Trailer Park Sighting: Million Dollar Bugatti!

We’ve seen a Superbird in a trailer park, but this is our first Bugatti! Just because someone chooses to live in a mobile home that doesn’t mean they don’t have fine taste when it comes to automobiles. I suppose that if we all had to choose between a supercar or a mansion, many of us would pick the car! Perhaps someone was visiting their mom or maybe the owner built a replica with the downpayment money? Either way this should make for a good conversation…

Source: reddit


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  1. Capriest

    Is this the one that the owner drove into a lake in Texas to try to collect the insurance payout?????? If not it looks like Julian finally scored the big dirty!

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    • AndyinMA

      You beat me to the Julian comment. Maybe Freedom 35 worked out.

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      • Will Fox

        Private jokes on public forums don’t work, guys…

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    • Robert White

      Evidently Julian is starting ‘Success Auto Body II’ in the carport this time round but K-Rock said that ‘he should have named it ‘Un-success Auto Body’ the first time round, ‘yo’.

      Either way we can surmise that Cadillac’s ‘big dirty’ will not work out this time and Julian should just sell the Bugatti to Arnold or Sly and forget the ‘big dirty’ altogether.


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    • Jacob dorn

      Neither it’s the guy who restored the car after the other guy drove it into lake… who knows… most likely is photoshopped or staged

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    • Millenkneeil


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    • Stevie D

      Or…Barb cashed a 2 million $ insurance policy she had on Mr. Lahey after his untimely death and uses it to go get Randy cheeseburgers. One thing for sure; if she lets Ricky drive it he will have a door tore off it in no time.

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    • Andrew

      I actually just watched a short video about that Bugatti. Check it out here,

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  2. IkeyHeyman

    You have to admire somebody who’s gotten his priorities straight.

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  3. Howard A Member

    That is pretty funny, like seeing a Rambler American at a Beverly Hills mansion. Here in my little town, I see lots of people with trailer homes, driving $50K dollar pickups.

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    • Brent

      It be 1 hell of alot easier to finance a 50 g truck than a 100 g home.

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    • Robert White

      $50k+ pickups are a status symbol in small towns. If you can’t afford a $50k+ pickup you are one that lacks status. Peer pressure in small towns is such that one could live in a trailer park and drive a new pickup which establishes status but if one lives in a trailer park and has a cheap subcompact car one is lacking in status in the minds of the materially oriented in small town M’erica.

      Most of these towns sell trucks too as small cars are not a big seller in small town North America. In CANADA the costs for new trucks is even higher than the US.


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      • glen

        An F-150 XL, with an 8 ft. box and 4×4, is $37,000 CDN. at least the 2 I looked at in Minden, Ontario.With my ’04 F-150 rust bucket, I definitely lack status!

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      • Bob

        Status in my neck of the woods: “If you ain’t got a Ford 4-wheel drive truck you ain’t sh!t.”

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      • Peter

        Growing up in a relatively small town in Australia, I recall the local baker, Bruce, had a Ferrari 308 GTB. His son was in the same year as I in high school. They lived in a very modest house and Bruce proudly told me that you can’t drive your house around – that’s why I’ve got the best car in town!

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    • Bill McCoskey

      Richard Langworth [automotive writer & Author] once produced a limited run of a poster showing a large brick mansion with a tiny little Triumph Mayflower parked out front. The caption at the bottom was simple:

      “The Triumph Mayflower; It makes your house look so big!”

      I had a copy framed and hanging in my office, sadly it burned in the big fire of 1996.

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      • luke arnott Member

        A Triumph Mayflower – can’t remember when I last saw one! I met Richard Langworth about 40 years ago at a car show – nice guy,is he still around?

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      • Bill McCoskey

        Luke Arnott,
        I believe Richard & Barbara are still living in New Hampshire, although I’ve not spoken with him in a few years.

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  4. Will Fox

    Talk about your polar opposites!! This is no trailer owner; he found a hot piece that just happens to live in a trailer park is all. At least it appears to be a nicer, cleaner trailer park. His wife will never think to looking there….

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    • Sidney

      There is more I can not agree with besides the vulgarity. If what you say is true, why would he drive a million dollar car where it is in danger of theft or vandalism? No, I think this is a dumb (very dumb) criminal who recently scored big and has no common sense at all. Did he steal it and figures no one near understands what it is, or did he rip off a cartel and foolishly spend way too much of his ill gotten gains? Now, if I was a criminal with a big time score, I would move out in the middle of now where and lay very low. The whole idea is to not have to work again, am I right? Or is the thrill of the crime the most important thing?

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      • Rob S

        Watch the Deniro/ Pacino movie “Heat” defines what you ate describing.

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  5. daCabbie

    Cars can be bought for cash…

    Buying a house for cash, not so easy…

    Anyone wanna bet the IRS has this guy on speed dial.

    And what’s wrong with a trailer? Why do you consider it lowbrow and a Bugatti highbrow? The best people I know live in trailers.

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    • Danh

      Agreed. And here in Los Angeles trailers sell for as much as $5mil.

      • UK Paul 🇬🇧

        Any links to 5 mill trailers? Love to see one.

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  6. David Rhoces

    trying to hide it from his soon to be ex wife who livers in the family mansion

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  7. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    Or …and I know it is a stretch but it could be photo shopped .

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    • EoinDS Eoin Douglas-Smith

      Agreed, the shadow on the wall is wrong.

  8. Lewis Meeks

    I have the trailer right behind in the pic just bought it to go down and stay in winter for bike week and know the owner it is a Bugatti body on a gto frame down up nicely he hauled it down for the car show in Daytona he also has many other classic cars that will make your eyes water and his nephew bought that trailer just to go down for the car shows and to fish cheaper to own in this court than get a motel as much as we are down there so their you have it folks we all have nice homes back where we reside but the weather is nicer in the winter in Florida but would not live there thanks for the pic

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  9. Bill Member

    It’s been exposed. It’s a Pontiac GTO. With body kit.

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    • Superdessucke

      Given the location, I think it’s a Fiero with a body kit.

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  10. Mike

    Maybe this guy worked with a drug cartel, flipped and now is in the witness protection program, but one little, tiny, small tell tale detail was overlooked.

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  11. Davis

    Big house = big annual property taxes.

    Fancy car = big one time sales tax payment.

    Besides, once inside your house, you can’t see, and some don’t even care, what the outside looks like, that is the neighbours looking out their windows problem.

    We lived in a house trailer for 20 years. Now in a slab floor house for the past 10. Except for the floor plan, really no different inside.

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  12. mlm

    WOW! Looks like somebody is smart with their money and daCabbie I’m with you because I stay in a gated mobile home park and some of the nicest people stay here(also some jerks,but that’s anywhere).

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    • Al

      It’s probably an Über vehicle.

      That’s über with an omalaut.

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      • John

        What kind of omalaut ? A Western?

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      • MikeH

        That’s “umlaut”.

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      • Al

        omalaut is a open-faced egg dish, you are absolutely correct MikeH.

        Thank you.

        for those curious ä = ae; ö = oe; ü=ue und ß=ss (ß is not always used)

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    • Kinmont Willy

      mim: A Gated Trailer Park? I love oxymorons and you just took first prize, beating out Bittersweet, Civil War, Good Grief, Dull Roar, Freezer Burn & Growing Smaller

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      • mlm

        I know because I live here.You must wear peppermint socks because you just put your foot in your mouth!

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      • John

        And Army Intelligence.

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  13. dyno dan

    this is a 1/24 scale model that has been photo chopped/shopped
    for your viewing pleasure. I know a guy that parked his b-17 next to his
    “manufactured home”.

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  14. Wade anders O

    I’ve lived in mobile homes all my life nothing wrong with it mine is paid for property and all and I’ll park any kind of car here I want too man I think I’ll get rid of this barn finds thing

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    • Davis

      What I like about mobile homes is they are generally built indoors in a controlled environment. Always wondered about 1/2 built “real” homes standing out in the pouring rain with no roofing or siding, just the sheeting getting soaking wet, and water pouring in through the window openings.

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      • David Frank David Frank Member

        Modern manufactured homes are great, but have you ever lived in an old wreck like this one? I grew up in them and lived in them working for the Feds. They were no fun with their drafty windows, poor insulation, leaky roofs, and overall awful build quality. Thanks to your neighbors they were also infested with vermin and unpleasant insects.

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      • Haig Haleblian

        I lived in a tornado magnet sophomore year of aviation school. I felt like a king! Beer, women, a 62 Corvette. And before you start with the mommy and daddy paid for it. Negative, I started working at nine years of age and put myself through school. 59 years later I’m still bustin my hump and love every minute. To your point I froze in the winter and damn near died from heat exhaustion in the summer.

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  15. Kenneth Carney

    Maybe the person who owns this car
    didn’t want to advertise that he or she is
    a multimillionaire. To that, I say that they
    picked the wrong car for that purpose.
    When I worked for Taco Bell as a dining
    room host in the ’90’s, I personally knew
    multimillionaires who just wanted to blend in with the rest of us. The only
    way I knew they were very rich came
    at Christmas time when my managers
    would give me the Christmas cards
    that they gave me. Inside, I might find
    a check for $500 and a regular card that
    thanked me for my excellent service to
    them. To me, they were my regular
    customers who stopped by for some
    good food and spirited conversation
    and to msybe watch football when in
    season. A lot of them were prisoners
    of their success and just wanted to be
    an average person once in a while. Or,
    they live in trailer court because it costs
    so much to own a car like that.

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    • Dovi65

      A “dining room host”? At a Taco Bell? Now THAT’S funnier than this photo!

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  16. Tirefriar

    Another Powerball winner heading for bankrupcy

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    • Sidney

      Now that I can agree with.

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  17. larry

    It’s a fake. the two tone is wrong. The area under the two intakes is wrong. This youtube appears to be a similar replica.

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  18. James

    Pretty sure that is a 55 and over retirement park I actually checked into nice places older mobile homes and 24 hours security and gated

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  19. UK Paul

    Could be a wealthy family member visiting his in laws?
    Maybe it was their family home growing up before he won the lottery or bought Bitcoin at the right time .. they might have popped back or still own it?

  20. Smokey Member

    Funny that No One has yet said that this is a very old photo, shopped or not. I remember seeing it well over 10 years ago on another site. I still have that saved file. Oh thank gawd for the Internet, I guess. And thanks for recycling !!

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  21. Mark

    Staged pic…properties appear to be empty…

  22. Scott Marquis

    This is a VeyWrong replica, built up on a Fiero platform.

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  23. Jim

    To each their own, I suppose. As George Harrison once said: “It’s all up to you what you value, down to where you are.”

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  24. Steve

    Jimmy Johns…freaky fast

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  25. Steve S

    If I lived in either a trailer park or a mansion I think I will stick with an 82 to 89 Chevy 6.2L diesel or gas powered 4×4 with an 8 foot bed truck since they look better and have better body lines than the brand new 60k trucks

    • Steve S

      And with a 60s or 70s muscle car sitting next to it and a 90s 4×4 truck with an 8 foot bed for winter time I forgot to add

      • Steve S

        Another thing how would you know if the paint was wrong the factory can paint the cars how ever they want and the owner of the car can have it painted how ever they want also and how would any of you know if the car was a replica or the real thing you probably only seen the car in a picture and never seen one in real life so you cant judge the car by a picture and who cares if the person lives in a trailer park or a mansion they can own any car they want as long as they can afford it that’s my opinion on that

  26. steve

    It could be a replica, which can be built for about $30k.

  27. Uncle al

    probably a stolen car…

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  28. Wrong Way

    You guys are too funny! A car doesn’t perceive status? I have 13 cars to choose from! Soon will have 14 by spring! I feel no different driving my $100,000 car than I feel driving my pasture truck to town! It’s not the car BOYS it’s about the MAN behind the wheel! That’s status!

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    • UK Paul 🇬🇧

      Sorry, I have to disagree a little with this. If you own a 2019 Bentley versus a beat up 1986 Volvo you do have more status if thats the best car the Volvo driver can afford. That being the key factor.
      Doesn’t make the Bentley driver a more decent person though, that I would agree with.

      It is an interesting discussion though. I am not very wealthy personally but know quite a few wealthy people and it’s quite interesting how many of them tick. Quite a few millionaires I know couldn’t care less about cars. Their 10 year old Volvo does them fine. Others spend every spare pound they have on a fleet of flashy motors yet won’t buy a pint down the pub as they are too tight to do so. I guess you can have money and still not live within your means but also have status and not flaunt it.

      Years ago a lottery winner I knew blew £400k of his £1.2m win on cars in cash, they depreciated hugely and before you know it he was back working his £20k a year job. I suspect he had fun though along the way.

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  29. bigdave

    Your priorities are straight when the oil change on your car cost more than the trailer you live in.

  30. RJ

    Years ago my then 12 y/o son had the hots for a Lambo. His constant bugging me lead me to what I considered a ‘teachable moment’. We sat down with pen and paper (and a calculator) and figured out how to get one. When I showed how all our assets, savings, and retirement money would add up to enough to buy him a Lambo, his comment was “Great – That means we can do it?”

  31. William Dillon

    It’s a cardboard cutout.

  32. Del

    Quit making fun of my girl friends house.

    Besides I ways leave before sunset.

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  33. LodeStar

    54 comments and NOBODY has asked, What is the SOURCE of the Photo?
    Doesn’t ANYBODY realize the Power of the MEME? …..A meme is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions. Some memes have heavier and more philosophical content…This one caught the attention of 54 BarnFinders…HA, HA!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I am waiting for the memes that have the heavier and more philosophical content, then I will comment.

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  34. Davis

    All this talk about status.

    Who cares.

    I own a full size crew cab 4X4 pickup, because I want one, not how it is perceived by anybody else.

  35. Alfred

    I’ve seen this picture on several sites over the last year

  36. John C.

    Maybe a “recreational products dealer” trying to lay low by living in a trailer. BTW I live in one, never realized until I moved in that trailers are considered low income housing. Never heard the words trailer trash until I moved here either, which I am not because I keep the outside of my unit spotless. And drive a Toyota. I’m sure there is a reason why this guy drives that, as mentioned above.

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  37. Tom Parker

    He is visiting his mother at the home he bought for her.

  38. Del


    Who gives a rats ass about Memes.

    We are not morons that need a lecture about Menes from some 16 year old

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  39. Rob S

    Ok whatever is going on here, spirited discussion, this may be real. Not sure why this is parked next to a mobile home. …
    True story. I lived in a mobile home for a year with my sister. We had to share a place because our dad could not take two teens anymore. I worked at a bodyshop and drove my 1970 mach 1 everyday. It was parked next to the mobile every night. Had a few people take pictures and inquiring about the car. Kind of funny how people are prejudice! I now live on 5 acres of prime land in Washington and have a 67GT500 parked in tbe driveway. Not so many comments now….
    Never judge a book…so they say.

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  40. Russ Iverson

    You can sleep in a car but you can’t race a house…:)

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