Turn-Key Classic: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 427

Hiding in this workshop is a 1968 Corvette that has only covered around 500 miles since it underwent a comprehensive restoration. It might not be completely original, but it is a classic that would hold its head high in any company. The owner has decided that the time has come to part with a car that doesn’t get the use that it deserves. He has, therefore, listed it for sale here on eBay. The Corvette is located in Laurel, Montana, and while the bidding has now reached $19,000, the reserve hasn’t been met.

If you rocked up to your local Cars & Coffee in this Corvette Bronze Chevrolet, there is no doubt that you would turn heads. Whether it was because of the gleaming and virtually faultless paint, the period-correct Daisy alloy wheels, or that menacing side exhaust, it all combines to grab your attention. The Corvette received a comprehensive restoration around 10-years-ago, and it has managed to clock a mere 500 miles since then. As a consequence, it is hard to find anything to fault with the vehicle’s presentation. As well as holding a beautiful shine, the paint appears to be free from any marks or blemishes. There are also no apparent signs of any issues with the fiberglass. The owner states that the underside of the vehicle presents just as nicely as the exterior. The alloy wheels aren’t original, but they do fit nicely with the character of the car. The same is true of the side exhaust, but it does add a touch of menace to the Corvette. As apart of the restoration process, the bumpers and other trim items were sent off to the platers. They still look to be in as-new condition, while there are no signs of any problems with the glass.

The Corvette is not a numbers-matching car, but it still packs a punch. What we find filling the engine bay is a 427ci V8, which is backed by a close-ratio M21 4-speed manual transmission. The drivetrain is a combination of components from 1968 and 1969, but it appears that only the rear end and the engine fan might be original. The restoration work on the Chevy was completed before the current owner purchased the vehicle, so there are a few unknowns with this car. He can confirm that the suspension, brakes, and the rear end have all been rebuilt. He also believes that the same could be true of the engine and transmission but can’t conclusively confirm this. He was also told when he purchased the Corvette that the odometer reading is genuine, and it currently indicates 50,100. Once again, there is no evidence to confirm this positively. What is included in the sale is an enormous bundle of receipts. These are for the majority of the parts that were either purchased or refurbished during the restoration. This little collection totals around $20,000. The car has recently received a full fluid and filter change, along with a wheel alignment and a new battery. The owner states that the Corvette starts easily and that it drives perfectly. He believes that it is a classic that would be well-suited for somebody who wants to slip behind the wheel and hit the road immediately.

Opening the doors reveals a Dark Orange interior that continues the Corvette’s theme of faultless presentation. The upholstery, carpet, and the dash all present as well as you would expect for a car that has only accumulated 500 miles since undergoing a restoration. The Corvette isn’t loaded with optional extras, but the original AM/FM radio is a nice touch. It isn’t uncommon to find some features such as the clock not working in Corvettes of this vintage, but there are no such problems with this car. The owner states that everything functions exactly as it should, meaning that the buyer is going to find themselves the owner of a road-ready classic.

This 1968 Corvette is not 100% original, but I don’t think that there is any shame in that. It presents so well, and it features a few enhancements that will assist it to turn heads wherever it goes. For some people, tackling a restoration project is not a viable option. That is where cars like this one fit into the grand scheme of things. The next owner will be able to slide behind the wheel, and will instantly be able to enjoy the classic car ownership experience. That has to make this Corvette very tempting for the right person.

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    Goodness that is the Corvette for me! I love the color, beautiful interior not to mention the side pipes, Oh a 427 4 spd! check. OK I might change the wheels but not back to original.

  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I’m digging this! I really like the interior color, side pipes and “Hot Wheels” tires and rims.

    • mk KIEFFER

      love love love it

  3. Steve R

    Beautiful car. There is no reason to return it to stock. It represents what you would have seen roaming the streets in the 1970’s more so than a restored Corvette. Modified cars like this are what sparked the interest in cars if this era for many people my age, unfortunately not many are left in this condition.

    Steve R

  4. rustyvet

    almost 30k now,reserve not met

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice ride! I believe the wheels are American Racing 200S. I had them on my 73 black Dodge van, only polised. Still a nice looking wheel!

    • moosie moosie Member

      Yep, American Racing Wheels 200S I had them on my ’71 LT-1 Ontario Orange Convertible. They were the same unpolished finish as on this ’68. That Corvette Bronze is very close to Ontario Orange, nice color. This ’68 is a very nice car, desirable too if the bid so far is any indication.

  6. Dusty Stalz

    I’m surprised there’s been five comments and no one has said they hated the wheels yet LOL. I dig em and would leave this car alone, except for the odometer which would start to roll if I had it.

    • Steve S

      The very first person said that they would change the wheels but not back to original. This would be a fun car to drive and I would change the tires to a more performance tire to like a street slick and make the rears a little wider if I could and bigger side wall also if I could.

  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the c2 parked behind it with the stinger hood. That’s the one I’d like to see more about.

  8. 19sixty5 Member

    Personally I would polish the wheel lips and change out the tires, I don’t think the the gold line tires work with the wheels, especially with the side mount headers. The headers and wheels scream performance, the tires do not! Sell the tires to a 65-67 guy with the knock-off wheels. I’m not a fan of 68’s, but this one does warm me up to them a little more. I love the interior color!

  9. George Mattar

    Nice. My favorite 68 color but I want the Marlboro Maroon 67 behind it.

  10. JoeNYWF64

    Points & condenser will do just fine.

  11. Frank Sumatra

    Sweet! 50 years ago the 17-year old me would have gone crazy over this car. The 67-year old me is hankering for a drive in this beast. I hope the next owner doesn’t touch a thing and kudos to the current owner.

  12. Poppapork

    Happy international Corvette Day everybody! (June 30th)

  13. Bigbird

    This is a nice one. Going to go big $ near the end…..

  14. Paolo

    Not one comment on the T-top?

  15. TimM

    The rake of this car looks sweet!! The paint is nice and there certainly isn’t anything to complain about with the drive train!! All you need is some bell bottoms, the silk button down shirt and the Italian horn around your neck!! Oh and of coarse a good working right foot!!!

  16. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    I love this car, wouldn’t change a thing about it. The daisys look great on there and it clicked all my check boxes for c3. Big block? yep…4 speed? yep… T-top? yep… Sidepipes? yep…. This bronzy orange is beautiful and the interior goes well with it. I’d be curious to see interior color in person, it looks almost brown in pics. Would be cool to get, I have a date correct 427 from a different Vette that could go in and plop the 69 motor in the c10 it’s sitting in now. Glad someone else restored it, hopefully took care of most/all the issues that the 68’s had when new. Someone looks to be getting a really nice ride…

    • Dave Mazz

      This auction “ended” with the top bid at $31,100. I assume this means the “Vette wasn’t sold, unless some post-auction negotiations were conducted. In any event, I hope the car finds a good new home..

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