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Tri-Powered 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Wide-Track

Many thanks to Patrick S for providing the lead on this 1960 Pontiac Bonneville located in Lynn, Massachusetts. The car can be seen here on eBay with 4 days left on the auction and a current bid of $7,600. This 2 door beauty is unrestored and sitting in a garage next to a 1969 Camaro. The car is being sold by an estate along with several other vehicles.

This Bonneville is equipped with a 389 V8 and Tripower (3 x 2) carbs which produced 300 horsepower from the factory. The engine and drivetrain were restored 15 to 20 years ago but the car has sat since then. The car has the correct 8 lug wheels and is said to run and drive but will need some attention for leaking fluids.

Although dusty, the interior looks original. This is the last year of the 2nd generation Pontiac Bonnevilles (1959-1960). The seller states that the car still carries its original paint, even though there is some bodywork to be done. The chrome needs some work and there is rust in the trunk lid and behind the tires.

The chrome will need polishing and possibly refinishing. 1960 was the only year that Bonneville came with this unique grill. Pontiac also pushed out the wheels and promoted the cars “Widetrack” handling and stance.  This would be a rare car to rescue from this garage and get it back on the road. Check out the rear view of this Pontiac.


  1. local_sheriff

    There are surprisingly many ’60 Bonnies that pop up for sale in unrestored condition, and they don’t seem to sell for big $. That’s strange but of course great for someone looking for an alternative to a similar era Impala. This one seems to be of the better examples.

    Expect it to be somewhat harder/more expensive to obtain bits for than a Chevy, however this situation is what was the norm for any car guy before the era of Internet and repop parts. Highlights here are of course the 3×2 setup,not to mention the 8lugs which are extremely sought after by any Poncho enthusiast!

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    • Rick

      They did say it had the 8 lug wheels.

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    • Ragtop Man

      Prices tend to be more modest, because the cost of restoration is sobering – if you choose a full on restoration. Failing that, even a driver will take substantial work unless it was a time capsule. A labor of love versus a hard-eyed business decision. That said, this car is average to above average, not really patina as much as neglect. Nothing that is needs is really a job-stopper, just more expensive and more difficult to source than a Mustang, Charger or GTO.

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  2. Solosolo UK ken tilly UK Member

    As a UK enthusiast and lover of US classic cars, could somebody please explain to me the 8 lug wheel story. I see a picture where there are the normal 5 wheel nuts in the centre portion of the wheel and what appears to be a further 8 nuts near the outer edge of the wheel, or are they dummies?

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    • Redwagon

      With pictures better than I can explain it

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      • Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

        Thanks Redwagon. That’s one helluvalot of information which I am sure many of our American readers can understand, however, I don’t, as I still see a wheel that has 5 bolt holes in the centre of the 8 lug wheel. Does that mean that they incorporated the 8 lug wheel onto the 5 lug brake drum?

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      • PatrickM

        Wow! Just looked at the link. Some details!! Who ever said details aren’t important???

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    • Steve J

      In order to use the 8 lug wheels, you will need special brake drums. The lugs are not dummies. Very few were sold when new. Recently, reproductions became available. That is good news, because brake drums eventually need to be replaced. Because of the reproductions, these wheels are more common today then they were back in the day.

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      • PatrickM


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  3. Del

    If story of mechanical work done is true then it should be in running shape with not much hassle.

    As comments indicate these do not sell well as resto parts for body be hard to come buy.

    Be nice to revive and just drive. Let next guy do body and paint

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  4. bigdoc

    I loved the look of these cars but I remember that most of them were white.

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    • Jack

      Funny, I remember them all being metallic red. Maybe it depends on what part of the US you grew up in (northern Illinois for moi).

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  5. stillrunners

    Nice….hope it gets back on the road soon !

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  6. TimM

    Seems like the buy of the week to me!!!

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  7. James Turner

    Back in 1967 I owned a 1960 all white Pontiac Bonneville convertible. It had the standard full hubcaps and 389 C I engine with four barrel carb. I remember I had to replace the convertible top, So in those days I had one shipped from, ( remember ) J C Whitney Company. I had a hell of a time with the front bow tack strip as it needed replacement due to rot. Also had trouble with the roof quarter panels trying to get them wrinkle free. So I still saved money on an installation labor at a shop. You live and learn things that way. LOL Now I wonder after seeing this hardtop posted what my vert would be worth today. LOL

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  8. James Turner

    I forgot to mention that my Bonneville vert had the power windows and I believe power seats and automatic station finding radio plus the tri color interior..

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  9. Michael Gregory Member

    I took my driver’s exam in my girlfriend’s ’60 Catalina. I even was able to parallel park the thing, thanks to her. They were gigantic cars, to say the least. Her mom had a mint condition ’60 Olds Ninety-Eight. Good memories.

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