Tough Truck: 1923 IH Model S

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When this truck was built, you couldn’t legally buy booze and the Hollywood sign was new and said “Hollywoodland”. This old truck has no doubt seen some use, good maintenance and restoration over the years, but doesn’t it look amazing for a 90 year old vehicle? It’s listed on eBay in Saint Louis, Missouri with 5 days left. Bidding is over $7,000 but reserve has not been met. It is rated to haul a ton, but at only 25 to 30 MPH.

right rear

The bed and side panels look to be in great shape and the tires look pretty new. It looks ready to work, much as it did in the 1920s!


The carpet’s, that’s not original and the seat has been recovered, but the rest looks like it might have in its working days.


The flathead four is typical of the time. Everything looks to be in order and as it should.


It’s amazing that this old International could somehow survive so long in this condition. It would be interesting to know its history. It was probably restored at some time, but it looks original now. Perhaps it will end up on display or perhaps be used in parades. I hope it stays original. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. jimbosidecar

    Carpets in a work truck???

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  2. David

    At least the carpet is not gold shag!

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  3. geomechs geomechsMember

    That’s a nice driver. Wouldn’t do anything to it other than drive it and show it.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    I tend to question the year of this truck. 1923 seems a bit early according to the information I have. I’d tend to slant toward ’25-’29. It looks like the Six Speed Special that came out at that time. Whatever the case, it’s still old, and it’s still desirable.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi geomechs, I wouldn’t doubt you for a second. I think it’s a tad newer as well. The images of ’23’s look like older type trucks, taller cab, different grill shroud, where this already beginning to look like 30’s type. This could have been a prop truck in Hollywood. To answer Cassidy’s question, these usually had a wood floor ( hence the name “floorboards”) I’m sure it’s a beast to drive ( and stop). Luckily, it probably only goes 25 mph. Cool find, but how will you use this. Parades? Shows? Gonna have to trailer it any distance.

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    • MJM

      I agree …. This truck looks later than 1923 .
      It’s had to guess w it hold trucks as there were not always annual changes in the design offered by the manufacturer . I’m guessing this is a 27, 29 or 29.., ” guessing”

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  5. Jeff

    I bought a restored one a few years ago. Very sharp. Not enjoyable to drive; actually work. Oh it’s a ’23 all right. But it took an effort to make myself drive it once a month. I finally passed it on to a gent in his 80s who really enjoyed it for several years before he passed.

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  6. Cassidy

    Its a beauty all right! Very nice condition, but I have to agree with Jimbo about the carpet, but then, this beast isn’t going to be worked wherever its going. Anyone know what was normally on the floor?

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    • St. Ramone de V8

      Sweat and dirt?

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  7. Mr. Bond

    A friend’s Dad bought one in the mid 1970’s. Tore it all apart, fabricated all the wood pieces, and prepped and painted others. He never started to re-assemble it. It sat in pieces all over his basement, garage and barn. He has moved twice since, and I am sure it is still in parts. I hope one of his kids puts it together one day.

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  8. rangeroger

    I love the oil can on the firewall. Also, while I’ve heard of tomato can mufflers, this is the first I’ve seen a tomato can air cleaner.

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    • S.Brodie

      All those air cleaners did was keep out the big rocks. I had a ’29 Hudson 288 cu. in 6 car for twenty years and it had the same type of air cleaner. They didn’t realize then that the dust and dirt did away with internal engine parts like rings and bearings. Had an acquaintance that worked a 1917 Holt (Caterpillar) type tractor in the high plains of Washington and it had absolutely no air cleaner, just a pipe going up about 5 ft. He told me that each night they would have to pull the ssside panels off the lower end of the engine and remove shims in the crank rod bearings as the dust from those huge grain fields just ate them. Went back to farming with horses as the tractor was just too much maintenance.

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  9. Mike O'Handley

    I love it. If I wasn’t already knee deep into a restoration project I would have bought it and then used it to conduct my home inspection business around town. Get the sides of the box lettered in 20’s style script that advertises the business and I bet I’d see a bump in calls for appointments.

    Oh well, I’ve got too many other things in the fire right now to take on that old girl. It would have been uber kewl though.

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  10. MatB

    My grandfather ever told me a story about a IH truck similar to this one. His father was the driver of the company truck and he come with him to travel merchandise. When they had to go up hills, his father ask him to sit on the fender on the carb side so he can pull the throttle further so the engine rev up more and the truck had more power. I wonder why they never try adjust the pedal to do so? Maybe to save the engine?

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