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Tricked Out 383 V8! 1969 Dodge Monaco

Named after the Principality of Monaco, the Dodge Monaco was the high-end full-size car at that Chrysler division in the late 1960s/early 1970s. The Monaco and Polara used the same bodies, with the former having a higher level of trim and a bigger standard engine. This ’69 Monaco has had its 383 cubic inch V8 rebuilt and tweaked, turning it into something of a big Super Bee with family-oriented four doors. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this large Mopar is available here on craigslist for $12,900 OBO. Thanks for the nifty tip, Rocco B!

The Monaco (and Polara) was redesigned in 1969, adopting Chrysler’s new “fuselage” styling. So, you could see the family resemblance between Chryslers, Plymouths, and Dodges. If you went for the Monaco 500 option, you got bucket seats and a center armrest (which may be present under the sheet the seller has over the front seat of this Dodge). We’re told that this Monaco came with the same 383 V8 that you could get in the company’s muscle car offerings, but with the rebuild and lots of new name-brand parts added, it’s not the same performer (probably more than the stock 330 hp). This car is one of 38,566 Monaco’s built in 1969, regardless of body style.

Kudos to the seller for a rather thorough listing for this automobile, something you don’t often see with these free craigslist ads. As the story goes, it originated in California and made its way to Oklahoma, bringing a rust-free body to the party. It has a numbers-matching drivetrain including the 727 automatic transmission (which has also been refreshed). The odometer shows 88,000 miles and that could very well be accurate given the overall condition of the vehicle. The seller didn’t stop with the engine and tranny, having done a bit of suspension work, too, along with a new radiator, water pump, battery, and master cylinder.

This Dodge had factory air conditioning when new, but much of that hardware is now gone. The Monaco sports Cragar wheels and new tires, but the seller retained the originals for the buyer. While it looks good in the photos, the seller says a new paint job may be in order along with some interior work (likely the front seats). The contrasting vinyl top seems to be ship shape. Whether further restored or driven as-is, this Mopar should draw some attention at Cars & Coffee!


  1. Big_Fun Member

    10 years ago, I would have been in the ‘too many doors’ club…
    Today, with the practicality of these extra doors for friends and family, plus the terific proportions on this one, I will say these have a purpose. Every brand loyalist needs one of these in the fleet of classics. We’ll give you a 5:1 (2 door/4door) ratio if that makes you feel
    Example for the Dodge garage, “Drive the Super Bee to the Show (meet ’em there). Drive the Monaco to
    dinner (you can all ride with us). Fix the A/C, and let’s go!

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  2. KC John Member

    Love a big four door hardtop. It’s a Crew Cab Superbee. GLWTS

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  3. Big C

    It sure would be an attention getter, since 99% of these big 4 door Mopars went to that used car lot in the sky, prior to the ’80’s.

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    • dan

      Actually most of these were demolition derby fodder because of their ginormous size. Too bad this isn’t triple black, it would look more badass. For a real Q-ship I would install the original rims with narrow whitewalls. Awesome.

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  4. Darren

    I always wondered why this body style was called the Monaco when it looked like a Polara but this was before I knew that they shared the same body style.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      yep…Monaco was the top trim level….

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  5. Dead_Garry

    Had a 72 Chrysler New Yorker sedan with a 383.

    Would carry myself and five buddies in comfort and ease with plenty of elbow room to boot.

    The trunk was cavernous.

    With all the windows down it was a pretty open space and fun to cruise around in.

    Only downside was the gas mileage.

    Dad had a 71 coupe with a 440 that someone put Cherry Bombs on . . . WOW!

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    • Gary

      My Dad had a 72 NYB and like the New Yorker, they all came standard with a 440 4bbl.

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  6. Peter S Kaczmarski

    Have I missed it in the ad or is the heater core defective? The heater hoses are not connected to the heater core coming out of the firewall. With so much mechanically done why would you not do the repair?

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      yep….missing some parts….like the A/C componets….

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  7. nrg8

    My parents had one of these back in ’79. They took my brother’s and I
    across Canada in it with a Kaplan tent trailer in tow. Fun fact, that bench folded down flat with the rear seat being the head board. It was about a queen size and so comfy. I remember lots of cheesy tourist trap stops along the way. The car was fully loaded, most importantly, the 8track. The soundtrack of the road. Village People. Macho man.

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  8. DavidH

    I am a fan of the “fuselage styling” and the four doors without the center door pillar really add to this cars stylish good looks. I like the way it looks fast standing still. Nice ride.

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  9. Mark

    I like the driveby windows!! My 1973 chevy impala had driveby windows too.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It is a E63 383/4bl but the air cleaner and pie pan you don’t see on these models….

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