Two Cars: 1949 Cadillac Convertible And Sedan

Up for sale is a pair of Cadillac’s. The first is a 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood convertible, and the second is a 1949 Cadillac sedan. They are a package deal with a buy it now price of $7,900, with an ability to make an offer. They are located in Lombard, Illinois. Neither are running but the listing states a clear title, however, there are no specifics regarding that. The listing for them is up on eBay for more information.

After sitting an unknown amount of time and based off the looks of the engines, it is not surprising they don’t run. That isn’t to say engines in worse condition have not sprung to life. These old V8’s need someone with a passion and desire for the classics to ignite them again. Depending on what your goal for the build is, there are parts available on the other car. Although, a crate engine is always an option.

There is little to no interior left in either car. Springs, rust, and shredded material are all that greet you when you open the doors. While convertibles tend to be a treat, the sedan might be better to concentrate efforts on simply due to the better body panels and somewhat more manageable interior. Then again, everything inside will be replaced on both anyway, so at this point, pick your challenge.

These will be project cars, or a singular project car. The seller suggest taking parts off the sedan and placing them on the badly rusting convertible. You can make your own decision if you purchase them. They have been in storage for a very long time, although from the looks of the convertible, you wouldn’t think so. It looks like it has been left out in the elements. The listing states that the cars look to be complete.

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  1. OddBallCars Member

    Oh the places I’d go in a 1949 Cadillac convertible!
    Cut them both off at the belt line, swap the top of the vert to the bottom of the sedan, hop that engine up with some period speed items, a higher lift cam, 6 Strombergs with rear facing horns, replace the upholstery, crank up some Big Bopper on a retro sound radio and CRUUUUUUUISE

  2. canadainmarkseh Member

    Cutting a car off at the belt line is easier said than done and you’d find yourself half way through that when your scraping both cars. If your hearts desire is to cruise this old convertable you’d better be prepared to wait awhile. Even in a pro shop it would take at least a year maybe more and you wouldn’t get it back for under 80 grand. I’m sure repop sheet metal is available and far easier than cutting the floors out of the sedan which are probably rusted out too. Both of these rust buckets are going to need everything. Realistly speaking the car to save here is the sedan. Lastly for a DIY guy either one of these cars is a 10 year project if your going to do it right. Good luck to the buyer.

  3. Will Fox

    There WAS no “Fleetwood” convertible; all that is, is a series 62. Whoever wrote that was simply going by the door sill plate that spelled out ‘Fleetwood’ as the body builder within Cadillac’s factory. Both cars are way too far gone for my personal tastes; the cvt. is so badly rusted along the lower fenders/doors from sitting somewhere outside, it’s beyond saving.

    • K Dave

      Will Fox:

      Exactly right…there was no Fleetwood convertible. I for one do wish that people would learn about the cars that they own before they refer to them as something that they are not. The same thing occurs so frequently with regard to the Fleetwood 75. Many people refer to a 75 Sedan as a “limousine.” It is so frustrating

  4. JohnD

    I never understand the need for “writers” to include apostrophes where none belong . . . as in “pair of Cadillac’s” .. . Unless the Cadillacs own something, there should be no apostrophe. Similarly, the “neither are running” demonstrates a lack of understanding in subject and verb number agreement. Since neither is singular, the correct verb there is “is.” You may say I am picking nits, but we have a language, and “writers” should strive to honor it.

    • K Dave

      JohnD :


  5. jw454

    Thank you for your comments. I know you’re going to get a lot of push back regarding them but, proper use of the language and punctuation should be a priority everywhere including sites like this. Failing to do so is the primary reason why the U.S. keeps falling down the list of intelligence among the world community.

    • theGasHole

      As someone with an English degree, I couldn’t agree more.

      • john c

        And, cursive is becoming rare too… and in other news; In the 60’s our dad in Hudson Ohio had a 49 Cadillac that his father bought new. Trips in it were memorable. Never ate in it that’s for sure! Once on a family trip and almost midnight we were pulled over and were escorted back to the local police station… seemed there was a recent bank robbery in the area and the robbers were in a black 1949 Cadillac. Somehow all the luggage and whining kids out on the highway deemed us as desperate enough to be hauled in. Oh, the memories. We were let go…. And the well kept automobile is in a private collection we gathered later on.

  6. Bob Member

    John D, you are correct, but Barn Finds is not exactly the group of people that are interested in your grammar lessons. I believe most of these guys are hard core car guys that could rebuild a car in their sleep. Personally, I have more suspect for them than any English major.

    • JohnD

      Bob –

      English majors usually, well, always, focus on the literature of the English-speaking world. The lessons of grammar and usage do not belong to them alone. They apply to all who attempt to communicate in the written word. I am a hard core car guy, and I value precision in all things, even the written word. That is why I will say it should be “who could rebuild,” and not “that could rebuild.” These guys are people, and using “that” turns them into objects.

      JW454 –

      You get it. My hat is off to you. The hard core car guy community could use more of you.

  7. Madmatt

    Any 49 Cadillac convertible has got to be pretty scarce..?
    This is one I would Resto mod,and customize,as it is basically
    a shell {somewhat} ,and would lend itself to a “Cadzilla” treatment very nicely.
    My grandpa left a 49 hardtop,out to rot away back in the late 60s,
    was a really nice car my dad had told me,mother nature in the woods in northern Ohio,combined with my uncles and cousins….destroyed every vehicle he had,about 100 old trucks and cars from 40’s to mid 70’s.This was about 1980..,by 1990 they were all sold for scrap,many with good/rare trim pieces.
    Sadly,I’ll always have a soft spot for 49 Cadillacs…for that reason.

  8. Eric_13cars Eric_10cars Member

    I don’t know that the convertible is too far gone to be more than a parts car. I think some of y’all are being a little to tough on this pair. The thing I’d be most concerned about is the frame. If it’s solid, the body work could be accomplished by someone with some welding skills. It won’t be a simple job obviously, and it won’t be cheap. However, if you’ll recall the 49 Buick (I believe) in the movie “Rainman”, the outcome could be really beautiful. Can’t be too many of them left and one could resto-mod this tastefully and have a great driver. Now the price the owner is asking seems a bit optimistic, but if one could get both for $4-5K….

  9. pwtiger

    Anything can be saved by a competent bodyman and some repair panels either bought or made with brakes,benders and shears. Just as with most old cars the cost of restoration usually exceeds the value of the finished product. This is a hobby for most of us, but if you want to make a living restoring cars you better find some high rollers to pay you by the hour.

  10. James Martin

    Not the most valuable cadilacs. If it was a 59 then ya. But these aren’t the most sought after. So it would have to be a labor of love

  11. Len M

    I have been a car guy all my life.I am 75 years old.I have built show cars and bics and have won many wards and first place trophies,and also a ISCA member,.So who the heck cares about how you say it,as long as you can understand the value of the cars they are showing.This is not about the english language

    • YooperMike

      Len M ISCA International Show Car Association ? I belonged to that in the 80’s and 90’s. Thanks for the memory.

    • K Dave

      Len M:

      No sir, I beg to differ…MANY people care !!!! Proper English and grammar and spelling are paramount in any type of communication. That’s one of the problems in our country… can’t even spell their own names !!


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