late model ls engine for under $50k if I shopped well. But it would be to keep not an investment car. The way the market is you may never get more than your dollars invested back. I work on my own cars and friends, no more cash jobs, my health doesn’t allow me to hustle like I used to. I’m hoping to finish what I have and five or six more before I’m worm food. Plus metalworking projects. Sorry if my last post misled anyone.

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  35. Rando

    The TV shows – gas monkeys, Counts cars, et al, are giving the hobby/sport/industry a misguided view. They make it look like you can find cars all day for next to nothing, work on them “2 weeks” and sell at BJ or Mecum for some outrageous amount. I watch the shows and esp on Fast & Loud, look at cars in the background and see what’s back there. They change over time and some are builds from a few years ago. I wish I could find as nice a car as they do for $3500 or whatever. It’s completely unrealistic. Of coourse, that means in a little while, the true gearheads may be able to pick up some half completed (bad or good) projects for hopefully good prices. We’ll see…

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    • Jim

      I talk to guys at local cruise nite shows and they have dreams that their driver quality 72 Malibu is worth the same as the one they saw yesterday on Barrett Jackson auction. They have no idea how many thousands hours go into some of those cars and I’ll bet a lot of them sell at a loss if they were done at a professional shop at $90(?) per hour plus mark up on parts a few rattle cans of paint and a chrome kit from Summit does not make a car rebuilt from top to bottom. I wish I had 10 guys and a mile deep pocket I could do it in a few weeks but it wouldn’t be fun and if I’m not enjoying it I want out. If you’ve ever heard my colorful language when I’m on week two of block sanding I’m still enjoying it cause when the paint goes on its like glass. It’s TV, it’s entertaining but not exactly how most guys live, I enjoy watching and getting ideas but I know it’s scripted.

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      • Doug Towsley

        +1 Jim, 100% agree. I do evals and advice for people all the time on vehicles and over time have a kind of formula for how to explain values and try to circumvent the “Well a car or bike same year as mine sold last year at such & such auction therefore mines worth just as much!” My BIL has been working at an auction house and estate sellers place for 30+ years and he says they never tell people upper end price, If their item sells for more than the estimate they are happy, and usually does. I had a family with an estate and multiple vehicles. I priced out each vehicle and the parts and gave a low range and high range. The lady I was working with (Greedy self absorbed) complained when we got a solid cash deal that “Well I am already losing X amount!” WHAT??? She went on to explain she took my high end price and she was LOSING money from that amount. Who said you were going to get that much? That was a theoretical number under optimum conditions and everything about working with her was NOT optimum. I could recite a dozen more examples of similar.
        As to those TV shows, Pickers, the motorcycle build shows, the car shows all of which are a mixed blessing and curse. They exposed a lot of people to a world they didnt know existed but polluted the one we all live in with a distorted view.
        NO BUSINESS can function in real life like ANY of those TV shows. I know people who work in a variety of functions with TV and media and calling it “Reality” is so misleading. Nothing real about it. Ive seen footage of scenes where they rehearse them over and over or do reshoots repeatedly. Stuff is scripted, material is staged. For example I know a semi famous guy who ive known for 30 years. He was approached by a old shop customer who is now on a well known show. He has built 4 vehicles for that guy and thanks to him has been featured in numerous magazines and owes a lot to him for his success. HINT: You cannot just call up Cycle World magazine, say “Im so cool, and so are my bikes, why dont you come do a feature on me and put my stuff on your cover” So, He gets a call a while back. Wants another machine built and then they are going to pretend they discovered it on the TV show he is currently on. He will then call up my local guy and bring him as his “Expert”. Kenny did build the bike ($45,000 gig) but turned down the TV offer. Im not ruling out it still showing up on the TV show but it wont be with my local guy.

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  36. JW

    Maybe the guy who won the auction is going to salvage it in to one of these for himself, IMO that’s about all it’s good for. Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

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    • Jim

      Looks very cool, useless but cool looking.

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  37. MikeG

    The interior was at one time fit for a Pimp. What a mess, and at 32k the world has gone mad.

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  38. erikj

    Jim ,I follow your comments all the time and you are always spot on. Those few that call you out on stupid thought are on some other planet and probly like a lot of other comments towards others,have different ideas. People please try to remember this a site that just wants to show ,good and bad, whats out there . I find it very interesting it is ment to be I,m sure. Thanks jim And the barnfind crew .

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  39. Jim

    I understand everyone has different ideas and thoughts, sometimes my filter isn’t turned on when I type but I’ve been doing this a long time I think I’ve got a handle on the hobby, I’m not always right and I don’t mind being corrected if wrong, if I can learn something great. My comment about the vette/speedboat should have said its useless to me, I can appreciate all the fiberglass work that went into it, I was in a closed canopy boat once, went like hell but I think I sweated out a few lbs of water in twenty minutes. Boats aren’t my thing generally unless I’m blackfishing with a buddy, talk about good grilling fish!

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  40. Jim

    Doug, you nailed it “the shows exposed a lot of people to a world they didn’t know existed but polluted the one we live in”. I can’t add a thing.
    As far as the pricing, my dentist has it figured out, he tells me a tooth will hurt for maybe three days, it feels good after one and he’s a hero! Its not what you do, it’s how you do it!
    I don’t know why people act the way they do when they sell a car. If their expert buddy tells them their POS is worth 10k they hang onto that number like a winning lottery ticket, even if you show examples of price guides and recent sales for 7k. They may even pass up an offer for 8k, it’s like the thinking process is turned off. It’s a funny business sometimes but I love it anyway.

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  41. Pete

    I have a 63 ragtop Corvette. I know a lot of people looking for a project split window. But not a lot of people want to pay 80 k for a split then dump another 250k to make it ” their” car. Look at the age of people drivin restomod 60 plus mostly they have the money to burn to make their dream happen. Mine is mostly original I don’t see myself changing it much.
    The guy that has the 1969 Mustsng Cobra jet. If u buy a car for and investment this is a TERRIBLE idea. You really got to luv the car you are working. It gives me great pleasure to fix things on my Corvette. Will I ever get all the money I put in it? More than likely if I ever sell I will sell at a loss. Again it’s not about the money it’s about luv for a certain car I wanted one all my life so, I’m living the dream😊

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  42. John

    Well said Pete.

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  43. Pete

    Buy GOLD its steady going up in value the last twenty years. Car won’t yield that type of money gold will. But you can’t have fun driving gold 😉

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    • van

      The 190 SL could be found for 15 Gs last year, today you will find 150 Gs common.
      Gold not so much.
      Today every investment is a gamble. When bankers, and stockbrokers don’t go to jail for wrecking the economy and your homes value things will only get worse. If 75% of you’re investment is in mussel cars you might have a problem. The guy with several 10 million dollar Ferrari’s will be ok anyway.
      But your Hemi cost 250 Gs when you bought it, today it’s worth half that.
      In the 1980s a v12 E-type was worth twice what a 6 cylinder was, today it’s revered.
      Place your bets and roll the dice.

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  44. AMCFAN

    Once posted for sale on the world wide web if restored this car will always be identified by it’s vin. Someone somewhere will copy it for their database and will always be known. No matter how nicely restored would you be willing to shell out three figures knowing it was once this pig?

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  45. Dallas

    Never seen a full-size cutawat before. Pretty cool :-)

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  46. Jim

    I’m somewhat shocked it sold for $32,000. At that price I hope it’s a long term project for someone who has access to a parts car. To pay a shop to restore it would be tremendously expensive. I just don’t see it but to each his own. Good luck to new owner

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  47. George mattar

    63 ZO6 with NO3 recently bid to $575,000 at Mecum in California. White over red. No sale. What a fool. He will have $150,000 in this after buying the car to make it worth maybe $90,000.

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