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Trade And Switch Projects: Barn Finds Match Maker

'74 Corvette

If your car has become a shelf it maybe time to move it on. Listed here on craigslist in Southwest, Michigan is this 1974 L-48 Corvette Coupe priced at $4K. The seller says there has been a respray, there is a new exhaust, valve covers, center console, power antenna and stainless disc brakes. The brakes do not work, the hood cable has stretched so the seller can not open the hood, not to mention the canoe, what’s in the canoe and the pile of stuff on the hood of the car. The seller says that the neoprene bumpers have crumbled, there are new door and t-top seal kits included in the firm price. If the ad is up the car is still for sale, the seller says: “Its like a barn find…”

'59 El Camino

Next up ladies and gentleman we have a person that has two, that’s right folks two, 1959 Chevrolet El Camino “rollers”.  These projects are listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri and are sitting in Franklin with a price of $5K. The two El Caminos, as per the seller, have clean titles. Of course, they are going to need a lot of work before you will be able to put either of them on the road.

2nd El Camino

The seller says that there are lots of extra parts that go with the cars. Hopefully there is just about everything you will need to make them drivers included.

2nd El Camino rear

We don’t think you can use all of what is in the back, but maybe? You will want to take a look at all the parts to make sure you will have what you need and not just lot’s of duplicates.

'59 El Camino trim parts

There is one other image of some other parts and trim with the ad. One of the items that this seller will consider trading for…is a Corvette. Maybe the owner of the El Caminos could contact our “like a BF” Corvette owner above and work out a deal? Time will tell if these will become “sweet” for one or more buyers. So would you buy the Corvette to trade for the El Caminos, or would you rather just keep the Corvette?



  1. Avatar photo randy

    Reminds me of an old “Doors” song, “people are strange”.
    He might get more for the ‘vette, if a potential buyer could even tell that it was a ‘vette. No comment on the El Camino’s.

    I wonder if the ‘vette owner used to take folks for rides in his canoe, “have lots of fun and excitement, without getting wet!”

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  2. Avatar photo rancho bella

    The El Caminos are tough to come by. One just doesn’t see them much and I find the styling very nice.

    The Corvette? no comment

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  3. Avatar photo Mark S

    Corvette, the car is buried in a mountain of junk and seller is not only to lazy to dig it out, but then he takes one crappy picture. There should be a standard in place with Cregslist and EBay be for ads are posted.

    Elcamino’s, both cars look like they were stored in a shallow pond for a couple of decades. Although they are quite rare and a very cool design these two cars have been reduced to parts cars ( maybe ) Well one thing about it if you have a nice one or even a restoreable one, they are now worth more because there two less left.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      Good point Mark, someone owes this guy a favor.

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  4. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    A friend had a mid 70’s Vette back in the day. He called it The plastic pig. It was fun at the time however I was young. What did I know? L48 means base power. The Corvette is heavy. Handles OK despite no help from the stock 350. Even with factory air hitting you in the face does nothing to help your lower parts. Super hot temps coming up from the floor. Only enough room behind the seats for the tops. Rough riding with the heavy rear spring. 74-77’s were the worst. Once while trying to impress some girls in a new Mustang LX with some friendly cat and mouse ended up in a drag race. He got smoked twice. The girl looked like she just got her license! Too funny! The LX was an automatic with hubcaps. I would pass even if he threw in the contents of the garage. The Wheel Horse Tractor blade might be worth a hundro.
    The El Caminos would seem the better choice only not here. The X frame would be with out a doubt be rusted and or repaired. The mostly white car is screaming molested. The parts car offers little help but may find something cool in the bed. I see a dinner plate. The pile of stainless makes me laugh. Parts falling off the car when moved around are collected and displayed makes a person think they are getting extra parts. I would rather take my chances on the rusted 51 Tin Woody in another recent post.

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