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True Lies Ties: 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

For the most part, I don’t really care if a car has ties to a celebrity or fame, it certainly doesn’t make we want to pay a premium. I can see the appeal though for some, especially if the movie is a personal favorite. In the case of this Alfa Romeo, I don’t think its connection to the movie True Lies is what makes it desirable. The fact that it is one of only a few Montreals imported and sold in the States is what makes it so interesting! Special thanks to Jim S for this tip!

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal Engine

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen True Lies, but it seems this car only made a small appearance in one scene. It wasn’t ever driven by Schwarzenegger or any of the show’s other stars. I don’t think we even see the car on the road, but is parked for its screen time. That’s a bit of a disappointment and makes me wonder why it even matters that it was in the movie. I think this seller should be putting more emphasis on just how rare and amazing this car is. It has a dry sump Italian V8 for heaven’s sake!

1973 Alfa Montreal

It seems this car has been on the market for a while now. The seller already listed it at least once on eBay and while the auction ended, they claim the winning bidder never paid. While that could very well be the case, I would want to make a trip to Warwick, Rhode Island to have a look at it for myself. The photos all look to be older, several are timestamped as being from 2013 and one is even of a completely different car. I don’t know about you, but that always raises warning flags for me. I really hope this car is what the seller claims, movie connection or not, and I would love to have it. I would just want to be careful buying it, so as to avoid getting burned. If you have always wanted one of these amazing cars you can find this one here on eBay with bidding already over $40,000. So do any of you remember seeing this Alfa in True Lies?


  1. Chris in Nashville

    I loved that movie as a kid and the Montreal has always been a car I luster after but I do not recall it in the movie…

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  2. John K

    the least the seller could do is reference icdb


    I was in NC one spring when I was asked to be an extra in a TV movie (Gramps, IIRC). Apparently I am in the background as the camera films Andy Griffith walking through an office. I never saw him. I’m not sure that qualifies me as a movie star.

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    Oddly enough I was tooling down the interstate yesterday and saw one of these being hauled on a flatbed. It was white with black stripes and very nice cond.
    Until then I have never seen nor heard of this kind of car before.

    Now I see this one and I’m in love. I want one real bad now and will make it a goal to have one.
    Anybody ever drive or own one on here that cares to share they’re experience?

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    • Horse Radish

      “their experience” ?

      Why would they share that they are experienced ?
      That would be bragging .
      OR, that “they are experience”, which doesn’t make sense.

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    • forestghost07

      Read my earlier post. These days, owning a Montreal will be a wallet and patience – draining affair, I can assure you. $400 – 500 for a lousy distributor cap is but a drop in the bucket. Much as I miss my beloved ’73, all I’d be able to do with it now is look at it.

      My driveable classic of choice is a MGB, love and use my ’72 GT every day:) NO parts or service problems!

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      • johnforsman

        I understand, my cousin’s husband sold his Ferrari because a CF replacement fender was $35,000 (he said). He could afford it, barely, but found himself annoyed because he didn’t want to damage the car when driving. $400 distributor cap is beyond me.

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  4. Jan

    I was part of the inventory of the car lot the little want a be spy was salesman at. The 1959 red Corvette is the the one they drove in the movie.

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  5. sunbeamdon

    Like all classic Italian women, it’ll break your heart!

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    HAHAHAHA I’m Part Italian

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    • Francisco

      I’m Italian too, but I can guarantee you’ll never break my heart Steve

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  7. Dolphin Member

    I think it’s good that Alfa did the Montreal because it received a lot of attention back when new. But they made fewer than 4,000 of them, so it wasn’t much more than a halo car, and was probably a loss on the balance sheet.

    The quad-cam V8 was impressive but IIRC it didn’t appear in any other Alfa road car, although it was related to Alfa’s V8 race engines in the Stradale and Tipo 33. Alfa went to a SOHC V6 later on, because the V8 must have been very expensive to make and would not have sold in big numbers.

    Although the ‘extras’ on the body seem a little too busy for my taste, this car looks terrific, and I can believe the low miles. The movie angle is worth nothing to me, so need to ignore that, but the seller probably won’t let buyers ignore it if it influences how he sets the reserve, which I’m guessing it did. If he thinks the Hollywood angle is so special he should get it off Ebay and put it in one of the big auction sales, where he can probably get a better price anyway. SCM Guide gives the median auction sale price for these as $99K, so it’s no million dollar baby.

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  8. Franke

    Michael Caine drove one in The Marseille Contract 1974. Very sexy car.

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  9. Steven C

    These cars are so cool looking! Looks like the love child of a Trans Am and a Ferrari Daytona.

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  10. Jack

    The film “True Lies” was partly filmed in my hometown of Newport, RI. This car is located about 20 minutes from me, if somebody wants me to go check it out and take some pictures for them, let me know. One of the pictures in the eBay ad from 2009 is a local shot of the Newport bridge in the background. I would love to be bidding on this! Looks very nice!

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  11. Martin Horrocks

    I´ve had one of these, a very nice one. But they are not good cars. Engine is more sound than fury, chassis is inadequate, as are brakes.

    If you want to look good and get a lot of attention, go ahead and spend the money. But if you want a driving machine you´ll be disappointed unless the car has had handling and brake updates, in which case the only thing to worry is its thirst, lack of vision and any future bills for engine work.

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    • forestghost07

      I may have been the world’s youngest Mont owner acquiring my uncle’s ’73 (photo) at age 20 :-0 Blu Medio, # 3002 of 3925 produced. I used it strictly for shows (did lots of chroming and bling)and road trips; never let me down in my 8 yr ownership. Inadequate brakes or not, it was the most fun highway flyer ever; heavy and clumsy at low speed but 100 to 140 MPH like shot from a cannon. Suspension got all avail. upgrades and Centerline 16″ rims. Sold it ‘cos by 1991 spares supplies were gone and I couldnt bear to leave it sit. Sold to Sotheby’s brokerage for then-record $27K.

      Maintenance? VERY high but proud to say I learned it all inc. the dreaded motor-out, heads-off water pump replacement and modification.

      My Mont is on Youtube, was for sale in Netherlands few yrs ago. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1rQaK5kbPI

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  12. johnforsman

    About 10 years ago I was in the process of buying a relatively inexpensive house in Umbria, Italy. I saw a Lancia Stratos, very good driver, for $80,000. They are closer to $300,000 now. I started looking for something less expensive, and found several Montreals in the 24-29,000 range. I passed finally because I couldn’t find an easy way around the licensing in Italy. I wish I’d bought one, since they are often $150,000 now.
    Ha, our house has has has gone down in value as have most houses in Italy since they never recovered from the recession.

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  13. Birdman

    Here’s the appearance of “A” Montreal in True Lies…you tell me if it’s the same car…lol


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  14. Horse Radish

    What a grand entrance AND exit.
    Should fetch at least $1.50 more since you can’t tell, if that’s this or any other red Montreal……….

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  15. Dolphin Member

    Bid to $74,400 but did not meet reserve. With the parts costs mentioned above, that might just be a good thing.

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