Top Banana Project: 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye 340

The original Dodge Challenger was only around for five model years but left quite an impression – even 50 years later. The pony car market was already wearing thin when the Challenger came out in 1970 and growing safety concerns, insurance costs and emissions controls were beginning to take their toll. The seller’s car is from the mid-way point in the automobile’s production and is a sad looking machine. The Dodge has been out in a field way too long and the dreaded tin-worm is rampant. Located in Greencastle, Indiana, this car is available here on eBay where the bidding sits at $5,600 for a vehicle that will come with no title.

The Rallye name began appearing in 1972 on Dodge Chargers and Challengers and, in essence, it was a replacement for the R/T. The Rallye’s were limited to just V-8 power and had some suspension tweaks from the standard Challenger. Out of just under 23,000 Challengers built that year, almost one-third or 7,000 were Rallye models. The small-block 340 was the most popular choice in the Rallye, and the seller’s car has one, with a supposed 43,000 miles on the odometer.

According to the listing for this Challenger, the seller has had the car for at least five years. As a project, it’s going to be a “challenge” (pardon the pun) from head to toe given the deterioration of the car over time. The seller says it has a new AMD hood and deck lid, but those have surface rust from head to toe. The fenders and rocker panels seem to have rot brewing, but the seller will include some fender patch panels with the deal. The paint job appears to be Top Banana yellow and it could very well be the car’s original. Also, a new-in-the-box gas tank comes along to replace the current one which must be as corroded as the see-through trunk floor.

We’re told the car will start and move with a gas can. And yet, I see no fan belts anywhere under the hood and there is at least one flat tire. So, I don’t have much confidence that you could start the car and drive it onto a flatbed trailer. The car has Hooker Headers and mufflers, which the seller says “sound good” (again, no fan belts!). The transmission of choice here was the venerable TorqueFlite.

If you’re good with the no-title deal, this could be a $40,000 car one day. But that won’t be anytime soon and what would it cost to get there considering the sheet metal challenges that lie ahead? I’d be more inclined to find one that has better structural integrity that will also cost more. You’d probably be ahead of the game in the long run.


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  1. Ramone

    Could this car have been stored (neglected) worse? Sitting on wet grass and mud for however long? Not unusual, but….
    A 340 car with AC was once a great ride.
    Ambitious project for someone with a big wallet.

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    • Steve R

      You can tell this car hasn’t been sitting in this location for long since the grass underneath isn’t dead.

      Steve R

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      • Dave

        True that. When I was a kid there was a nice 56 Bel Aire sitting in my brother in law’s field. All it needed was freeze plugs. 10 years later a tree was growing through the passenger side floor.

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  2. MoragaPulsar

    Barn Finds is more accurately Barn Yard Finds when it comes to the endless parade of terminally rusted Mopars. Who buys these?

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    • 63Comet

      Don’t expect rationality from Mopar fans. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some of them will go to. Just toss logic into file 13 and look the other way if that still doesn’t help . . .

      And if you find one in good shape, sell the house to buy it . . .

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      • bone

        I guess no one has noticed from the Blue Oval and GM clans, but any first gen Mustang, Camaro , Tri 5 Chevy , etc, goes for big bucks too , in equal or worse condition . Its supply and demand, and right now all those cars are in demand, and the supply is limited.

    • Dave

      People who need parts for 50 year old cars. People with more money than brains. Those folks make people like Mark Worman rich.

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    • Arby

      People named Fred or Barney.

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    • Arthur

      In a few cases, they are purchased by shops that have the resources to tackle such vehicles. All Classics Restoration in North Carolina is one example that comes to mind, and Graveyard Carz is another.

    • stu

      These cars are getting harder and harder to find for cheap….this is why it will sell…

  3. B302

    eBay pictures 12 and 14 show the fan belt, I would not bet too much that any of the tires are flat.

  4. Bud Lee

    Looks like this paint code is Extra Ripe Bananana .

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  5. Bultaco

    Cool car, engine and interior look fairly unmolested and complete, which is good. It needs lots of rust repair, and probably a complete rebuild of everything else, which will not make economic sense unless you can do most of it yourself. Seems like a quick flip so don’t over pay.

    • stu

      This car needs to be acid dipped and after it comes out….well who knows what’s left over…..

  6. Harry

    Maybe the seller found the car in the lake when he had the boat out 🥺

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  7. Steve Clinton

    ‘Run for the hills, everyone! It’s the creature from the Black Lagoon!

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  8. Moparman Member

    In all honesty, there’s a lot more here of this one than with some of the recent, really rusted offerings. If I waned a Challenger, I’d look at going into this project “eyes wide open” because other than its metal needs, it retains a lot of original items, the bumper jack w/ base & handle, for example. GLWTA!! :-)

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  9. Rick

    How much for the boat in the background?

    • Claudio Mallone

      For you my friend buy the boat and the car is free….who can resist….

  10. Guardstang

    I’m in Canada and I don’t know what no title means. We have what is called an Ownership card and it belongs to the owner of the car, whether its financed or paid for.

    • stu

      Title is the same as ownership so no tile no ownership…without title you cannot bring cars like these easily into Canada

      • Guardstang

        I just don’t understand how you could sell a car without prove you own it. What if the person that has the title finds out?

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Title laws depend on the state where you plan to register the car.
      NH does not require a title for vehicles 1999 or older.
      When you go to sell it to someone in another state that does require a title, you are better off t have applied for a replacement title in advance.
      I did this when I sold my Vette.

  11. Rich

    Ha! Ha! No.

  12. Mike

    Even GraveYard Cars… would label this one… SAD…. would take six figures and 2-3 years of work… GraveYard cars charges 110 dollars per hour…labor only…per man… aint worth it… if it was a gift

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    A running 340 and A/C in an E body is a good find. Rust is a given, and this isn’t as bad as most that show up here.

    If this sells for anywhere near the $5,900 it is currently bid to, someone is getting a good deal. I’m sure most of you won’t agree, but this is the Mopar-crazy world we live in.

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    • stu

      Mopar-crazy world? No way….I’m a Yugo fan to the finish…

  14. Bruce Fischer

    No title no sale for me.Bruce.

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  15. Rich

    don’t know about the rest of the USA, but in a few southern states a title is not needed if the vehicle is 25 years old or more. but your experience and mileage may vary. titles are pretty easy to replace so wonder why the seller has not made the effort to get a duplicate issued. but based on the photos and condition of this, guess I should not be too surprised.

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  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Keyboard appraisers – what would we do with out them……….

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  17. Philip Lepel

    When I got into cars this was the car I wanted to be my first choice. But even then (30 years ago) Challenger bodies were swiss cheese and going for $10k. I moved on to Mustangs and never looked back.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I was the same, but a bit earlier than you. I ended up getting a ’73 Barracuda in ’78 and even then, it was rusting. By the time I passed it on in ’81, the rear quarters and fender tops had rust holes.

      I still like them, but am glad that I got it out of my system back then.

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    • karl

      Yeah and rusted away Mustangs are going cheap ? Even a 289 Fastback that needs everything would still cost more than this

  18. Kenn

    Engines don’t need a fan belt to start and run..! Just don’t run them too long. And I’ve driven a car on a flat tire. Just sayin.

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