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Trade for a Boat: 1994 Ford F150 Lightning

Another day, another F150 Lightning. It does seem like certain vehicles jus come climbing out of the woodwork at the same time, as this has to be the third or fourth Lightning we’ve featured recently. This example appears to be nicely preserved, with good paint and some aftermarket fender flares added; dare I say it’s even been lowered a touch, as it looks to be squatting right on top of the tires. Regardless, this is a nice looking example that’s said to run well and have just over 100,000 miles. The seller is open to a trade for a boat or he’ll take $15,500 OBO. Find it here on craigslist and thanks to Barn Finds reader TCOPPS for the find.

The Lightning looks clean and honest with no signs of modifications and a bone-stock cockpit. Sometimes, we see the upgraded “Lightning” bucket seats with excessive wear on the bolsters, but not here. The interior shows no signs of aftermarket features and the carpets have been protected by all-weather floor mats. The Big 3 didn’t go over the top on the inside when outfitting their muscle trucks, but Ford at least spruced up the interior more than Chevrolet did with the 454 SS pickup. I’ve always thought the Lightning bucket seats would be worth swapping into another vehicle if you ever came upon a wrecked one.

The Lighting shows all of its original graphics, which is a good sign it hasn’t been repainted. It does have an aftermarket exhaust, which may offend the purists, but I’m sure it sounds good. The seller reports what sounds like some funky paint issues regarding the clearcoat that I can’t quite discern; it was clearcoated from the factory but it reads like it got a second shot of it later in life. Regardless, the point is the clearcoat isn’t perfect, which is a common failure point on Ford trucks from this era. The painted bumpers look to be in excellent shape with no obvious signs of being bumper bashed.

The engine bay isn’t completely stock, with other photos showing it has a K&N cold air intake. Not the end of the world by any means but worth noting that this Lightning isn’t bone stock. On that note, the asking price seems more in line with some of the trucks we’ve seen with no modifications and minor cosmetic flaws, so I’d lose the fender flares and intake bits if I wanted to get top dollar for the truck. Still, it is OBO, so the seller is likely open to a final payout lower than the price listed. And at the end of the day, this is a fairly low mileage truck that still presents well, so the asking price isn’t all that far off.


  1. Cncbny

    I already got a new boat for my wife. Not a bad trade!

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  2. JohnfromSC

    I’ve owned one of these. 1st Gen Lightnings just aren’t that high in demand. Near perfect examples with under 50K miles can be had for $22K or so. And they are not rare. This is a top dollar ask IMO with this mileage. 2nd Gen supercharged Lightnings are more highly desired.

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  3. Raymond

    They weren’t anything special new, f-150 w stickers, they weren’t much quicker, definitely not faster, very overrated and not deserving astronomical prices for just another old truck…

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  4. Troy s

    These were plenty special when new, high performance suspension, high performance 351….could out handle the Mustang 5.0 at the time. Plus you got the decals which some people simply removed but you could spot one just by the level stance and high speed tires. Guys around here were taking them to JBA and mods were routine. The SS454 Chevy half ton was the target and I think Ford did a better job with a hundred less cubes. Of course it pales in comparison to the later supercharged Lightning and trucks now days, even standard power, will leave it in the weeds.
    But for the early to mid nineties the Lightning was a pretty big deal, with plenty of aftermarket interest. Also, for me and a few others, this body style would be thee last good looking Ford pick up. Never liked the F150 from ’97 on. This one looks like it has two bazookas for tail pipes! Gotta be loud like that.

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  5. Autoworker

    Bought a ’95 model new. Yes, they would outrun the Mustang of that year. Thought I was cool with those 17″ wheels and tires, LOL. Terrible factory stereos in these trucks. Loved the seats, best in any vehicle I’ve owned. Build quality wasn’t the best. Air conditioning compressor and front fuel pump within the first 1000 miles. Overall a fun truck.

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  6. MGSteve

    Happiest days of a boat owner’s life: The day you buy it, and the day you sell it. So . . . . . how would a boat acquired by trading for your truck fit in???

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  7. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    I always like the wheels on the Fords. The SS454’s only came in black. These had a few colors. I had an 02 F-250 and it had the best seats ever. I wish I had them in my Chevy 2500.

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  8. Araknid78

    Located in northern Wisconsin

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