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Top Down Stylin: 1963 Chrysler 300 Pacesetter

left front

Many of us have grand memories of big old convertibles and this one certainly brings them back. With a 413 HO wedge providing the grunt, it recalls visions of smoking tires, rear hung way out in sliding turns and ah, the joys of youth! The pushbutton automatic wasn’t very sporty, but the 727 Torqueflite worked well. This convertible is listed on craigslist in Chicago with an asking of $14,500. There are no details on how long this was stored, but this garage find is said to be completely original, runs and drives like new.


The interior and dash look great, don’t they? A picture of the front seats would be nice, especially the driver’s seat.


The body looks pristine from 20 feet. The chrome looks nice and there is no rust showing. Up close there will no doubt be a few dings and scratches showing. The top is original with the usual yellowed plastic window.The original wheels and caps are back on the car.

right rear

If this car is as nice as pictured and described it would make a great driver. I hope the new owner keeps it original. I’ve no doubt a lot of you think this is way overpriced, despite its rarity and originality. So, what do you think?


  1. Glen

    That 356 Porsche with a VW engine sold for $65,000, that is overpriced! I prefer this car.

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  2. Jay

    That paint and interior combination is the same as the 1963 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. As it is, I don’t think there were more than 2000 ’63 300 convertibles built. If this one is one of the actual Pace Car replicas, it’s worth far more than 15K.

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    • racer99

      Agreed — looks to be a real buy-and-drive weekend warrior and the pricing seems very fair for a car in this condition. Especially if you’re interested in something that no-one else is going to have.

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  4. hhaleblian

    Looks to be sporting Colorado not Illannoy plates

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  5. James

    This is one of those cars that despite wearing the honored 300 badging, it just missed the mark on all counts. There is not a beautiful line or angle on the entire car. They were big, heavy sloppy drivers and in general have been rejected by the car collectors as a whole. Having said that, anything 1960’s with a convertible top, a few hundred pounds of chrome and a V8 in decent shape should be worth at least 10K.

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  6. Howard A Member

    What, no B-52’s comments? ( I know, that was a ’65, but close enough)

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  7. Gary

    Absolutely love this car. I don’t know much about them but I love the look of the car and the push button tranny is always very cool. If I had an extra $14,000 or so laying around and a place to put this car, then it would already be gone.

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  8. MountainMan

    Very sweet Mopar! Collectors favorite or not this is one good looking car. I’m not sure I agree with James about missing the mark, while it does seem more subtle than other number cars it’s styling really appeals to me and I would love to have this cruiser to have some top down drives come summer time. The pronounced body line along with good and trunk styling just look right to my eye.

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  9. charlie Member

    Now, I thought this was a very handsome car in l963, and still do. Almost bought a ’63 4 door hardtop, also, to my taste, in ’68, it was very fast, heavy, a great road car on the Interstates, at my favorite speed of 75 mph. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I had room for another car, and a spare $11,500, I would make an offer.

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  10. Steve B

    This is an awesome find. While not a 300J, this should still have god-like amounts of torque, and as Hemmings wrote, “The 300 was a one-man-band of automotive enthusiasm”

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  11. JimmyinTEXAS

    Man-o-man. This seems like such a deal. Buy, clean up as required, drive and maintain, take care of any delayed maintenance and have a pretty nice car.

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  12. RNR

    This car is a screaming deal, even if a “sport” 300 and not a “J”. But check out the “sellers other ads” on the Craigslist link – he’s got an even rarer ’60 Plymouth 2 door wagon. It’s got a built RB block that’s not my cup of tea with its Cal Custom scoops through the hood, but hoods aren’t that hard to find.

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  13. Charles

    I like this!, but than I have a real soft spot for anything American, 60’s, and V8.

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  14. Jim

    That could be the ugliest car ever built by Chrysler. JMHO

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  15. Charles

    Back in the day I thought this model was ugly also. I have always been partial to the 66 model, and believe that the 65-68 were the best Chrysler cars ever. The looks of this model has grown on me over the years. To each thier own.

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