Toyota Dealer Trade: 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Limited

This 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is listed for sale by a Toyota dealership for just under $30,000. That’s a huge asking price, but there is a strong following for this era of Jeep that is popular with enthusiasts and Instagram celebrities alike. The seller doesn’t offer much in the way of details, but it’s clear from photos this Wagoneer has been loved. Find it here on Wills Toyota website with an asking price of $29,900.

Whenever I see a classic or collectible vehicle at a new car dealership, I wonder if it’s just out of the owner’s personal collection or if someone actually traded it in on a new car or truck. There’s not much in Toyota’ s current lineup that would compel me to dump a classic like the Wagoneer, unless we’re talking about a loaded Tacoma with the TRD Pro package; even for a straight trade, I’d have a hard time letting go.

The Wagoneer presents quite well up and down the sides, and the interior looks minty fresh. The carpets are clean and the acres of leather appear undisturbed. The door panels and interior wood trim look nicely aged; this includes the wood inside the horn button, a staple of the Limited models. The original radio and quartz clock remain installed, but no word on whether the A/C still pumps out cold air.

30 years ago, it may not have been that unusual to see a Wagoneer parked in the used car aisle at your local new car dealership. Finding one today in this sort of condition that isn’t listed on an auction website is highly unusual. Given I’ve known more than a few dealer owners with massive car collections, that seems like the most logical explanation for how this time capsule ended up for sale at a Toyota dealership.


  1. Arthell64 Member

    I wouldn’t pay no where near $30k for this but I do like it.

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  2. Clinton

    Clearly drugs are an issue in that area. 30k…no way

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  3. Vin_in_NJ

    At one time, this dealership used to sell AMC / Jeeps and did so until 1991.
    Might explain how this beautiful Jeep ended up at a Toyota dealership

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  4. Christopher

    30k is probably high, but not crazy. It would sell in a day at 20k. That’s what the market is for good ones. I paid 32k for my blue one couple of years ago, its an 88, in slightly better shape with 58k miles. The blue ones apparently get a premium.

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    • local_sheriff

      Really? Are the blue ones (or any color) more sought after in the Grand Wagoneer crowd..?

      • Chris

        Yes. There are dealers that specialize in these and they want the blue ones.

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  5. That AMC Guy

    They probably gave the previous owner $500 on the trade-in.

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    • TimS Member

      If that. And don’t forget the part about how no one would want it and the best they’d be able to do is part it out.

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      • Dave

        No, no, it’s “well, we’ll take it but we’ll just auction it off”. That part they weren’t lying about.

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    You had better check your pricing, these in this condition are bringing 50k plus.

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  7. Ralph

    The whole Toyota dealer in exchange for the Wagoneer?

    Seems fair.

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  8. Rosco

    Very nice, but over priced. If one actually sold for over 50K, I’d like to know where at?

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  9. PB

    Dumb. No idea why the hell anyone pays the money on these. Yes , they are cool, but NO.. it’s a Wagoneer from the 60’s with a plushy interior and power options. Give me a mint Suburban from this time frame all day long.
    Nothing says late 80’s snobby classic like these.. give me a Cherokee Chief from,late 70’s any day over this .. any day.. sorry. .. just mehhhhh.

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    • KKW

      These hit the market in 1963, the same year Kaiser eliminated the name Willys, and called everything a Jeep, they definitely had a long, basically unchanged run. I’m not a fan, but I have to say, they were pretty well made, body wise anyway. They were kind of a mongrel, parts here and there from every manufacturer

      • That AMC Guy

        Early models came with an overhead-cam six-cylinder engine as standard and even offered independent, torsion-bar front suspension as an option on 4WD models. Quite advanced for the early 1960s.

  10. Dan

    Not something I’d give $30,000 for, but it’s most likely the best-looking vehicle on the lot!

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    • Rosco

      Have to agree with you Dan.

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  11. Craig

    Barrett Jackson Syndrome strikes again!
    The guy who traded it in is probably freaking out about now.

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  12. ccrvtt

    This is my late father-in-law’s dream car. It’s nice enough to command top dollar. I’m just not sure what that’s supposed to be.

    The Grand Cherokee and its forerunner the Grand Wagoneer have been referred to as America’s Land Rover. I would submit that the Land Rover, as good as it is, is England’s Jeep.

    My disclaimer: I have never owned or driven a Land Rover so I have NO basis for comparison other than my patriotic pride. However, being in the parts business I know how hard it is to find replacements for the British Brutes. Jeep owners, on the other hand, can find most necessary parts in stock at your local Advance or O’Reilly’s. And really cool floormats, too.

    Back to this Jeep, then. Although it seems dealers put totally frivolous prices on some cars the vast majority of them know what they’re doing. My bet is that it sells for closer to $30K than to $20K.

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  13. BarnfindyCollins

    This looks identical to the 3 year old 36,000 mile example I bought and drove for 16 years. I like it. Nice to see the correct size woody trim borders, nutmeg color seats in great shape, even the silver highlights on the a/c controls aren’t too worn. Some serious want here!!

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  14. Steve

    There is an old adage in the car business which states, “there is an ass made for every seat.” Every dealer wants to sell every vehicle in his inventory. They also know that a customer looking for a specialty vehicle like this Jeep, is going to try and negotiate the last nickel out of the dealer. Start high to eliminate the “retail mooches” that will come out of the woodwork wanting to steal this nice vehicle.

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  15. Pacekid

    We agree thirty is too much of a fee.

    Why no mention of mileage, maybe its only got 1,200 miles on it.

    • MorganW Morgan Winter

      Ad says 89,116 miles.

  16. EDP

    Someone remarked it’s been at this dealer since 1999!

  17. Mike H. Mike H.

    Funny that nobody here has mentioned the mis-matched paint and Di-Noc on the RF door, or what appears to be rust in the bottom of the RF fender. I get that these bring pretty stupid money most of the time, but this one? The obvious repair is a let down, and they sure worked hard to shampoo those carpets. . . They shouldn’t look like that.

    I agree with the folks who placed this car’s value closer to $20k. It would be a smart buy for that and the dealer would still be rolling in the dough.

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  18. Ryan Hilkemann

    What a trade in am I right?

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