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Too Far Gone? 1967 Mustang GTA Fastback

Finally, a ’67-’68 fastback Mustang that doesn’t immediately trigger images of Eleanor or Bullitt. If this first picture hasn’t scared you off, by all means keep reading! This 1967 Mustang GTA in Saint Petersburg, Florida certainly “needs everything,” with less exaggeration than many cars described using that phrase. I don’t recognize those wheels, which are neither stock nor unattractive. The no-title classic comes to market here on eBay has attracted at least 12 bidders, stretching the boundaries of optimism with bids above $10,500 on the original 289 GT with Automatic transmission (GTA).

Rust on every inch of metal should be added to the Far Side comic “How Nature Says Don’t Touch.” When carpeting becomes an important part of a vehicle’s structural stability, tread lightly. Still, hope springs eternal, and unlimited funding can make this not-too-rare pony car perfect again whether you define perfect as factory correct or perfect for you. The seller reports a “fold down seat” which Ford called the 2+2’s Sport Deck.

There’s an old saying that “There’s a butt for every seat,” and let’s hope the one for this Mustang has a current Tetanus shot. Florida tin worms have devoured a trunk lid corner and much more. However, we’ve seen worse… I think. The GT Equipment Group included the stripes shown here, fog lights inside a “corral” on the grille, plus the Special Handling Package, and could adorn any V8 Mustang in ’67.

“We sent the Alvin unit into the long-submerged engine compartment where you can still identify some mechanical components despite their decades-long entombment in a watery tomb.” Oops, sorry; I thought I was looking at The Titanic for a minute. The monochrome residue of unabated corrosion offers little hope for a quick revival of the engine, which may or not be the original C Code two-barrel 289 cid (4.7L) V8, not that it matters much. How far into the five digit bidding would you go to own this “needs everything” pony car?


  1. Ramone

    Such a shame. That was a beautiful car once. Wheels look to be from a Ranger?

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    • Steve

      I agree on the left side wheels, late ’90s or early 2000s either Explorer or Ranger wheels.

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  2. Steve Bush Member

    Like the 1970 Charger elsewhere on this site, the only question is how high the crazy 1967 Mustang fastback fans will bid up this rusty non-running POS. Sorry, but I just don’t get it. There are many better options out there.

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  3. Autoworker

    I am not understanding the bidding on this car. Look at the pictures on Ebay.

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  4. 8banger dave Member

    Good Lord.

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  5. Eric B

    As we’ve seen lately, evidently no Mustang fastback is too far gone. At least this one didn’t lose a battles with a house.

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    • Eric B

      Battle*. Where is the edit feature?!

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  6. sir_mike

    A lot of money for a VIN tag.All it needs is a new body and everything else….sad

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  7. Mr.BZ

    Up to 12,700.00 and I got nothing.

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  8. doug edwards

    Beating an early VW bus for pricing even. Crazy.

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  9. chevelle guy

    hard NO !

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  10. Arthur

    Too far gone? It would seem so based on the eBay pictures, but media blasting by a professional shop would be the best way to confirm the extent of the damage, since putting this car back on the road is a project that clearly can’t be done at home. If by some miracle the body shell can be worked on, whoever buys this will be spending a lot of time visiting the Dynacorn web site to get new parts.

    On the other hand, Dynacorn offers a complete body shell, so if this car is too far gone for even a pro-touring build, it can serve as a donor vehicle for a VIN transfer project, especially since the company has a FAQ page on how to have it registered.

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  11. Mike

    A perfect example of my quote from a few days ago. Bullitt Mustang….$3.7M…this example an easy $100k….all that’s missing from my quote….this ones not totaled. Where did they park this thing? Next to Teddy Kennedy’s convertible?

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    • John Oliveri

      Teddy actually went swimming in a 67 Oldsmobile Delmont 88, and left that poor girl to die in it, that cars probably somewhere in a barn in Massachusetts, it’ll turn up one day

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  12. ACZ

    Is this an acid dipped body?

  13. Joe Hinton

    What lake was this pulled out from??
    I haven’t seen a water soaked mess like this since the hurricane/ flood damage a few years ago in Houston.
    Are VIN plates really worth this price??

  14. Brad mobley

    Very sad the disillusioned owner would let this happen. At least buy a flea market tarp and cover it. He could have gotten a lot more.
    Would love to interview him.

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  15. DON

    I love the flippers classic comment “I have recently realized that I will not have the time to get to this one as I have to many other big pending projects in my life right now. “, and then he has pictures of him loading it onto his trailer . I guess his big pending projects are finding more junk to make a fortune from !
    To be fair though, he did start the bidding at only $500.00 ,so its the bidders that are crazy here !

  16. BONE

    You know its bad when things like your crank pulley has rusted away

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  17. Bart

    Up to $20,600 now??
    Only usable pieces I see are the running horse emblem, maybe grill, tail lights, gas cap, head lights and driving lights, windshield, and the chrome rocker panel trim on the drivers side…
    Those are some pricey pieces!!

  18. Tim

    It is now bid up to $20,600.00. All I can say is wow!

  19. TBall

    I actually love postings like this. When I got my hands on my “gently used” ’68 Fastback (numbers matching 302 4V with 4-speed), my wife thought I was nuts. I bought it on a hunch, for $1100.00 and it was waaaay better than the ones I am seeing now go for $10 – $20k. Oklahoma car so limited rust – even torque boxes were good. Just years of battle damage – but the engine ran…
    This one is extremely rough, not sure I would have the legs to take on this build.

    • Eric B

      How long ago was that? I bought my 67 6 years ago in similarly sounding condition with #’s matching 390 for 24, which at the time was an ok- so-so price. Now it’s looking like quite an investment. Even more so for yourself. It’s getting to be absolutely insane- to the point where I won’t want to drive mine and may consider just selling for profit.

      • Tball

        Right? I came home from a bad day at work in 2000. Had beer for dinner, called the guy, bought it the next day. Cannot believe what they are demanding today

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  20. TBall

    Okay, so just viewed the listing. Snikeys! There are some delusional souls out there. 21 bids over $20k for that car? Unibody parts, inner fenders, torque boxes and every piece of sheet metal on that car is gone. Wow is all I can say. I try to not be negative, however in this case, seller must have no soul.

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  21. Steve Clinton

    $20,600.00 at the present time. (I shake my head in disbelief and once again, ask myself ‘What’s wrong with these people?’)

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    • ACZ

      That’s what was bid. Ebay is famous for non-paying bidders.

  22. 1st Gear

    Insane stuff on all fronts.
    1st the seller trying to dump this steaming heap.
    2ed the deep pockets whoever who’s bid over $20g.
    Pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare or please discontinue the April Fool joke in December.

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  23. Charles

    Was This Under Water for 20 Years ?…….Its as Bad as the Buried Car the 1957 Plymouth they put in Bathtub Underground.

  24. fred

    20 grand the bid now? What don’t I see? Saw better in a salvage yard. Hard to believe there is anything left of this mustang to restore

  25. PetertheGreat

    Don’t anybody sneeze!!! This poor, mistreated, old girl is liable to turn into a pile of rust dust!! Pass… and run in the opposite direction!!

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  26. Jon

    It’s a 67’ Fastback so regardless, it’s worth good $$ whatever the condition ! & will continue to appreciate.. That said, $20,600 is strong money.

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