Turbo SUV: 1992 GMC Typhoon Project

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Based on the GMC Jimmy of the time, the 1992 GMC Typhoon remains one of the greatest performance SUVs ever produced, with eye-catching styling and impressive driving dynamics. However, any vehicle can deteriorate when left out, which is definitely evidenced by this Typhoon found here on craigslist. Located in Carol Stream, Illinois, this Typhoon has certainly seen better days, and the ad offers no insight behind how it got to this point. The seller claims that the truck runs and drives, but contradicts themselves by noting that it will need work to operate.

Rust is present throughout the entire body, including a horrible spot on the roof by the rear liftgate. Despite the claim that this Typhoon is “100% complete,” the driver side of the truck is missing cladding pieces that are exclusive to the rare model, and practically unobtainable these days. There are no photos of the interior, although an exterior photo reveals various boxes inside of it. It looks like this Typhoon also doubled as a storage locker for its parts.

Vehicles from the 1980s and 1990s are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and it looks like the owner of this Typhoon realized their trash could actually be a treasure – they are asking $6,500 for what most people would write off as a parts truck. They also offer shipping and restoration by an ASE Certified Master Technician, despite providing an advertisement that features just three photos of it’s exterior and scarce general details. Would you try to talk this seller down on their price and save this rare high-performance truck, or is this Typhoon too torn up?

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    https://barnfinds.com/jimmys-got-a-wild-side-1993-gmc-typhoon/ was mint & half this cost! Would definitely prefer the Blazer body over these that were in truck form though.

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  2. ChebbyMember

    Looks like it was located at the BOTTOM of Carol Stream. Things went bad for this truck when the 2nd/3rd/4th owner put those dime-store Batmobile rims on it. Now it’s abandoned and filled with garbage.

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  3. Superdessucke

    A sad end to a once beautiful truck. I wonder if he got over the $6,500 ask. In this economy it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bidding war.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Rest In Peace little Jimmy.

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  4. ACZ

    Another Illinois rust bucket. How it got this way is easy…road salt. Never buy a car from there. The only hope for this one is a complete rebody. Hope all the pieces are there and that it can run. Might be worth $2500 if it’s complete and doesn’t have a rod hanging out the side.

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  5. Mark H

    All that rust on the driver’s side makes me think it was parked on a city street for a significant amount of it’s life and got plenty of salt baths from passing cars.

    As it is, the listing has disappeared. Maybe someone found this sitting in a parking lot and took a few pictures of it and thought he could have fun trolling the internet for awhile.

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  6. Andre

    Makes me want to cry.

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  7. rallyace

    We ran a bunch of TSD rallies in the Northeast in one of these. Scary fast when the turbo kicked in. We could make up a lot of time very quickly. The brakes left a lot to be desired as I recall they were basically just the stock brakes with harder pads. Overall the Typhoon was OK but a maintenance nightmare. The dealer only had one mechanic that could fix the thing when it had driveability problems which seemed to occur quite often.

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  8. poseurMember

    i bought a 60k-mile 2-owner ’93 Typhoon in December for $10,500 with excellent interior, zero rust & very good exterior. It even has new tires on non-scuffed wheels with the original centers intact (these & the body cladding pieces are about impossible to find anymore). Needs outer door handle & hinge bushings replaced, an interior rattle tracked down & a thorough detail. Deals are out there!

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  9. b-rad jeepster

    rebody with any blazer/jimmy/pick-up and have a sleeper. would not pay over 2500$.

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