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Trailer Park Superbird


You never know where you might find a car. Take this 1970 Plymouth Superbird for example. Apparently, the owner keeps it parked under a carport next to their trailer house. They have owned it for over 30 years, but have decided that they would rather have some land or a Viper… So they have listed it here on craigslist for $85k!


Supposedly this winged Plymouth has only 56k miles on the odometer. It is a 440 car, but we are not sure if it is equipped with the 375hp 4-barrel or the 390hp six-pack. It does have the 4-speed though. The seller mentions that they restored it once, but the paint job has since gone bad and they just don’t have time to fix it. This could be a great opportunity to pick up a Superbird, but proceed with caution and remember to never send anyone money without making sure everything is legit.


  1. Wayne Norman Delegate


  2. Jeff_RI

    That is absolutely wild to think of one of these sitting next to someone’s trailer, casually protected from the elements. If it’s as straight as it looks, I feel like the seller could get a bit more money, no?

    • Rob

      No, even with some going for 200 plus grand, this is over priced at 85, it needs a full nut and bolt proper frame off restore and that will cost over a hundred grand and a year to do

  3. paul

    Craigslist humm, well I suppose it’s possible. Well who ever wants it, they better be sure.

  4. Jeff

    This might be a great opportunity if the price was 1/2 or more off the asking. A selling-point of this car is the engine, why on earth is there no pics of an open-hood? Obviously a cheap-skate here or just out-of-the-loop i.e. Craigslist & not Ebay or auction house. This car, if good documentation exists needs national exposure if the asking price is even fathomable, just sayin’…….

    • wayne

      I agree. This would be worth 30k as is. Minimum restoration doing it mostly yourself would bo 60k.

  5. herb

    That car is not far from my in-laws, that is a normal way of storing vehicles in western Oregon, if you can keep them out of the rain, and sap dripping from trees, you are pretty well covered. .There is very little sun damage out there,

  6. Ben

    If he’s in Salem Oregon, why list it on Craigslist in British Columbia. Sounds fishy to me,

    • Jeff

      A lot of immigrant Asian $$$$.

      • Graham

        True, but not really the muscle car target market. Lol.

  7. Darrell

    Asking way to much money for it and it no where near original. .when you can find them in better shape for less…

  8. Dolphin Member

    A really good 4-barrel Superbird is valued at $84K-$137K, but with bad paint, carport storage, and no inside or underside shots, this one isn’t worth the $85K ask.

    The Craigslist posting was done from Whistler, British Columbia, which is Canada’s Vail, Colorado, located about an hour North of Vancouver, BC. So, this is a trailer park Superbird in Oregon posted from one of the most expensive places in No America, and the seller wants to buy vacation land with the proceeds? If the vacation land is in Whistler, you’ll be lucky to get a carport for $85K.

    Stay cautious, my friends…..

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  9. Chris H.

    Where’s Joe Dirt when you really need him?

  10. tim

    Who do you think painted it joe dirt he ran into the chunk of money.
    Craigslist ebay same diference you have to watch who you deal with. Easy run vin# check prior owners! , besides corperate bozzos didnt get of hold of this one yet in other words this was a guy that purchased this for the love of the car back when average hard working guy could afford it, , ha ha poor guy owns somthing rich man wants! theres hope yet!

  11. Mike

    It’s a shame that there are no more nice muscle cars for the real enthusiast that has more enthusiasm than money. Never in my wildest dreams back in the day figured on having to pay $85k for ANYTHING found in a trailer park. These used to be used cars that enthusiasts could pick up afford-ably, put blood, sweat, and tears into, and have something really cool to be proud of. Thanks to Barrett-Jackson and speculators with more money than brains, the people that really love these cars and gave them the following they have today can never afford one.

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    • Blindmarc

      Truer words have never been spoken…

    • Foxxy

      You sure hit the nail on the head. The days of gearheads finding the nice ones are gone, if you do find them the people who watched BJ think there car is worth as much as the ones on tv. -peace-

    • Kal

      Exact description of the current used muscle car market

  12. FRED

    I think it is pretty bad when your selling a car that is worth three or four times the place you live in. Nothing against trailers, i own a few and rent them out for extra income now that my working days are over. If they sell it for the asking price that might be enough for a down payment on vacation land in that area… For the buyer, look before you leap…

  13. Chris

    Mike. Unfortunately. All that ended when the “portfolio hot rodder” started buying up cars around the mid 00’s just because they discovered them as an investment rather than a hobby. Many of these people have a major disposable income and dont care how much a car costs if they want it because they can afford it no matter what. Once the general public gets wind of those sale prices, they believe everything out there must be worth that and the prices on every other classic car of the same model gets affected as well. The days of finding a rare muscle car on the cheap are over.

    Regarding this Superbird, I could see it being worth a trade for a Viper depending on the year, but a Viper plus cash? No way. 85K? Someone needs to go back and do some more research on these cars and price a little more realisticly.

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  14. Curtis

    Only two places to display a SuperBird and have it look right at home. Daytona banking and a trailer park. Priceless.

  15. Ramone de V8

    Have to agree with Dolphin on this. Something fishy. I live in Vancouver, and yes it’s expensive here and in Whistler. That car wouldn’t have much appeal to the rich idiots here. They’re into the new import stuff. Just a weird thing to live in Oregon in a trailer with such a valuable old car and choose to list it this way. It’s already off Craigslist. Hmm.

  16. Mohon

    I be it was a host. Already off Craigslist! Fishy.

    • Chad

      Did you naysayers the thought ever cross your mind that it might be SOLD?

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  17. stu

    Once, here in the WNC mountains, back in the dark ages of the 80s and 90s, I watched a similar Superbird sitting outside a trailer uncovered but regularly driven for many years. One day it was gone, and never seen again. Stranger things have happened in these trailer parks.

  18. Chad

    It’s not all that uncommon to find cars like this languishing around in places like this in Oregon. I have a 1965 Ford Fairlane, that belonged to my wife’s grandma. It has been in “storage” in La Pine, Oregon, outside under cover, for the last 20 years. There is no weather damage and is remarkable condition. The climate is dry and it never gets wet. I can turn the key and it will fire within 3 seconds.

    Now, about the Superbird in question; I think it’s unfair to question the seller’s motives and speculate about its condition, based on the premise that it’s for sale on Craigslist. I have bought and sold many things on through CL. I would say 90% of the things listed are legitimate… There’s always a few rotten apples that spoil it for the rest of us… EBay and the rest of the internet included. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt… Negativity here or anywhere else only adds fuel to a fire that should not have been started in the first place.

    If I had the room and $85K burning a hole in my pocket, I would buy it… Without hesitation. It looks like a solid investment and could make a happy return to anyone who buys it. I have not seent he car inperson, nor do I know this person. I feel it spoils the hobby to be negative, just based on pictures…

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  19. Darrell

    Excuse me for just being a realistic person. This is not the B. Jackson Auction. How many times have people seen say a 65′ Mustang, or 69′ Camaro for sale going for $40-$60k. And they are not worth it. People see this jacked up prices on car on TV like that and think that theirs is a gold mine the same with out realizing the true. All they are doing is jacking up the prices of cars that are not worth what they think it is. And I live about 8-10 miles from Richard Petty. And see this all the time with people and these cars. And so yeah. Its one of those situation were if your willing to be that silly and pay that ridiculas price for it then you deserve it for people to shack their heads at you for doing so… So ok I may be wrong that in that part of the country it may be worth it to some whom don’t wish to go out looking for a better deal then ok so be it. But why jack up the price of a cars just because ok f greed thinking you got something special as if your on the B. Jackson Show…? A lot of people forget why those cars get sold like they do on that show. Hmm Duck Dynasty, Redneck Vacation, Desperate House Wifes. Ring a bell… Be realistic¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    • Chad

      Are you talking about this car in particular or in general? This is a Superbird… One of only about 2000 made. These do not come up for sale very often… If at all. He knows what he has and $85, 000 is actually right in line with what they are worth, in its present condition. I don’t thinkg the B-J Auction comparison applies here… At all. This is not a Camaro or a Corvette. Period. Depending on the options, originality and the fact that so few were made and they are not as prevalent as any other production car, is what makes it what it is… Rare! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to pick someone’s car apart based on what people think they “know” is not only assinine, but taints the hobby… Shying guys away from selling what they have… Because every joe schmo is an “expert” about the muscle car market.

      Let the guy advertise in peace… I wish him luck… He’s going to need it in this fickle market of bench auction commentators…

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  20. Charlie

    According to a TV program I recently saw, less than 300 licensed Superbirds exist ( I thought there were less than that) out of the 1500 that were made per NASCAR rules. And the last one that went across the auction block, brought over $300K.

    • Chad

      Sorry Charlie… According to the superbird club AND Galen Govier, of the 1929 ‘birds built, there are 1257 documented cars known to exist. Of the 503 Charger Daytona’s built, 388 survive.

      The TV show you are referring to, wouldn’t be Graveyard Carz, would it? If so, Mark Worman doesn’t know his ass from Daren’s hole in front of his head. How can anyone watch that show and believe what he says when he use toll painting acrylics to replicate factory inspection marks? His half-ass attempt at reproducing the Cosmoline on the suspension parts is laughable, not to mention using rattle can spray paint on high dollar restorations.

      Having restored a fair share of ’59-69 GM cars (which I specialize in) I never cut corners and certainly would not if I was on TV! The only thing I use out of an aerosol can is WD-40, brake cleaner and shaving cream!

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      • Charlie

        Nope! It was Counting Cars with that guy from Vegas. And as to the 1500 number that came from NOT ONLY a Dodge News Magazine but also an article in a 1985 Motor Trend that mentioned it was a GM memo to NASCAR Officials that stated they were displeased with the slipstream design of the MOPARS and Fords on the track that was a huge disadvantage. GM didn’t have anything to compete with that could cripple that advantage.

  21. Darrell

    I seen a show that may have been same one. I honestly thought he said they had to make 2500 street production version car before allowed on the track. That Chevy and Ford was fusing cause they could not keep up with them because of their shape and power of the Hemi put out. So Both Plymouth ( Superbird ) and Dodge ( Daytona ) made its mark in racing… As for today there are so many of them in peoples garages and collected up and not registered it is hard to say actually how many still around… I personally know of several living here in Mopar Country… And the Plum Crazy Hemi Cuda’s, Fury 3, Dusters, Darts, Barracuda’s. But they not sale them because of the market. Some do not understand how people use cars like that to keep from having to pay so much in taxes by hiding it high priced cars. What is the property tax on a 1970 Superbird? Ok $85k. Now what would you pay tax on that same money in the bank or stocks. And bottom line they done what to a nice car that anyone should be able to afford, but can’t… Is that fair? Can’t blame those whom put money in to cars like that in steedof letting Michelle Obama spend it going on all her vacations…

    • paul

      Or I should say HUH?

  22. paul


    • Chad


  23. Stu

    No, I’m not gonna comment, it would just be mean. BUT… The homologation number for NASCAR in the 60s was 500, that is, stock cars that you could buy on Monday having won the race on Sunday. I think $85G is a fair ASKING price for this one, if they throw in the carport.

    • Chad

      Dang it, you beat me to the carport request… Maybe if they throw in the bird feeder in front of the trailer… Gotta feed the old girl somehow.

  24. Darrell

    I own a Rare Official Orange County Chopper GMC pickup truck. One year only. Apporx. 2500 different versions of trucks where made. Mine is the extended cab Stage 3 OCC package. Factory Towing package extra. If you wish to buy it for that kinda money. I sign papers. And yeah according to the GMC people, it is only one of 250 of this type built. And available if the price is right. Oh and only 55, 100 miles all original and everything else about it…

  25. Stu

    Darrell, no offense meant here, but you are comparing apples to oranges.

  26. Clay

    Can you believe all the people on here that are marketing experts on “Birds”. They should start a new business called Long Distance Appraisals.

  27. Ed

    Some people are morons!! My family has owned a SuperBird since 1971. Numbers are 1920 built. Ours has the 440-6 Harrell in it and only 55000 original miles. Listen to the people who have or owned one before you speak out of your a@@.

    • Ed


  28. Chris

    Fine Ed, what is a 440-6 “Harrell” then? Never heard of it.

    • Chris

      Ah, typo. Gotcha

  29. paul

    Well, I believe a sales price is determined by what a buyer would pay a seller, I I would be happy about giving 85k if I had a thousand times that amount.

  30. Jeff Van Allen

    An “even” trade for a good condition Viper would make two people happy, in there own perspectives???

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