Turn Key Dream Survivor: 1958 Buick Special

Finding a completely original untouched survivor is a dream come true for many of us, but many of those untouched cars aren’t the exact dream we were hoping for. Frozen rings, pistons, and other various issues can arise upon finding your dream survivor. That may very well have been the case with this survivor grade Buick Special as it has been in parked since 1965. With a recently rebuilt engine and transmission, as well as a wealth of new parts, this sleek looking original is now the “perfect” survivor that is ready to drive. All of that originality, character, and extensive work come up to a price of $18,500. Check out this dreamy survivor here on craigslist out of St. Louis, Missouri. Reader Rocco B. pulled through with yet another great submission! Thanks Rocco!

Rebuilt and in solid health the 364 cube Nailhead V8 appears nicely painted and nearly as it would have off of the showroom floor. I would assume this is an older image as the water pump pulley is missing. This Buick appears to still be 6 volt, and the beyond the fresh appearing engine, the engine compartment appears quite original and untouched. There is some minor surface rust to be found on a few components, but there is nothing serious to contend with. Not only was the engine rebuilt, but also the transmission, carburetor, radiator, and the entire brake system was taken care of. There were also quite a few new parts thrown into the mix.

The interior is a bit faded, but shows little damage. The seat upholstery appears to be rip free, and the dash and steering wheel are crack free as well. The carpet is a bit dingy dirty and faded, but the seller mentions that he has a new carpet for the car. The seats are in nice shape and would benefit from a thorough cleaning. Beyond that, this interior is nice and is ready to be enjoyed as is.

With a lot of bright work and a unusual color, this Buick is certainly a looker. The paint is thought to be original and certainly appears that way. Still offering some shine and great looks the paint has held up well over the test of time. The only concerns with the paint are on the hood and front fenders. There is various chipping present along those areas, but there does not appear to be any rust associated to those areas. Speaking of rust, the rockers and quarters look wonderful with no evidence or rust or blisters. Decked out with lovely chrome and various trim, this Special definitely has a deluxe appearance.  All of the trim is in place and accounted for, and there appears to be no real damage to report in regards to this classy Buick. In turn key condition, and offering stunning good looks, is this the survivor of your dreams?


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  1. MathieuB

    6 volts in 1958? Chevrolet lost the 6 volts system in 1954 and I always thought it was the same for the GM lineup Maybe I’m wrong.

    • packrat

      Plymouths were 12s for several years by that time as well iirc.

    • ACZ

      You’re not wrong. This is not a six volt vehicle. Remember, these had that long skinny 12v battery.

    • jtmorgan 225

      Buick went 12 volt with the V8 in 1953, except for the Special which kept the straight 8 and 6 volt. All Buicks got the V8 and 12 volt in 1954.

    • ADRIAN

      hello am adrian from spain, i am looking for a buick super 1958 coupe body and chassis in good condition no matter or engine is to restore one that i have in bad condition of plate, do you have any? thank you.

  2. Coventrycat

    I’d go broke buying chrome polish for that thing. Love it.

    • Tony, Australia.

      The 58 Buicks had the most chrome ever to adorn a car in US history, possibly the World! If it all needs re chroming you’re in deep ‘do do’ up to your eyeballs, and then some, at todays prices. A guy here in Sth. Australia spent over $14000 on rechroming on one of these, every piece had to be done, and it’s only a 4 door sedan?

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      • Jerry Brentnell

        the 58 buick roadmaster and the olds 98 had more chrome in fact hot rod mag had a piece that if you took the chrome off a 58 olds 98 and made a 1/4 inch wide strip you would have a mile of chrome this the same year that gm stuck caddys and buicks with that junk air ride suspension that never worked and had to replace it with springs

  3. mark

    Great find!

  4. Gene Parmesan

    Man, I sure do love late-50s GM stuff. What a beautiful old sled. I really enjoy the “leave the paint alone” trend when it looks this good to start with. Would snap this up in a second if I had the dough.

  5. Ikey Heyman Member

    I dated a gal for awhile whose father had one of these (in a different color). Many years later, after an afternoon of drinking, I tracked down her phone number and called her to find out what happened to the car. Not one of my better decisions, both her father and the car were long gone. (At one point, I almost married her just to get my hands on the car!)

  6. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Rare color it is….

    • fish56

      ok yoda…sorry, couldn’t resist.
      Nice car. Would need a bigger garage, I fear.

  7. Nrg8

    Dunno intake looks kinda brushed on. Most engine builders hot tank it all. Most likely degreased it and some new gaskets here, tune up kit there, new belts and hoses here, change the oil and voila rebuilt with a fresh coat of paint. Nice car I’d roll the dice for that price.

  8. David C

    It is 12 volt.

  9. redwagon

    thought it would be easy to figure out the color for this car just by looking up the Buick ’58 colors but it’s not! there were 3 different shades of lavender or purple: canyon cedar, laurel mist and possibly reef coral. amazing there were 25 exterior colors to choose from! we should be so lucky.


    • Joe D.

      Looks like Desert Sage to me…

    • Bill Owens BillO Staff

      Wow, how about that. I was going to say my great aunt and uncle had a 1958 Oldsmobile in that color, but not sure which it was, one of the three.

  10. KKW

    Not much of a gm fan, but I do love 58 Buicks. Probably the epitome of 50’s chrome and glitter. In contrast, the 59s were hideous.

    • doug

      That’s funny, I actually like the ’59 Buicks better. ’59 was a major redesign year for Buick. I just love the Invicta, even the 4 door, as it really accentuates the flat roof treatment. Just my $.02


    Restore at all costs.

  12. Mick

    Heres mine. Its waiting until I finish another late 50s car. Last on the road in Western Australia in 1976. It needs pretty much the same as this one as well as glass. #1 piston is unfortunately in a number of pieces. A find like this in Australia is very rare and being RHD is a huge bonus (to me anyway, some don’t like it being modified)

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  13. Vince H

    THe 53 Special was Buick’s last 6 volt.. I always thought the 58 Buick was the ugliest Buick.

  14. 86 Vette Convertible

    A bit unconventional, but I like it.

  15. Eric Esterby

    1958 Buicks ALL had 12-volt electrical systems. This car has the wrong battery in it. It should be group 3EE/3EH, but it is certainly twelve volts. Also, the silver valve covers are someone’s attempt as customization, although subtle. This car isn’t exactly “untouched”, and I think a close inspection may turn up more evidence of that fact.

  16. Alan

    I am based in Beirut LEBANON. I do have small collection of American &
    other vintage cars. This topic being about a Buick My latest purchase is 1972 Buick Skylark sport coupe. All original 55K miles with window sticker & all manuals. its Emerald green color with black vinyl interior. 350 4B, tilt steering, power steering, power brakes, factory AM/FM, factory AC, optional rally wheels, manual windows. asking price was 18K I got it for 16K. Its being shipped soon here to Beirut. please feel free view car pics on http://www.connorsmotorcar.com/vehicles/445/1972-buick

    Happy New year

    • Mountainwoodie

      And I’m curious………..how do you keep your vintage American iron from getting blown to bits in a battle scarred war torn country like Lebanon?

      Keep your head down and good luck!

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  17. Jack M. Member

    Hi Alan, the cost of fuel is quite similar to the U.S. at around $3.32 a gallon. How many miles a year would you drive each of your cars? What is the average shipping costs to get a car from the U.S. to Beirut?
    Just curious.

  18. Greg Mackie

    When polished up they look pretty good. My Special convertible.

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    • Dave Mc

      She’s a beaut. “It’s got all those teeth but no toothbrush” it must be ornery.

    • Doug Ives

      I have the sister to yours that I bought in High School and just recently put her back on the road after sitting for 12 years in my garage. Dated my wife with it and my two boys rode in it growing up and the youngest just drove it for the first time this year. It has never been repainted and wears it’s well worn original correct upholstery. Needless to say I LOVE MY BUICK SPECIAL!

  19. Greg Mackie

    From the back

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    • On and On On and On Member

      What’s the history/story of this car. Really nice..

      • Greg Mackie

        Purchased along with 6 parts cars out of Stony Plain, Alberta Canada. Restored at North Battleford,Sk. Numbers matching except color which is a dark red Ford color from 2005. Has about 1200 miles since Restoration. According to legend, was once owned by Stu Hart of the wrestling family. Now makes its home in southern Saskatchewan just across the North Dakota border.

      • Jack Member

        that is one beautiful Buick the 58 was a class all its own

  20. On and On On and On Member

    Very cool. Knew there was an interesting story. Been to Saskatchewan, friends in a town called Cadillac. They grew wheat and lentils, had a herd of Bison. Good ribs! Congrats on your fine car.

  21. SAM61

    Cool Buick, not enough chrome! I spotted this chrome Tesla in Chicago.

    • Tony, Australia.

      The Tesla looks like something someone would hang on a Christmas tree as a cheap shiny ornament !

  22. Joe Haska

    I think this would make a super cruiser and driver, without too much work or money, I like it allot.

  23. Mike

    Navigate through the tight neighborhood streets of Seattle and see how many side mirrors you can take out.


    I think GM had a great styling year in 58 across the board.


    After I killed my ’59 Chevy conv. and got married I bought my fathers ’57 with the nail head 364 cu. It burned gas like it was free and you had to blow on the windshield to get going BUT at a 70 MPH punch that boat would take off.

  26. James

    Back in the mid 60,s my brother in law had the completely redesigned 1959 Buick in a light blue color. Nice long clean body lines to the short back almost horizontal fins and not weighted done with hideous looking massive chrome adornments. My brother had another chrome land yacht with massive chrome on a 1958 Pontiac Star Chief in bright red paint. They were just horrendously overdone dinosaurs.

    • Tony, Australia.

      Yes James but a lot of us on this site are old enough to love ‘overdone’ ’cause to us it isn’t and wasn’t back in our days, it was the norm and we’d all love to be back there if only we could, but with the knowledge and spare cash we have today.

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  27. CaCarDude

    The ’58 was a beauty with all the Bling GM could muster at the time, I think the owner here has given this beauty the correct name.

  28. Bruce Fischer

    This was my daily driver back in the day.Bruce.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Sweet!……must have scared the hell out of the Vegas !

  29. Roger

    Back in either 1966 or 67 my grandma had some new neighbors that owned a ’58 in a similar color and a ’55 in a orchid and black two tone as well as a ’59 Mercury Monterey in white with gold top and a early 50’s Studebaker flatbed truck.

  30. ags290 Member

    I have always had a 58 Buick on my short list of cars I would like to own someday. I read an article once that described the 1958 Buick as a Wurlitzer Juke Box on wheels. What a lovely car.

  31. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Harley Earl’s last hurrah.

  32. joe roth

    compared to 58 mopars……….hideous

  33. russell s

    I love these cars – but it is pretty funny to read the ads for them from ‘back in the day’ with all the references to the feeling of lightness and flight and such, when the car itself resembles a rolling ingot. Still though I like ’em.

  34. George

    Read an article many years ago (probably 1970’d) that said that if you placed all the chrome pieces together it would be taller than the Empire state building.
    Funny the things you remember when you get old.

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