Two Alfa Spiders Plus Spares For $2,900!

Alfa Romeo Spider Duo

Reader Roger C has two Alfa Romeo Spiders barn finds and he is looking for a new home for the pair! I will let you tell him a little more. From Roger – I have discovered two Alfa Romeos in a barn near Marysville, Ohio where they have been untouched since 1980. One is quite good, its a ’72 Spider. Would be an easy restoration. The other 1974 spider is too rusty, but is complete. Good for a parts car. Both seem to be complete. Also comes with 4 – 2.0 liter engines, 4 rear ends, 3 transmissions, 4 Spica systems, tons of steel and alloy wheels also included. All instruments included. No split dashes, good stainless, amazing. Original Ohio titles too (hooray). I’m asking $2900 for the whole bunch. Contact me at if you are interested.

Alfa Romeo Spider Duo 2

If you’ve been looking for an Alfa Spider project, this looks like a great buy! Between the two cars, it shouldn’t be too hard to get one complete car. All the added parts will insure you have everything you need to fix one or both cars and have extras to either keep on hand or sell to help pay for the restoration! I also noticed a helmet in the white car, so I can’t help but wonder if these cars were raced at one point in their lives. It doesn’t really add any value, but would be some cool history to know! I want to thank Roger for sharing his find with us! So is anyone here interested in saving this pair of Alfas?


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  1. Leo

    Hey Jamie: would it be hard for you to change the way the photos are displayed as it is a person cant blow up or zoom the photos due to the nature of whatever it is you are using for displaying photis.


  2. Josh Staff

    Hi Leo,
    It should open a photo viewer when you click on the photos, it’s a pretty basic and common viewer. The computer or device you’re on might not be compatible. If you’d like, I can email you the full size images! Just let me know and I can get them sent out right away!

  3. sunbeamdon

    OK, Dustin, it’s time to graduate! This one is another two-fer!

    Gee, if only I was younger and not into Sunbeams this would be one heck of a project; best of luck to the buyer!

  4. Tirefriar

    This is quite interesting but could also be quite an undertaking for the uninitiated. For example, the front and rear bumper sets sell for $1500 to $2000 complete, and thats aftermarket. Aside for a tweaked set on a ’74 which has the bumperettes, which the ’72 wouldn’t have, I don’t see another set. I guess you can throw the existing bumper set onto the ’72 as the ’74 appears to be a gonner. Rechroming them would be a must, another PIA undertaking in California. However, if Roger was anywhere near me I would be over there looking and poking. TWO pre smog Spiders is a great find all in itself (here in california)! GLWS

  5. sunbeamdon

    Not so bad – try the SS wheel arch moldings for a ’67 Mark II Sunbeam Tiger – sets needing work are fetching 8,500 bucks! On the other hand, there were only 534 Mk IIs built

  6. Randy Forbes

    Let’s see; untouched since 1980. So at six (6) and eight (8) years old, someone decides to dismantle the whole car? Then abandons the whole (series of) project(s)?

    A questionable decision making process going on there…

    Might be one (1) redeeming factor though, if that Racemark steering wheel (on the more intact one) is old enough, it may have Mark Donahue’s signature on it!

  7. Olaf

    I’m a big fan of the Duetto (’66-’69), love the roundings of her behind. But must admit that if I were living in the USA, in or near Ohio (cars are still in Ohio?), the email would already have been sent.

    Great find, nice price. Thanks Roger, hope these Coda Tronca’s find a good home!

  8. Ian @ Jewel or Jalopy

    Not a bad price for a chrome bumper spider, but not great.

    4 old SPICA pumps aren’t worth much, and new ones are over $1k.

    Parts aren’t expensive, but you still probably looking at $10k to get one good car.

    But a 72 is definitely worth saving.

  9. Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    A lot bigger project, that will be very hard to justify financially… it will take an additional 10 k to have a ’72 nice driver … which will be worth ‘maybe’ 10k when done…compared to the decent drivers that come along regularly

    Here’s a decent driver from California for comparison …sold for 6100

    • Tirefriar

      I was “watching” this Spider but the photos offered many more questions than answers. Body is quite wavy, although the white color does well to minimize the effect, rear body panel looks like it was worked on as well as the rear bumper tweaked, rusted out door stop on the passenger door… it gives me a feeling of a quick fixer upper. Lack of pics of the rear wheel well and floors (those are easy with rubber floor mats) – is of great concern for Alfas. Description, if it can be called that was barely informative. I could be wrong about that white Spider but any time flags like that pop up its indicative that things will go from bad to worse.

      I wouldn’t mind working on the ’72 if it has good bones. At least that way I know the exact condition of the car and what went into the process of “resurrection”

  10. KLHarper

    Right up my alley, unfortunately these look to far gone to restore even somewhat economically and are worth more in parts. I really like this series of spiders and as the owner of both a 67 duetto and a 72 I really prefer both the styling and driving of the 72 to the 67.
    I just dragged home another 72 parts car that is comparable to these and I paid hundreds of dollars for it. Like these it was worth more in parts, but it does take a fair amount of work to convert those parts into cash.

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