Turbocharged Driver: 1986 Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 has historically been ignored by diehard 911 enthusiasts, but more open-minded Porsche fans know that this front-engine, rear-wheel-drive coupe is entirely deserving of the Porsche crest. As such, values have been creeping upwards, especially for the turbocharged 951. This example listed here on Facebook Marketplace is nestled into the ideal middle ground of “decent driver” status with a very fair asking price of just $13,000.

The naturally aspirated 944 can still be had for relative peanuts, especially in neglected and/or early car form. The later models, especially limited production examples like the 944 S and cabriolet, have become pricier to buy as of late. Given the turbocharged model is the highest performance offering, it’s not surprising these have become the most expensive ones to buy – so at $13K and in running condition, this example located in Southampton, PA is worth a look.

The seller notes almost 130,000 miles on the clock, but that the odometer recently stopped working. The 944 has tatty cosmetics, showing its years in the interior and via evidence of prior accident damage in the nose. The seller claims the intercooler mounts are bent, which is likely the result of a front end impact; however, the Carfax report is clean. The 944 rides on sharp 911 Cup wheels with minor curbage, and the seller notes it rides on a Bilstein suspension but doesn’t elaborate any further.

Mechanically, the 944 benefits from a fairly recent head gasket job at 116K miles, and had a new transmission installed at 114K miles – those are two big-ticket jobs, and very pricey if performed by a Porsche specialist, so the next owner should be able to rest easy that those maintenance items have been addressed. Despite this, the seller notes the 944 still has some oil consumption issues to sort out, and that the sway bar links and control arms are worn. A fun project worth buying now! Be sure to read the seller’s description below.


I have owned this 944 Turbo for a decade and it has brought me nothing but joy, but unfortunately, it is time to move on and pass this beauty onto someone else who will cherish it similarly.

I am the sixth owner of this vehicle, but it mostly exchanged hands during the early 1990s – I purchased the car with 90,641 miles in 2010 and the previous owner also had it for a decade. I have plenty of maintenance records from my ownership tenure, which amount to over $10,000 in work, including over $3,000 of work performed at Premier Eurocars of Devon, PA during July 2019. The car also has a clean Pennsylvania title, clean CarFax report, and a valid Pennsylvania state inspection until August 2021.

This is by far the most fun I’ve ever had driving a car, but it is 35 years old and beginning to show its age, so I recommend that this car goes to a home seeking a well-kept, driver-quality 944 Turbo that doesn’t mind attending to some of its minor flaws. I will be happy to show this vehicle to any prospective buyers so they can inspect it before purchase.

I am looking for $13,000 and will consider any reasonable offers. Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement.


  1. Cman

    These are great cars and a superb value. Just look for one that’s been loved. Outstanding handling with 50/50 weight distribution. Lots of power.

    Ol’ Ferry was long dead when these came out. Are we really going to consider a company’s or CEO’s politics when evaluating a car? That approach would seriously limit our choices.

    I own one, worked for Porsche when they were new and have wrenched on and raced numerous examples.

    If anything sucks about this listing it’s Facebook.

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  2. Steve R

    Great looking car when new, whose design has aged well.

    Even though it needs some minor work/maintenance, which should be expected of a car of this age and mileage. A smart owner will be able to source the parts for reasonable prices, that’s what the internet and search engines are good for.

    It’s nice to see a long term owner that has service records. Hopefully the next owner will enjoy it.

    Steve R

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  3. Mr.BZ

    You could say the same thing about many, many CEOs………

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  4. The_Driver

    Nice example… Just not a $13K example. 944T have MANY inexpensive repairs and updates, but interiors are not part of that. As such getting an example with a PRISTINE interior is a must.

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  5. alphasud Member

    I tend to agree with others 13K is a little steep for a car that has interior issues, a broken odometer, and oil consumption issues after major engine work. I do know these cars if tracked will have bottom end issues, cracked exhaust manifolds, and suspension needs. I would be passing on this one. I have worked on a few and driven them and they are one of the best balanced cars to drive and with the turbo great brakes to boot.

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  6. Chuck

    My first Porsche was an ’86 951 blk/blk. (Purchased it in Jan. ’86.) Very nice car and a great driver but a 911 it was not. I traded it less than a year later for a 911.

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    • The_Driver

      That happened a lot back in the day… But with current Carrera prices, a CLEAN 951 with $25K spent at Lindsey Racing (look them up, well worth the web visit) and one will have a reliable ROCKET that will hang on with a Voodoo Shelby GT350 or even a C6Z06 lighter than either one and with a less constabulary profile…

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  7. Spit Grtzr

    I was a Porsche tech when these things came out and they had an issue with oil starvation to the turbo. We replaced a turbo on every one of these things that came in. I think the issue was with the turbo unit itself and not the feedlines. Modern OE turbos have oil and coolant running into them.
    I’m guessing if this car had five previous owners it was taken care of a long time ago! something to keep in mind.
    Fantastic handling car tho- with the trans over the rear axle.

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  8. Jasper

    My brother just bought a very clean and original, one-owner twin to this one for $15K. I bought his needy ‘88 NA for peanuts. Most of its needs have been pretty fun to tackle, but I forgot how pricey Porsche parts can be.

    Strange contrast to my old 911SC for sure. Same company, totally different approach, still a rewarding drive. Both feel great going sideways, the 944 is just more forgiving! The 911 was great for its lack of multiple systems. No power steering or coolant leaks to be troubled about!

    I remember people boasting about blowing the doors off of 944s back in the day. That’s about like saying you spanked a four cylinder, five speed Toyota pick up. They clearly didn’t go thru any curves!

    The new Porsche Club magazine has an article on the 944. Turbo, Turbo S or S are the ones to have. I’ll stick with what I’ve got. It’s not too hurtful to my finances.

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    • alphasud Member

      In a lot of ways a 944 turbo is a better track car than a 911. I’ve owned several 911’s and a 944S. You need to know what you are doing in a 911 to go fast. Best to get some track time with safe run off areas to understand the balance of the car. The 944 can be driven hard form the get go with no strange surprises. The 928 was to replace the 911 but fortunately it didn’t. The 944 borrowed from the 928 getting half of its V8 and similar driveline layout.

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