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440/4-Speed/TrackPak: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

1970 Plymouth Cuda

Options make the muscle car and this 1970 ‘Cuda has some good ones! It was originally black over black with a 375 horsewpower 440 V8 and a manual 4-speed transmission. Visuals included a sport hood, bucket seats, and chrome exhaust tips. If that wasn’t good enough, this one also came with the Track Pak! It included many goodies including a heavy duty tranny, Hurst shifter, 3.54 axle ratio, high performance radiator, dual breaker distributor, and a Sure-Grip diff. It’s located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and is listed here on eBay with the option to place a bid or buy it now for $20k.

Cuda Dash

That list of upgrades may seem overwhelming, but the important thing to remember is that all those items added up to a lot of fun! The next owner will want to keep that at the front of their mind because this car needs a lot of help. The drivetrain is out and the engine isn’t numbers matching. The transmission and rear end are correct though. That’s the least of my concerns though because I spotted something nasty underneath.

Frame Rust

Rust – there’s lots of the wretched stuff throughout the body and it’s all going to need to be fixed. Sheetmetal can be sourced, but you’ll either need to be skilled at cutting and welding or you;ll need to know someone who is. It’s going to cost you though. We sometimes underestimate bodywork and paint costs, but if you have done any restoration work lately, then you know it can get real expensive real quick.

Pile Of Parts

Luckily, some of the hard to find bits are still with the car. It’s going to take lots of research to make sure you get everything right though. The car does include two build sheets and a good fender tag. Just about everything is going to need attention so hopefully it goes to a big Mopar fan how has a big wallet. The restoration is going to be a daunting task, but that option list might just make it worthwhile. What do you think?


  1. A.J.

    A holy grail car in a number of ways but unfortunately once the original block is gone it will never bring a top price. The matching tranny is nice, so a date coded block would not be bad.

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  2. MH

    Not worth 20K. Maybe 5K. Will it need a new frame?

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    • Ken Meade

      I agree with you. Frame needs replacing dash has modern gauge clusters, and unless you have another dash, they’re not cheap either. I looked to replace the dash on my 73 cuda, outrageous prices. I think with all the modifications done to it, 5000 is still a little high. If you get the chance to bid, I would start at 3000. Have a great day.

  3. JW

    Since I’m more of a modifier than a purist this car would suit me fine, except for the price with all that needs done to make it awesome.

  4. Frankie

    Being that it hasn’t hit the buy it now price yet says alot, those frame rail can be replaced, there might be a company out there with them.


    Not worth 20k but I could see 10k

  6. Howard A Member

    My grandfather was pessimist, my father was a pessimist, so guess what? I feel this is pure silliness. Granted, the ’70 Cuda was an awesome car, and someone may correct me, but I think the 440, 6 pak was faster than a hemi (splitting hairs there), and some still go for half a mil, but realistically, this one is a POS. Sure, it’s a ’70 Cuda, but full frame off’s ( which looks like you’ll need a new one, frame, that is) aren’t cheap, and this is just too much work. If you have 100g’s to stick into this one, a few more g’s, ( should be no problem) and you can have one all done, and be spinning your tires this very evening. Sorry, all this shows me is how out of hand the hobby has gotten.

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    • racer99

      I don’t disagree with your assessment of the pricing but someone will pay the $20K — it’s just worth too much money rolling across a Barrett-Jackson stage even if the only original body parts are the shell and the ID tags.

    • doc

      Which one is faster? Depends on who is tuning it and who is driving it

    • Ken Meade

      You’re correct. The stock 440 cid was faster than the stock 426 cid Hemi. The 426M cid was faster than the stock 440 cid, due to having a bigger stock cam.
      It does need a new frame, a new dash (since they apparently installed aftermarket gauges), plus a whole lot more. People see a 70 Cuda and think they have that million dollar car. I used to own a Cuda. Just to replace the dash is thousands of dollars. I would consider a $3000.00 bid, but no more. To do a frame off nut and bolt restoration, you’re looking at a 200/250k pocket. No matching numbers (engine to transmission to VIN), cuts the value in half. I wish them well with this sale, but not from me. Happy Motoring.

  7. edh

    Would be cheaper and smarter to buy a different car.

    • Dave Wright

      No one is in this hobby because it is cheep,or easy…….otherwise we would all drive modern oriental garbage.

  8. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Seems unanimous, this is a turd.
    Based on the current bidding though…… makes me wonder what I am missing

    • Doug Towsley

      Unanimous??? Hardly, Maybe I am missing something but currently the bidding is at $17k + and BIN @ $20k and almost 4 days left on the clock so clearly turd polishing is in the cars immediate future.
      Instead my opinion is there is consensus of the following, A) The vintage Mopar market is strong B) People are willing to invest time and energy to build desirable cars (and bikes) C) the average cheap bastard,,,,,,,,sorry,, Cost Conscious motor sports enthusiasts are being priced out the market D) While more and more people are too lazy or self absorbed to work hard, Thank the lucky stars there ARE some people out there with drive and ambition and will rebuild this car. Not your cup of tea?? thats totally okay but I for one am cheering for those out there saving vehicles like this from the crusher.

      • Dave Wright

        I need to buy you dinner some evening………..right on

  9. Maseratijohn

    Yes. It has the desirable options on a desirable car.
    However, stand back and ask yourself ; is all that time and expense worth it ?

    Being the average laymen, I’m going to pass.

    • Doug Towsley

      However, stand back and ask yourself ; is all that time and expense worth it ?
      EXACTLY!!!! Project cars and bikes are NOT for everyone. Personally I find a project like this far more rewarding than a checkbook restoration or someone who just bought a classic. The vintage vehicle market DOES NEED those who write the checks. But those who i respect are the ones who roll up their sleeves and make projects like this happen.
      I just returned from a National rally for vintage British Motorcycles. Nortons specifically but all British bikes were welcome.


      Scroll thru for pictures and videos. My pal Hal says Norton people are like Studebaker people only weirder. It could easily be said we are ALL Nutters, Totally Toys in the Attic, Not a bit of common sense among us. If we had a lick of sense we would all buy Hondas and drive mini-vans w/ Wood grain accents. Not waste our time with old machinery that perpetually leaks oil and has parts falling off. Instead we love these machines with character and charm along with their faults. As I said,, Not a lick of sense amongst us. Average laymen should just go to the dealership and buy something new and sensible.

  10. Doug Towsley

    I find it interesting how far off the mark some people are in their value assessments. Clearly there are MANY delusional sellers thats a given, However eventually and for some it takes longer than others, the market will let you know your prices are either grossly over priced or you find out you UNDER priced something. But at the end of the day it becomes evident and if your vehicle is NOT selling you need to either improve your advertising or adjust your pricing.
    But some of the commentary on these vehicles shows how far off the mark many people are. Sure, this car WILL sell, its too collectible not too. Sure, its going to be time consuming and difficult but its far from impossible. Its one thing to say,,, “Hey ! This one is not for me!” But a weird passive aggressive vibe where some want to scrap some viable projects. Selling off my inventory it gets really old dealing with what I call Chrome polishers who just want to buy a vehicle well under market value, clean and detail it and then ask well above market value in resale. Sure, nice if you can find the gravy, but thats not most of whats out there.

    • Dave Wright

      You and I are in the exact same place………well stated

    • ChadO

      I’ve seen some delusional sellers on this site lately but this ain’t one of them. Look around this guy’s yard and he knows the correct value of what he’s got. This is a heavy project but they ain’t making any more. Pull the trigger Doug, Linda will understand….

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Doug, you make some great points, all relevant to the 21st century “car hobby”. The problem, ( and possible frustration) with us geezers, is ( and I’m not bragging) we basically started the hobby, and for peanuts. In 1980 I had a total of 5 Packard’s that maybe I had $1,000 dollars in. ( including the “good one” I restored) My Diamond T pickup, I bought for $100! Classic cars ( and trucks) was a hobby everybody could get involved in, and not put a 2nd mortgage on the house. Now, I’m not that out of touch, I know times have changed, radically, but you have to understand, it’s just hard to be “forced out” of a hobby, because these people want $20g’s for a car most of us old timers may have taken a grill or bumper off something, and scrapped the rest. I’m sorry, you’ll never convince me this hulk is worth $20 thousand dollars.

    • racer99

      Doug, I absolutely agree. As a person who’s business it is to sell cars the guiding principle is that the car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it at the point in time you are tying to sell it. Someone will pay $20K (or close to it) for this and throw a bunch of money at it and come away with something worth a whole lot more. The folks complaining have to understand that these cars are now approaching 50 years old and are no longer the 15 year old pieces of trash that cluttered junkyards in the 80’s. Their age and the advent of the internet (and sites like this) have conspired to change that old car sitting at your neighbors house that they are willing to give you into the next $50K internet sensation.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Almost there to the bin – and you can bet your life the winning bidder is not a Chevy or Ford guy. Like was said – maybe to be built to sell at auction ? Guess no one pays attention to how many were made…..

  12. David Hunt

    I rebuild just as bad as that one, but I have the skill to pull it off. You will make money on these old mopars because they are MOPARS.
    I have the only known half vinal top 69 super Bee in the US. And by the way it is for sale unrestored but not rusty out. And my phone is ringing off the hook. Mopar or no car.
    Thank you. Inspector. Mopar

  13. james burton

    i done the exact same work to a 71 chal. back in 2005 all told at the end i had 40 thou. in a brand new 71 car. bad part someone sugared the gas tank and the car caught fire and almost destroying it. i didn’t have the heart to do it again and sold it for 85 hund. but now chal’s. are so valuble i’d do it in a heart beat.

  14. Fat neck

    Those aftermarket gauges look like they came out of an old locomotive

  15. doc

    $20,000+++ headache

  16. Rando

    Looks like something that will likely be Pro Touring to go across a big auction. It’s not original motor, color, etc, plus the rust issues. I would rather see it brought back to original specs, even though the original motor is gone. A LOT of cars like this have had to have engines replaced due to overzealous young men owning them in their day. It’s mostly original so it could go either way. Depends on the buyer. Or it could be bought and kept at home and never finished. That would be the saddest story. Whoever gets it needs to get it fixed and back on the road. However short those trips may be.

  17. Steve Bell

    Sadly the “hobby” is no longer a hobby, it’s all about investments now. Hell I’ve never even called it a hobby, I just like wrenching on and driving cool old mopars

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