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Too Good to be True? 1975 Porsche 911 Targa

These days, you can usually identify a scam a mile away. We’ve all gotten better at seeing the flaky language; the terrible photos; the laughable asking price. But that doesn’t mean deals don’t exist, or that there are realistic sellers out there who know when their project is going to take a ton of resources to set right. This 1975 Porsche 911 Targa was partially torn down eons ago, and like many owners, life got in the way before the seller had a chance to complete it. The 911 is now offered here on craigslist for just $9,000 with the original engine and transmission included in the sale.

The pictures seem to back up what the seller is telling us in the listing. He had plans to convert the 911 to SC specs and got as far as removing the drivetrain, the hood, the bumpers, and the interior. All of those parts are included with the sale, but we don’t have clear pictures of the seats and carpet to know just how restorable they are. The good news is the seller has confirmed that the engine still runs, and even goes so far as to say he “guarantees” that it will be operational when the next owner picks it up. Perhaps the best news is that the 911 has been stored in the garage for the last few years. The seller claims the 911 has only lived in California and Texas, both of which are good locals for avoiding the tin worm.

The engine has been sitting on a stand, as the seller promised. The state of the engine prior to removal isn’t disclosed, but one would assume since he guarantees it to be running that there’s no major damage to sort out. The listing notes a few different pricing options for how you choose to pick the 911 up, ranging from $9,000 with everything separate and having any spare parts “….tossed inside” when the transporter shows up, or for $11,500, he will re-assemble the car to make it as complete as possible before being picked up. I am not sure how to assign a value to have the seller perform that labor beforehand, but I’d sure prefer to receive a new project in that state versus a mish-mash of components strewn about the cabin with the motor sitting on a separate pallet.

Te rear fenders look to have been previously replaced, assuming what I’m looking at is a replacement panel. I could be completely off in that regard and this may just be a graphic or decal of some kind. The thick coating of dust on the back glass indicates the seller is not far off in his assessment regarding how long this 911 Targa has been sitting, and while a 911 in this body style might previously have sat idle for another decade before someone decided it was worth dragging out, that’s no longer the case: air-cooled Porsches of nearly every stripe are sought after, so finding one for a bargain basement price is worth pursuing. Thanks to Barn Finds reader T.J. for the find.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Rear flares indicate either it’s a Carrera or the flares were added sometime earlier. Seems like a good project but could use a bit more information to make any conclusions on this one. Either way you can’t beat the price and I assume if it hasn’t been already sold it will be shortly.

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  2. Thomas W Magnuson

    I think it’s a scam. Was listed in Houston a couple months ago.

  3. CCFisher



    “posting in high demand areas not getting good offers locally”

    Can’t sell a Porsche 911 Targa with original engine and transmission for $9000 in Houston? Spare me your lies.

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  4. Rw

    Check out the funky art work on LR quarter.

  5. trgolf55555 trgolf55555 Member

    THIS IS A SCAM !!! I gave this guy a deposit over the phone two months ago when it was listed in Florida . They answered my phone calls and answered all my questions, then once they got the deposit they vanished.

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    • Paul G

      I hear ya! This same group scammed me out of a deposit on a 66 green vette ragtop that needed resto. Same story. Talked over the phone said all the right things then the minute the deposit landed in his account, he lifted the money and closed the account. I’m still chasing this guy!

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      Contact your State Police auto theft division right away, as this is your chance for them to nab the scammers. As long as the ad is up, the police have the possibility of tracing the location thru the phone.

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      • Grant

        Not a chance, burner phones. If I were a useless waste of a human being and did crap like this, that is how I would do it. That, and only use random public wifi, even use an old computer they bought at a garage sale so it couldn’t be traced. Think things through and don’t rush and crime truly does pay.

  6. Rw

    Check out funky art work on LR quarter panel.

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  7. George Birth

    Old Saying, Once burned twice shy. If this guy burnt a potential buyer, it’s time to pass on this one!!!!!!! Let him fix it up then offer it to a dealer who is reputable.

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  8. Roger

    Now the car is for sale in Greenwich Village, NY. What more needs to be said?

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  9. Mark

    Let me guess — Pay upfront and he will ship it to you?

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  10. Richard

    100% scam

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  11. douglas hunt

    sad, i luv the Targa

  12. Christopher Karentz Member

    Very interesting for sure. Talked to the owner by phone late yesterday. He stated the car was disassembled a little over a year ago but I found this old post on Barn Finds via an internet search. Same photo as the 2022 ad. The owner had no comment when I confronted him about this. Sent the link to him. No reply.

    I’m surprised Barn Finds didn’t pick up on this when they found the current 2022 ad.

  13. jwaltb

    Some of the worst pictures I’ve ever seen. And a confirmed scammer.
    Fooled you, eh Jeff?

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