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Trailer Find: 1973 Saab Sonett

As I continue to acquire more parts for cars that don’t run, I fear I am going to end up like this seller on craigslist of a 1973 Saab Sonnet. It’s clearly been stuck in a trailer for a while, sitting next to a rebuilt motor that just needs to be dropped in for this pretty Swedish gal to fly again – wait a minute. It’s never that simple. Ah, yes, this is a seller who has decided even with the finish line in sight, it’s time to cut this project loose, a sentiment I’m sure more than a few of us can appreciate. Find the Saab here on craigslist in Rhode Island with all parts included for $3K.

Thanks to fellow New England resident and Barn Finds reader AMXBrian for the find. The Sonnet is one of the odder sports coupes ever made, and as such, its following is fairly limited. They were striking cars, and you could go either way on the looks. Unfortunately, performance isn’t exactly stirring, and the engine’s fairly limited potential has always held these cars back from being truly prized collector’s items.

And it’s too bad, since all of the other ingredients were there, from the heavily-bolstered sport bucket seats to the driver-focused cockpit and low slung stance. Despite the relatively low asking price of $3K OBO, the seller is including the rebuilt engine on a stand and what looks like a ton of spare parts, along with factory books and manuals. No word on why the Saab isn’t returning to the road while in his care, but hopefully the next owner will have better luck.

Yup, that’s a lot of parts, and not unlike what my garage looks like at the moment. Since the car is in Rhode Island, no title is provided for older vehicles, so that may limit some of the potential interest. While these will likely forever be fairly affordable classics to pick up, it’s not often you find one with a fresh motor ready to drop in and what looks like all the spare parts you’ll ever need. Could be a bargain, especially if bought for under $3K.


  1. Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

    Why do I already have too many projects?

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  2. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    That’s a good project for not a lot of dough.

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  3. Avatar photo John

    I saw my first Sonett when I was about 14 in the late 60s and have had a soft spot for them ever since. I haven’t seen more than a handful around home in central PA, though.

    Seems like a very fair price!

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  4. Avatar photo Ken

    We have one in the same color that is my sons first car. It looked better than this one and with some fresh fuel and and change of points it ran fine. It had been “restored” by a community college auto shop. As it was super low cost purchase we didn’t do a usual inspection as it wouldn’t really matter what we found.

    Then with need to fix clutch the carpets came up to get to rear tranny mount. Massive floor pan rust. We parked car for several years and are now getting it patched and going again.

    This car is decently priced if floors are solid. Major rust in front floor at firewall, in rockers and trunk are quite common. Often they look great but hide an ugly mess in the pans, which was the case with the one we have.

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  5. Avatar photo Merrill Newman

    As recently as three years ago, the remains of three or four Sonetts were setting in the weeds next to the old Swift meat packing plant in my home town of Creston, Iowa, of all places.
    Don’t know the story behind them and wonder if they are still there.

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  6. Avatar photo Blaney

    I have had two of these (both 74’s) and loved them. My dad also had a 74. I wish I had the time and the money. I would pick up this project today.

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  7. Avatar photo OrangeKrate

    I liked this enough that I actually showed it to my wife.

    She wasn’t impressed :(

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  8. Avatar photo Peter Andersen

    Okay … who do I send the check to and where do I pick the car up?

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