Turbo Jet 396: 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne

This restored 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne is equipped with 396 cubic inch V8 engine and 4 speed manual transmission. Many enthusiasts are not familiar with the Biscayne but it was produced from 1958 to 1972. This Chevrolet is located in Pacific, Washington and is being auctioned here on eBay with a bid up to $16,600 with only 1 day remaining in the auction.

The heart of this two door coupe is the venerable big block 396 cubic inch V8 engine. This motor has been rebuilt and the description on the eBay ad details the modifications of this powerful performer. The car is equipped with a Muncie M20 transmission and 12 bolt posi-traction rear end. The Biscayne has been driven less than 1,000 miles since its restoration.

The red interior looks to be in excellent condition and contracts well with the white/cream exterior paint. Most of the convenience and comfort options that were available on more upscale models were not available on the Biscayne. While this is not a numbers matching vehicle (started life as a 6 cylinder), the seller did a great job and has fully disclosed the authenticity of this car.

With 145,300 Biscaynes produced in 1965, only 37,600 were equipped with V8 engines. Personally, I would prefer to have a rust free “recreation” than an original rusty car. The seller sought out this cleanest example and built a great driver with load of power. What is your opinion?

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  1. Will Fox

    Either this one started as a gov’t. order of some sort, like Highway Patrol unit, or someone went way out of their way to make it look like one. I’d lose the two-bit bodyside mouldings, and paint the rims tan to match. The red interior makes me think this was a base-model civilian unit probably with a inline six or 283 V8 at the most when new. Gov’t. contracts would call for a black or tan interior. A nice “tribute” anyway.

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    • Superdessucke

      I read in William Mahchester’s “The Death of a President” that the Secret Service, while JFK was President, had special high performance cars stationed along the path of Air Force One, so that if the plane was shot down or if it crashed, they could rescue the President and get him away.

      I haven’t been able to find any verification of this but interesting story! This car would definitely fit that bill.

      • Will Fox

        ….Interesting, but sounds like back porch banter to me. I never heard that, myself.

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      • Superdessucke

        If you read that book, Manchester is pretty thorough. So I don’t know if he would make that up. But again, I have not been able to verify this. I have never found anything about it outside the book.

      • Glenn Schwass Member

        Very nicely done.

    • bone

      The listing does say it was a 6 cyl car , so not so much restored, as restomod

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  2. JCA

    Wow, real nice build. Nice attention to detail. If you can buy it under $20k you’d be making a solid purchase. You certainly couldn’t build for less.

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  3. Thomas P Cotrel

    Take off the side strips and it would be The Perfect Car.

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  4. PaulR

    There are more of these big block Biscayne’s and Bel Air’s around now days than what originally left the factory. It is a cool ride.

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    • Will Fox

      True. The “sleeper” factor got stuck in many a head.

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  5. Weasel

    I love those “Opticlean” bottles.

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  6. Ronald

    I’ve been around a couple of these cars drag racing, They make a great race car although heavy, Even better with more cubic inches. The rivited on side mouldings kill the look of the car for me, They may have been installed by a used car dealer in the 70-80’s just like the one I worked for back then, these were a step up from the cheaper rolls of stick on side moulding. I agree it would present better with car color wheels. Also think the seats may have come out of a higher end model as the Biscayne should have vinyl seats for sure.

  7. local_sheriff

    Seller claims it started out as an I-6 car, however if he punched the correct VIN this was born with a V8. Body style #15311 was used for ’65 Biscayne 2door post I-6 equipped; 15411 for V8s.

    I’ve not had any success identifying the seats’ cloth material but it sure looks more posh than what I’d expect in a base Biscayne, looks good anyway. According to SMS this is how it should have been


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  8. Lynn Member

    I know of one with the 427 motor. Very low miles. 1/4 mile at a time.

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  9. Comet

    Nice car. However it needs to lose the side door banger moldings. I had a 65. I don’t remember it as having a padded dash like this.

    • Chuck Dickinson

      Padded dash opt. on all models.

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  10. dwcisme

    Could have been ordered as a salesman’s car but regardless, most likely a fleet purchase when new. There were people however, who would go into a dealer and order the most basic car because they didn’t care for any gadgets or do-dads. In any event, it’s too bad it’s on the left coast. I’d be most sorely tempted and I’m not even a Chevy guy.

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  11. Pete Phillips

    This will be a beast to maneuver without power steering.

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  12. SourPwr Member

    Steering by Armstrong

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    • Lynn Member

      No need for steering. Hold the wheel straight and hit the loud pedal

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  13. Chuck

    And my heart goes pitter patter

  14. Mark H

    My brother-in-law ordered a brand new ’65 Biscayne – 2 door post sedan, no trim, no options other than a 396 & 4-speed. I doubt that it had power steering. Blessed his wife with a brand new car. Upon delivery, he removed the engine & trans and put it in his ’57 Chev. He then installed a 327 with a 3-speed floor shift trans in the ’65. She didn’t mind – the 327 4V was plenty for her and she had a brand new car. He was happy to get a brand new 396/trans. 55 years later they are still happily married. Eventually the 396 wound up in a Malibu. And at some point the 396 in the Malibu was replaced with a 427 that had been in a WI State Patrol car.

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  15. Bill Hall

    In 1966 Oregon State police had similar cars. Different color but a 396 Biscayne Coupe

    • Chuck Dickinson

      With a 3 spd, Bill.

  16. Glenn Schwass Member

    Very nicely done.

  17. Rustytech Member

    I had one very much like this years ago. It was a retired Md. State Police cruiser that I bought at auction. It was an automatic, and was brown with Tan interior, otherwise almost a Match to this one. This is nicely done. Great sleeper.

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  18. Troy s

    Gotta figure in ’65 the only way to get the all new mk. IV 396 was either in a Corvette or a full size model. Forget the Z16 Chevelle,,, to scarce to even mention. Very early ’65’s could still be had with the 409.
    It’s plainfully sinister in my eyes, this budget minded work car nobody gave a second glance to. Only other plain white bread Biscayne I can think of even more lowly in appearance would be the ’68 or 69 Street Racers special by way of Baldwin/Motion, all 427 inches of it. Plain, simple, and very direct.

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  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $26,500.

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  20. TimM

    Great find and makes a great sleeper the way it’s set up!!!

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  21. Jim Rogers

    Thank you for all the comments, I am the builder and seller of this Biscayne, just to add some more comments, Car was original black was painted once a long time ago thats why I left the wheels black thinking I might go back to black paint, upholstery was replaced probably at the same time, including adding padded dash, Had over 28k in car just in parts, does not include my labor, The person that purchased it has access to upholstery shop, his plans are to go back to stock upholstery, lots of time spent chasing down correct parts. PS. I added power steering.

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