Topless Buick: 1967 Electra Convertible Survivor

Reader Peter R sent us this for a 1967 Buick Electra convertible, so naturally I took the bait. The first thing I noticed when I opened the ad for this big beautiful Buick was that it is missing a very important component; the engine. However, the seller states that the engine has been rebuilt and is ready to be installed in the car, and has included a picture of said rebuilt engine. For $4,950, I would be tempted to go for it, provided the engine was removed and rebuilt correctly. The car is touted to be a survivor less the rebuilt engine, and is for sale here on craigslist in Madison, Connecticut.

The red interior complements the white exterior very well, and appears to be in near-mint condition. At the worst, this car is in driver condition–at least if it had an engine it would be! It looks to have been very well cared for and doesn’t seem to have seen any abuse, which makes me wonder what caused the engine to be pulled and rebuilt. The miles are stated as 21,829, which based on the interior condition I don’t doubt it. However, based on having the engine rebuilt, I’m guessing its actually 121,829 which really isn’t that much for a car this old. Regardless, the car is in excellent condition.

I used to scorn bumper stickers on cars, however when I see them on something of this vintage in this good of condition, it makes me smile because the stickers are a symbol that somebody has loved and enjoyed this car for what it is: a car. The black convertible top appears to be in serviceable condition, and I think any other color may look odd. That said, perhaps a red top that matches the interior would contrast nicely. The wheel covers are not present in this picture, however there is a photo of one on a wheel which suggests that perhaps they are included with the sale, just not on the car.

This is the picture I was looking for; the paperwork. Included here is the original owners manual, window sticker, and various other original literature that accompanied the car when sold new. This is the stuff that makes the car worth the asking price, and helps contribute to its survivor status. Whatever the reason for the engine being rebuilt, for under $5,000 this car could be an easy project for the discerning buyer. If I were to buy it, I would spend a weekend putting the engine back in it, and then go cruise with the top down! Do you think it’s worth the trouble?

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  1. boxdin

    Nice deuce & a quarter !

  2. CJay

    Driver quality car, affordable price. Body putty in right rear quarter panel ( photos in ad show inside lip, notice how the indent is not present) But they are not asking restoration prices and included reasonable photos. I would drive it!

  3. Wagon master

    Talked with the nice guy but it’s a basket case needing attention. He’s strong on the price which I think precludes shipping across the country and then taking a month to put back together and sort out his grandmother’s car that’s been sitting for almost 30 years.

  4. Phil Harris Member

    Pretty hard to figure how do you buy this vehicle and get a rebuilt nail head engine for under $5000.00?

  5. Davidek

    Not a “nailhead”….The ’67 Electra was the first year for the all new 430 CID engine. This new engine was also available as a 400 in the Special/Skylark/GS and LeSabre.
    It would later get bored out to become a 455 in ’70.

  6. Rich Nepon

    I bought a silver 225 convertible in 74 with a bad engine. Bought a 425 hp complete with trans from a yard with low. Miles. Slipped right in. $150 installed. Retreads, new brakes and shocks and it was a cruiser with a huge trunk. Drove it to Boston from Philly. Sprung a leak I. The radiator on the way home. Lots of stops for pond water. Got to my future wife’s dorm in Northampton Ma. Next morning it was gone. All I had was a key. Still have the title. Insurance paid for a bus ticket home and paid me three times my investment, which funded my European honeymoon. My friends bought me a 64 Lincoln that I loved. But that’s another story. My friends still think I had the Buick stolen.

  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    That car, if the carpet isn’t it’s floor – is a bargain

  8. Jimmy Tombstone

    Today Is 6-4-2018 & I’m the guy that eventually bought the car so far I’ve got almost 15G into it I LOVE the car but it needed EVERYTHING !!! Carb Starter Tranny was full of water and brakes were gone completely roof Irons are all Bent and twisted once I opened it I haven’t been able to close it since & its been in the shop since march 2018 trying to find a good used roof irons set up , none of the windows worked so I replaced all the motors and the seat motor was also bad. Gas tank was rotted through & lines & fuel pump was bad all replaced along with complete new brakes wheel cylinders lines master cylinder, Also supplied Radiator was wrong so I bought a used one & had it triple cored. Seriously I LOVE the car but wouldn’t have gotten into This Grandmas car project The Rear Bumper was Junk couldn’t even be Rechromed so I bought a used near perfect one and Paid $1,000.00 for it My Choice so its ok had all the windshield garnish Rechromed that was another $800.00. Its Like the 3rd Wife’s Kid Its Not Perfect But Ya Work With What Ya Got & Hope It Turns Out Ok, Like I Said I’m Paying Out The Ass But I’m Doing It Right I’ll Post Pics When Finally Done Maybe 2020 lol


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