Trail Beast: 1968 Rokon Trail-Breaker 2×2

Sometimes, a person just wants to be alone. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that most of us don’t mind being alone. We don’t mind not working in an office. We like having more free time to walk, hike, bike, ride our motorcycles and tinker with our vintage vehicles. Who’s with me?! (crickets) This 1968 Rokon Trail-Breaker is listed here on eBay in Watertown, South Dakota and the current bid price is $2,025 but the reserve isn’t met. There is a $4,500 buy-it-now price listed if you just have to own it now.

Yes, there are probably better ways to go down a trail than a 2×2 Rokon. Some folks don’t like them and to each his/her own, but for those of us who own one or have ridden one, they’re a crazy, unique, fun experience – at 10-15 mph because, you know, you’re going down a trail, or up a tree. Life isn’t about rushing down a gravel trail in the middle of the woods at 50 mph, at least for me it isn’t. I ride my Rokon a few days a week and I don’t think I would sell mine for $4,500, it’s too much fun. They will go up to around 30 mph or so but I don’t like to push it too hard with so many things churning to keep both wheels powered. A few of you know that I have one and wrote about it here on Barn Finds a few months ago.

The company has a very long history, longer than some car companies. They started back in the late-1950s and are still around today, but with a more-modern four-cycle engine, electric start, and other niceties. I like two-stroke motorcycles, they cut down on mosquitoes. And brain cells. A Rokon is almost like a tractor with the big clunky shifter on the left side and you can pull a trailer or a plow or a deer or whatever – the powered front wheel ensures grip like nobody’s business. The seller says that this example has “been totally refurbished, runs, drives and stops.”

The engine is a Chrysler Power-Bee two-stroke single-cylinder and this Rokon has new tires along with new chains. I’ve been debating whether to get new tires for my Rokon since my original Firestone tires are cracked. It has new tubes but I’d like to keep the original tires. The ’68 Rokon shown here comes with a trailer hitch rack which would be incredibly handy. Have any of you owned or ridden a Rokon?


  1. Howard A Member

    As most can probably tell by now, I’m “comment shy” ( like awaiting some hazing ritual after every comment), but Scottys posts are so unique, it’s worth throwing caution to the wind. A special thanks to BFs for giving us a welcome change from, well, you know, the “others”. As you can also tell, he must have a secret “button”, that he won’t disclose, on unusual finds, I believe the original intention of this site. Million dollar Ferraris, not so much.
    As with most of these posts, most of peoples experiences have been talked about to the end, and perhaps the site, also going back to it’s intent, finding a good deal, whatever “barn” it came from( no not that “Barn”,,,AG reference), The Rokon kind of started the whole ATV movement, it looked so corny to us, with our tired “enduros”, but come swampy conditions, and N. Wis. was full of them, the dirt bikes didn’t have a chance, and the Rokon came a sloggin’ through. Classic “Turtle and the Hare” thing. It’s a neat find, we’ve come a long ways in ATVs, but I think I can say, this was the grandaddy of them all, And Scotty has one. How cool is that?

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    • Dusty Rider

      I like reading your comments Howard. I get a different perspective and lots of good info and stories from you.

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  2. erik johnston

    I got to mention “howards ” comments are often inspiring and always change my perspection on his comments.I vote-bring Howard on staff!!!

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  3. Steve Hill

    My ex-father in law had 2 of these at his house back in the 90s. They had been sitting for many years. He had used them for deer hunting to haul the deer out of the woods. If only I knew then they were worth saving. Pretty sure they were tossed.

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  4. Hollywood Collier

    Nice bike…..i personally like them but never have rode one. I hope to one day. I enjoy all of your comments Howard. Your a smart man and have lots of knowledge. Please keep up your comments. Good day to all…Barn Finds Rules!!!

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  5. Howie

    Only 6 hours left!!

  6. MotorWinder Member

    Well Scotty, I haven’t owned a Rokon, but I do a have two Beast.
    They’re classified as “eBikes”, but a little rough on the road with the knobies.
    The thought was to make one 2 wheel drive for the cottage, but time says otherwise …
    This one on is being sold to a farmer for dear hunting.

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  7. douglas hunt

    I have a somewhat new Honda Rubicon ATV [2011] but I really want one of these, it looks like a lot of fun

  8. douglas hunt

    whats the difference between a trail beast and a trail breaker?
    there is a trail breaker on the FB marketplace local to me for $3000

  9. RMac

    Howard please don’t let one or two snarky commenters stop you the majority of readers enjoy you personal stories and comments
    As far as this rokon goes I wish it was closer to me in NW South Carolina or I would be on it thanks for the great write up Scotty

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  10. Howie

    Went to $3,050 reserve not met. And now relisted.

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  11. CZ Fan

    There’s a photo somewhere on the internet of six times world motocross champion Joel Robert doing a nose wheelie on one of these unique machines.

  12. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    The second listing went to $2,708 and no sale.

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