Small-mouth Triumph TR Trio


If the deformed TR3 from earlier was too much for you, then may we suggest this TR trio instead. These cars have been parked inside since the owner purchased them sometime around 1989. They are rough, but considering that small-mouthed Triumphs do not come along very often, we think they are worth a look. Find them here on eBay where they are being offered together as a package deal. Bidding is at $4,550 with no reserve. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


  1. 88R107

    Now thats more like it.

    • paul


  2. Dolphin Member

    At first glance these look way more appealing than that poor “custom” TR3A from earlier, but a closer look at these rust belt TR2s says BEWARE. There was a lot of plastic in some of those bodies even before they got to the stage where they were put away in that gharage “for restoration” a quarter century ago.

    A lot of cars that come up for sale nowadays get described as no better than parts cars, but it’s a fact that the foreign car junkyard I worked in when I was a teenager had better TR2s sitting out in the yard with no roof over their head. There will be value in the parts, but these need everything.

    These are being marketed as a lot of 3 cars for the dedicated TR restorers out there, and I hope these poor TRs and a dedicated TR person find each other.

  3. rancho bella

    These are true small mouth Triumphs and do not come along often is so true, but, two “long door” small mouths……….now that is a nice find.

    Yep….rough as a cobb…….but darn, small mouth long door

    • Don Andreina

      What’s a ‘long door’?

      • jim s

        on a short door there is a rocker panel below the door and on a long door the door bottom is even with bottom of the car body = no rocker panel. i think that is the difference.

      • paul

        I had heard the term but didn’t know what it referred to. Thanks Jim.

    • rancho bella

      yep, Jim S is spot on. “One” reason they changed to a shorter door was, if the car is parked in an area with curbing on the street you couldn’t park to close to the curb……….couldn’t get out. I do hope a dyed in the wool Triumph person does these up right. It will be a tough road with all the Swiss cheese, and that is just what I can see in the pix.

      • paul

        Yes I could see it being a problem these cars are low.
        Yes lotsa rust, probably good for someone who all ready has a decent car but needs parts.

      • jim s

        yes, had the curb problem with my MG midget also. i think all my spare doors had curb marks on them!

    • Don Andreina

      Gentlemen, thank you.

    • ray antoky

      had a good solid long door once..traded kit for a done Morris Minor convert. Both were worth around 7K at the time. Pays to restore a long door. And you have two to work with. Driving TR3A now, disc wheels with spats (custom made). Marchal spots, radyot mirrors (repop)..Black on black..Love it with dem skirts!

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