1975 Porsche 911: Perfect Paint?

1975 Porsche 911 Targa

From Alex L. – This 1975 Targa might be more of a garage find than a barn find. I had to chuckle of the mention of the paint being in “perfect condition” with a bike and other items leaning on the car, but under the dust – who knows??? A 911 for $12k is now considered a deal and someone with a few weekends to kill should be able to get this baby back on the road. If my tiny Brooklyn apartment only came with a garage… Find it here on craigslist out of Houston, Texas.


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  1. PaulG

    One man’s excellent condition, and/ or perfect condition is quite different than say mine…But, there is some value here, just an ad that should be re-written.

  2. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    The fact that the seller took out the seats and the engine in order to install race buckets and “make some modifications” has me worried. They seem optimistic that someone could drop it all back in and double their money. Man, if that were true and it were sitting in my garage, I’d be getting to work! Perhaps their time is worth a lot more than mine though?

  3. Charles H.

    Maybe the “Dude” just has more money than he has sense!

  4. Livermoron

    That is one long sentence. Maybe his period key is broken? Anyway, even at $12K is seems like an OK deal provided everything is as he says.

  5. Charles H.

    Sounds like this dude might have more money than he has sense!

  6. XYZOL

    Those look to me like P6000 Pirellis. Decent on dry but a complete piece of kak in the rain, they gotta go before driving it anywhere. This might be a valuable clue on the approximate time when the car was put into storage though, as that’s a relatively recent tread type.

  7. phoneman91

    Anyone that goes out to see this Porsche– should be prepared to be disappointed! It is too bad some sellers think that honesty makes for a ineffective ad.

  8. jim s

    if putting the motor and seats back in makes it a $25 to $30k car the seller would be doing that. as the car sits now no test drive or testing motor/transaxle. good luck to both the buyer and seller. interesting find

  9. Monsieur le Baton

    youre right they are p6000’s horrible tyres, i used to think they were magnetic, sooo many nails and punctures with these on, glad you cant get them anymore

    • XYZOL

      They’re still in limited production and unfortunately that’s literally the only tire I can get in the size my car was factory fitted with… -,- (175/50 R14)

  10. Charles H.

    Sorry,didn’t mean to post the same thing twice.

  11. don

    good grief! an other delusional seller, “perfect paint” not seeing that with the crap pilled next to/on the car.

  12. pursang

    I love looking at a car that has been stored with a heavy object on the seats. What is on that seat, a clutch and pressure plate? That will help the interior’s appeal.

    • Horse Radish

      a weight for weightlifting ?, or a torque converter, which would lead you to believe there is another vehicle half torn apart somewhere (just not another Porsche…..)

  13. Horse Radish

    Writing style and content would have one to believe we are dealing with a Fortune 500 CEO, but I doubt it.
    702 area code (Las Vegas, I believe).
    …and cannot be bothered for a day or 2 in a ‘price’ difference of $15,000 (or thereabouts ??

    Quite amusing, the whole story, really…..

  14. Dolphin Member

    Yes, Las Vegas area code but car is in Texas. Engine is out for “modifications” years or decades ago, but it has just sat. Fortunately “the car is in excellent condition the paint is in perfect condition it is original everything is all original”, even with stuff piled on and bikes leaning against the car in that tiny garage.

    I’ve heard that originality is everything, so this should be a dead simple purchse, and I’m sure it will turn out real well.

  15. CheezyPoofs

    Wow. A project. In May of 2014 I helped a friend sell a 71 911 coupe with all-steel Turbo fenders, and solid, more recent 911 interior. It was a nice, Weber carbed runner that looked great from 30 feet. I sold it for $ 11,000, and a week later the guy tried to sell it back. My friend passed.
    One year later, I’m thinking that would have easily pulled close to $ 20,000, based on the market today.
    Yes, that’s the actual car.

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