Tough Mudder: 1965 Ford Pickup

If lovin’ you is wronnng, I don’t want to be right… Here’s one that could drive over your barn! This 1965 Ford Pickup has been turned into a monster mudder and it’s located in Russellville, Alabama. This is one cool rig! It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $1,000 and there are three days left on the auction to figure out your shipping, and what story to tell your spouse…

When I ran across this pickup I wasn’t sure if it was real or not! A couple of the photos make it look like a radio controlled machine, like this photo. See what I mean! It’s definitely real, and real cool. For a guy who likes tiny vehicles so much, I have no idea why this one appeals to me as much as it does.

An impressive amount of work – engineering and fabrication – has gone into this build. It looks like it’s almost ready for paint, but I’m not sure if I would even paint it. There is no title, so the next owner isn’t going to be driving it on the street if that would even be legal with those 48-inch tires. I’m guessing that there would have to be some monster fender flares to cover up those exposed tires at a bare minimum. It comes with “transport tires”, as well.

The seller mentions that this pickup runs great and is very solid. It has a 4-speed manual transmission and 4-speed reverse, and there is also 2.5-ton Rockwell axles and orbital steering. Crazy! You’ll need a 40-foot long ramp to get your dirt bikes in the back of this thing. Or, just jump them in.

There are no engine photos, unfortunately, and not one mention of the engine other than it runs great. It has to be a V8 to turn those giant wheels but what is it?! The interior looks solid and pretty clean for a mini-monster-truck. I’d want to at least stuff a nerf ball in the gas filler to keep the bugs and dust out. There’s no mention on if the Mountain Dew bottle on the seat comes with the sale.. If a person had some land and was just looking for a fun vehicle to bomb around the acreage and didn’t have to worry about a title, this could be it. Have any of you made anything like this tough mudder?


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  1. Jeffro

    Someone over compensated!

  2. Lee Hartman

    Looks more like a ’59 to me.

    • boxdin

      1958 actually.

      • mike d

        knew it was either 58 or 59.. still learning how to tell the difference

      • boxdin

        1959 – 1960 were the same w a horizontal bar in the middle of the grille. I think the 1958 model stands alone w the egg crate grill.
        At least I remember that from my Tonka Trucks.

      • Dale Hagood

        It is a ’58. Had a couple of them in my younger days..Nice Ford though.

  3. Chebby

    “For a guy who likes tiny vehicles so much, I have no idea why this one appeals to me as much as it does.”

    Because you can park underneath it, Scotty!

  4. Warren

    58 cab. Perhaps 65 chassis?

  5. Don

    Mines bigger then yours ☺

  6. rustylink

    completely shocked this is for sale in Alabama.

    • Allan

      Ha ha ha ha !!!!

  7. stumptowngeo

    Looks like the gas cap may be on the seat next to the mt dew bottle. If not, i’m sure the bottle could be used as one. What i’m wondering is if the “custom” window crank on the pass. door comes with it.

    Pardon my ignorance, but why would you need 4 speeds in reverse?

  8. Nova Scotian

    Tires appear worn out. If so, cost to replace would be several large bills. Not worth the expense. But if it were mine, I’d definitely paint it…if there was any cash left over from new rubber. Lol

  9. JW

    If I still lived in the country I would love this and I know my son would as he has 10 acres with a deep creek to run it through. Here’s his S10 he’s going to drop a SBC in to for him and his 2 son’s to play with.

  10. DrinkinGasoline

    Pretty much useless as it sits unless there is a local mud run nearby. It would be a hit at Yankee Lake here in Ohio. Probably gets about 2.5 MPG. I would drop the cab and bed on a later model Ford 4×4 longbed chassis (like mine !). And yes, i would paint it. Sell off the current chassis.

  11. Howard A Member

    1st of all, it’s a ’58, not a ’65.( ’59 & 60 had slightly different front ends, ’65 a different truck altogether) Parking won’t be a problem. Jeff Foxworthy sez, ” You know you’re a redneck, if you can change the oil in your truck, without jacking it up”. Bingo! Cool truck, but I’d tame it down some. A trooper would have a field day with this. Tires alone are worth that. I really like it. I’d like to see the 4 speed reverse ( without having 16 forward speeds) and never heard of “orbital” steering. Is that all steer? Maybe a regional dialect. Something doesn’t sound right at $1,000 bucks.

  12. Brakeservo

    You called it a tough mudder. So is the driver one mean mudder trucker??

  13. Walter Joy

    Has been updated: 58 Truck with a possible 512 V8 (sellers doesn’t know for sure)

  14. Trent

    In Alabama for a vehicLe that old you don’t need a title to own, sell, or register it… just a bill of sale…this one has a vintage tag so you don’t have to retag it either. Not sure about the tires needing fenders here either in “small city” driving ….you wouldn’t believe things that pass you in traffic…. but they would be a no no on th ed highway.

  15. audifan

    It needs an oversized confederate flag on the truck bed, a few NRA stickers and the new owner will be the star of every redneck convention.

  16. chad/CHRLSFUL

    Bama Boys @ it gain.

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