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Tri-Power 427 Project: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

1969 Corvette Project

This one comes from one of our readers. Nick bought this Corvette a few years ago with the intentions of restoring it, but hasn’t found the time. Now he is losing his storage and would like the car to go to someone with the resources to finish the job. It may not look like much in the photos, but this was a Tri-Power equipped 427 car so it’s definitely worth saving! It’s located in Palos Park, Illinois and is listed here on craigslist for $8,500 or best offer.

427 Parts

Unfortunately, the big 427 engine is out of the car and in pieces. Nick does mention in his ad that the block and included bits are correct for the car. The bottom end and Tri-Power (triple carb) setup are missing though. That’s too bad because this puppy was good for 400 horsepower when new! That’s impressive power even when compared to modern muscle cars.

1969 Corvette Interior

Things have been ripped apart inside too. Nick mentions that most of the interior pieces are with the car, but that the next owner would probably want to replace everything anyway. This is going to be a big project, but with so many dedicated Corvette enthusiasts out there, I have no doubt that it will find a good home.

Rear Clip

The rear clip has obviously been replaced, but the rest of the body looks good and the frame is claimed to be solid. This is one of those projects that is best left to the pros. It’s going to take a lot of time and money to make right, but the end result will be impressive. And just think how exciting it will be to sit behind that wheel and turn that key for the first time after the restoration is complete. That will be a very good day!


  1. Avatar photo TRP

    What is that booger welded nonsense stuck to the top of the dash?

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    • Avatar photo Gary I

      Since the rear has been replaced, maybe some temporary internal support was welded up and meant to be removed, only a guess.

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  2. Avatar photo redwagon

    there are some really interesting bits here but there is so. much. to. do.

    the writer was correct in stating it’s probably best left to a professional and that definitely is not me.

    no rotating assembly so it needs a crank, pistons, rods, cam, etc. how hard is it to find that in new condition or used and then refurbish? how hard it is to come by a tri-power set up for this car? at what cost?

    dont mean to be a debby downer (esp for a forum member’s car) but this one needs someone with a clear vision and experience and deep pockets.

    the trade-off is potentially huge. no risk no reward.

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  3. Avatar photo MH

    Needs alot of work is a understatement. Very desirable car but 5K tops is about it. You can buy a running driving one for less then what you would have to put into this car to make it run and drive.

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  4. Avatar photo David C

    Tri power setup is available for $3500. All the other engine parts are readily available also.

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  5. Avatar photo Healeydays

    This car will be a Barrett Jackson car within 5 years. 427 tricarb cars sell.

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  6. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Cool car but I’d buy one done already.

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  7. Avatar photo Steve

    Why do people ruin cars and canabalize them like this and walk away from them?

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    • Avatar photo TRP

      It’s that moment when big dreams meet reality. Takes an iron gut and deep pockets to power through.

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  8. Avatar photo Jamie P

    Needs lots of work to make it while again, but it’s at the stage where you can make it your own. Open slate for a resto mod or bracket racer. Good luck to whoever gets it

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  9. Avatar photo grant

    It is a lot of work but it is a flat window C3. These are my favorite Corvettes and I hope this one doesn’t get hacked up.

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  10. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I know you guys get sick of me ragging on these, so here goes.
    If you think the small block version handles badly………drive one with a big block…………
    You could use it as farm equipment because they plow into a corner

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  11. Avatar photo bill

    If I hadn’t already started restoring a 454 car I’d grab this in a heartbeat

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  12. Avatar photo HeadMaster1

    The ol’ “lost storage” excuse……I’ve been all over this country time and time again. Even the little 1-horse towns have storage units for rent, as Americans all seem to be hoarders of some type. Seriously, if you had a 427 tri-power Vette, wouldn’t you be able to find a place to keep it? TO the seller, I’ll store it for you, indoors for FREE for the next 2-years……let me know if that helps you out….I’ll even park it next to my 90 ZR1 so it won’t get lonely…..

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  13. Avatar photo Ralph Spears

    That is a 1970-73 rear clip on that car see the flares behind the rear wheels

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  14. Avatar photo dogwater

    I have been restoring corvettes for years you have to love doing it someone will buy this and dump a bunch of $ in it,5k tops for this one

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  15. Avatar photo Rocco

    I assume it is a 4-speed car. I couldn’t tell for sure.

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  16. Avatar photo Mike

    I have known people who try to rebuild a Corvette, and wind up losing there mind. In all the years that Dad ran his body shop he would always turn down a Corvette rebuild except for 1, because they are so hard to get everything lined back up and lets not even talk about the fiberglass repairs. The only Vette he did repair was a 78 that had some nose damaged from being backed into in a parking lot. Dad worked and had even hired a fiberglass man to do the repairs, but it would never look right. So he bought a replacement nose and installed it, The cost went through the roof on the repairs and the guy was never happy with it after that. But most of it was his own fault, he did not want it totally repainted, he did not want to spend money, (the guy that hit him did not have insurance, and was on a fixed income) so the guy was a pain to deal with every step of the way. It got so bad Dad offered to buy the Corvette from him so it could be repaired the correct way. Well the guy kept it paid Dad and sold the car some months later. To this day my Dad will not talk Corvettes, because of this deal. The worse part about it was the Guy was a Good Friend of Dads, up until then!!!!!.

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    • Avatar photo dj

      We never had any problems lining them up. Dad would buy them in the 60’s for 300-400 bucks wrecked, fix and sell them. He bought a 63 split window fuelie car for $500 with shark nose on it. Put it back stock and sold it for $1500 in 1974. I think that guy sold it for $15k the next year. We have a 79 now we got for $1500. There still out there if you want to buy them.

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  17. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Hopefully Nick has proof that this is a real 427 Tri power. GM did not make these vin specific. No documentation, window sticker, tank sticker, or invoice all you have is really a clone. Sorry the console plate can be had in any Vette catalog. Actually paper work can be reproduced to look legit as well. Trans will be an M22

    I would look very close at the block if it was claimed to have matching numbers. Numbers can be stamped to match vin.

    Years ago an old guy in Ohio claimed to have the actual dies that GM used to stamp their blocks and he was paid well to use them. Often I might add. I personally know a 427 435 block (not mine) that he did. It continues to fool the judges still to this day.

    Buyer beware on any 1969 Corvette 427. More important any Corvette in a serious fire!

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  18. Avatar photo Pistol

    Take the trip powered engine and put it in another 69.

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