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Tree Damaged 1967 Land Rover Series IIA


What a shame. We are doubtful that this 1967 Land Rover can be brought back to life, but we hope someone will try. A tree fell on the cab 3 years ago and it has sat ever since. The owner claims that the engine was running at the time and that it does have a clear title. What do you think, can this Landie be saved? Take a look at more photos here on eBay where bidding starts at $200 with no reserve. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the submission.


Land Rovers may be tough, but it appears that the tree got the better of this one. We are afraid that the impact may have tweaked the frame, but then again, that might be a good excuse to stick a shiny new galvanized one underneath. The seller does not mention the mechanical specs except for the unlikely low mileage, but we assume that it has the 2.25 diesel under the hood. That inline-four was a good engine, but perhaps this would be the ideal time to perform a 200tdi swap. Remember, we asked if it could be saved, not if it made sense financially…


  1. Jesse Mortensen

    We forgot to mention the fact that this Land Rover probably isn’t a ’68. It would have had the headlights mounted in the grill instead of the fenders. They were moved in ’69.

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  2. ALMS

    Perfect for 24 Hours of LeMons! :-)

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    • Somer

      True that!!!!

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  3. Somer

    A friend restored one of these. The body skin is actually “Birmabrite” Mostly a mixture of aluminum and magnesium. Mostly aluminum. I think that make it look a lot worse than it is. I’d speculate the frame is OK.

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  4. Wouldrathersail

    Hi, I’m the seller of this vehicle, thanks for the share! The engine is the little 4 cyl. gas. It needed work, but it did run. The frame had the beginnings of rust on it, so I’m sure the tree did indeed tweak it a bit. Thanks again, and maybe ‘ol Grommit can find a good new home.

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  5. paul

    Would make a great Sebring car to cruise the midway during the 12 hr.

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  6. jim

    seller has updated Ebay listing, stating fuel type: “gasoline”, and pictures.

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  7. Robert J

    We have to appreciate Wouldrathersail for saying he believes the frame is tweaked as it does appear so from the pictures. Kudos…and may it find a worthy new home.

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    • paul

      Actually the frame is easier to straighten then the cowl.

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  8. krash

    How much for the tree?

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  9. Wouldrathersail

    Nice krash….that tulip tree took out my Landy, an Old Town canoe, two trailers, the snow plow for the tractor, and a nice section of fence. It was an expensive tree :-)

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d like to own a Land Rover some day but this one is a little too far gone for me. It would sure be good for a parts source though.

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  11. Chuck

    These vehicles were ugly (as are the Hummer’s) when they rolled off the assembly line. The tree did this one a favor.

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  12. rancho bella

    there might be 200 bucks worth of scrap aluminum……….

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  13. RKT

    This would be a weekend project in Tanzania!! Too bad it has a petrol engine…

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  14. jim

    the seller has posted even more pictures to the ebay listing

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  15. Steve

    Someone must really need junk the bidding is high enough to buy one in decent condition now

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  16. Wouldrathersail

    The parts can be pretty pricey, there may be stuff there worth something, maybe not. I bought this car with some guidance from a friend, had some fun working on it, rebuilt the master and slave clutch, installed the spin on filters, drove it around the neighborhood, toyed with it here and there. Never got it in good enough shape to actually go pay the money and get the inspection and trust it to make it a daily driver, but it ran, and I had fun mucking with it. I learned some things, also learned enough to know that I’m nowhere near an expert with this. I’m not trying to portray this car as a restoreable beauty…..but who knows….I clean title and some parts can be worth something, right?

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  17. Raymond F. Pittam

    I would not be at all scared of the frame. I rolled one on a logging trail in Shasta County California and removed the cab and built a woody on it and it is still running. It sold after the wreck and I rebuilt it for $4500.00 As is.

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  18. Steve

    I wonder what happened,the vehicle has been pulled from e bay

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